2013: Democrat War on Your Wallet

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By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Trench WarfareI hope you enjoyed your New’s Year Party last week, Save Jerseyans. ‘Cause it’s not party time anymore. It’s war time.

That’s because as soon as ball dropped in Times Square, Democrats declared war on your wallet!

Don’t believe me? Well, let’s take a look.

Start on the national level.

First, you’ve got Obamacare…

This bad boy will be launching a blitzkerg on wallets this year, attacking from multiple angles. Top of the list, a lot of hourly workers will see their hours cut to under 30 hours per week. Because most small businesses can’t afford insurance, can’t afford the Obamacare penalties for not buying insurance, and can’t afford the seven-figure campaign donation to Obama to get an Obamacare exemption.

So their two options are 1) cut people’s hours or 2) go out of business. So employee’s get their hours cut. Which means income goes way down. And with 8% unemployment, most people won’t be able to find a 2nd part-time job to make up for the lost income. So a lot of green won’t be going into people’s wallets. You can thank Obama for that.

Second, Obamacare taxes and fines are going to drive up prices on a lot of things, both directly and indirectly. Its simple economics. When you increase costs for businesses or even entire industries, the price charged to consumers go up. And Obamacares taxes are so far reaching, its hard to see any business or industry that won’t see increases; if a business isn’t directly taxed, they will most likely makes purchases from a business that has been and raised prices and as a result, see their expenses go up. Which means prices for all consumers go up. Which means everyone will be paying more money out of their wallet in 2013 to buy the same amount they did in 2012.

Second, let’s look at the fiscal cliff “solution” that was just passed.

Obama promised not to raise taxes on anybody but the rich. Well, let me ask every single person who is getting a paycheck this week a question: is your paycheck smaller than it was last week? It is? Shut the front door! Apparently part of not going over the fiscal cliff is that working Americans must pay more into a system that is scheduled to go bankrupt soon unless changes are made. Changes which won’t be made. So there’s more money coming out of your paycheck before it even sees your wallet.

Nuclear Bomb ExplosionAnd of course, the cliff included a whole bunch of tax increases, not all of which are aimed at millionaires. Your millionaire buddies aren’t the only ones with IRAs, Mr. President.

And the fiscal cliff “solution” is gonna get worse. They pushed off most of the spending cuts for another two months. President Obama has already said he wants to address those spending in cuts in the same “balanced” form that we just saw with the fiscal cliff.

For those who didn’t do the math, that deal raised taxes by $42 for every $1 in reduced spending. $42 to $1. That is the President’s definition of “balanced”, which I guarentee you, is nothing like the definition you’d find in the dictionary. So come the end of February, all of America should expect another huge money grab from the bozos in DC.

And what about the debt ceiling? And the massive amount of regulations coming out of DC? And the rising price of gas that Washington is giddy about? And the upcoming Post Office bailout? And…

You get the idea. Dems in DC are gonna need a lot more from our wallets this year. And they plan on taking it.

But not to be outdone, Dems in New Jersey have come up with some inspired ways to part your money from your wallet this year.

Steve Sweeney still will not let the Senate vote on Christie’s tool kit to help cities stay under the 2% cap. So thanks to this Democrat, your town still can’t cap your property tax increases. Big thanks to Steve for that!

Sweeney and Christie discussing their "compromise" with the media.Not content with denying people the tool kit, Steve Sweeney wants to see shore towns ravished, and in some cases, destroyed by Hurricane Sandy to raise property taxes on victimized homeowners to pay for beach services instead of issuing beach tags. As Sweeney sees it, “You don’t charge me to breathe air, why are you charging me to sit on a beach?” Because when you breathe air, no one is paying for lifeguards, or to clean up after you, or keep the beachside bathrooms clean, etc. Steve Sweeney wants to give out of state tourists a break at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers who are also Hurricane Sandy victims.

It was announced on January 3rd that Steve Sweeney wants to drive up the cost of Sandy recovery by requiring that rebuilding projects pay union wages. Even if they aren’t using union labor. Besides being an obvious payoff to his union buddies, this ensures that local, state and the federal government will be paying more than they should for most rebuilding efforts. And where will these 3 go to get the money to overpay for rebuilding? Taxpayers, of course! So prepare to open your wallets once again so Democrats can pay back their union cronies.

Word on the street is that Dems have now completely ruled out the tax cuts Chris Christie pushed for in 2012 which Dems replied to “Let’s talk about it again in 2013.” It was apparently a very short conversation. Cause instead of tax decreases, tax hike is what’s being whispered now. Oh joy.

In one of their dumber moves since proposing they issue and charge for licenses to people who ride bikes, Dems in Trenton want to grocery stores to charge people a nickel for every grocery bag they use. Like a trip to the grocery store isn’t expensive enough, New Jersey Dems need more of your money!

And of course these don’t include all the local and county plans for assaulting your wallet, too.

Save Jerseyans, it’s clear that Democrats just declared war on our wallets! Be ready for it. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


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