Render Unto Obama?

Earlier this month at the National Prayer Breakfast, our president quoted Jesus for the proposition that ”to whom much is given, much is expected”.

The White House’s current occupant may like to quote Jesus, but I am happy to see that at least one candidate for president has taken our lords admonishment to heart: Mitt Romney.

Gov. Romney has given approximately 16,4% of his gross income to charity over the last two years. This quote from the New Testament must be a recent revelation to Mr. Obama, as he only gave around 6% prior to running for president. Mr. Biden has yet to receive the good news, contributing just 1.4% to charity according to his tax 2010 tax return.

Our Lord and savior did not say, “Render half your money to Caesar, so the emperor can redistribute it to the poor”. Jesus asks us as individuals to personally clothe the naked and feed the hungry. The President’s false interpretation of Christianity has led many in society to expect a dangerous level of “support” and interference from the government.

We have to remember that the greatness of our founding documents is that they enshrine the belief that our primary human rights come from God and, therefore, no government or king can take them away. If the government provides your rights and feeds you and clothes you and distributes property, then that same government can take it all away, too.

Governor Romney may have legally minimized his payments to Caesar, but he certainly lived up to his Christian faith by helping the poor out of his own pocket. It’s an example for all of us.