POLL: Who is Your Favorite Four Years Out?

I’ve cautioned our readers to avoid overthinking 2016 with four full years to go.

That said, Save Jerseyans, I wasn’t born yesterday. The race is already very much underway. Candidates are visiting Iowa, cleaning up their email lists (I don’t think the Santorum folks have ever stopped emailing me), and competing to see who can most effectively throw Mitt Romney under the proverbial bus. Charming.

Frankly, no one’s mind should be made up right now. I’m warning you against making your mind up right now. Still,  I can’t resist taking your temperature and seeing where the Save Jersey nation stands.

Cast your vote below; who is your favorite at this point in time? Use the comment wall to elaborate (or criticize me for not including your preferred candidate)…

Right Now, Who is Your First Choice for 2016?
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Matt Rooney

Matt Rooney

Save Jersey’s Founder and Blogger-in-Chief, Matt Rooney is a widely-respected New Jersey political commentator, practicing attorney at the law firm of DeMichele & DeMichele in Haddon Heights, and a graduate of the Rutgers Camden School of Law.


  1. I like Mike Pence, the newly-elected governor of Indiana, who also had a distinguished career in the House. He's an evangelical Christian and an excellent speaker. He also "looks the part", which is important to a degree in this telegenic age. Rubio and Ryan would be my co-second choices.

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