We Must Hold Whelan and Albano Accountable for Their Votes

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Save Jerseyans, I’m sure you’ve the read the in-depth, common sense arguments that my fellow bloggers have been making against the minimum wage hikes the State Legislature just passed.

‘Cause they sure as hell haven’t in Trenton.

And while my fellow bloggers use their expertise and skills, and do us all a service, to inject facts, math and analysis into the debate, I feel I must use my expertise and skills to inject accountability into the situation.

I’m gonna hold the guys in my neck of the woods accountable for their votes.

To all business owners in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, (which is Districts 1 and 2, for those of you who don’t write your voting district on your mailing address), you need to know that Assemblyman Nelson Albano of District 1 and Senator Jim Whelan of District 2 just voted to raise your biggest reoccurring expense by 17% in 4 weeks.

To all employed people who don’t want to see their hours cut, and are already facing that prospect due to Obamacare, Albano and Whelan just voted to increase the odds your hours will go way down in 2013.

To all the small businesses on the barrier islands that are rebuilding after Sandy, trying to get back on your feet and determine when or even if you can open your doors again, Albano and Whelan just kicked you while you were down. Like you don’t have enough money going out the door right now?

Read the analysis by my fellow bloggers. And you’ll see that Albano and Whelan just did a very bad thing.


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