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Cory Booker Running for Senator/Governor/President of Cyberspace

This Holiday Season, Save Jerseyans, Cory Booker is busying himself baking sweet potatoes for liberal YouTubers and shamelessly playing the role of tease-in-chief of the New Jersey Democrat Party; his inner circle, however, had dreams of sugarplums (and higher office) dancing in their heads. 

Including the highest office in the land?

According to Hunter Walker of, the Newark Mayor’s fundraising advisor is allegedly buying up Booker-branded online real estate including, and yes, even

Here is the presidential site, parked free via


A screenshot of, parked free with



49 comments on “Cory Booker Running for Senator/Governor/President of Cyberspace

  1. Joe Schilp via Faceb says:

    Yeah, WIDE open. President? He's got more aspiration than accomplishment, which is probably because he cares more about positioning himself than about accomplishing anything.

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