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“Keyes” to Victory in LD36?

GOP Candidate Options Emerge in District Covering Portions of Bergen, Passaic Counties

By James Beattie | The Save Jersey Blog

KeyIt seems as though the 2013 races in Northern New Jersey are beginning to take shape, Save Jerseyans. 

Next week, according to a reliable source familiar with the proceedings, James Keyes of Ridgefield Park will announce his candidacy for General Assembly in District 36.

Keyes is wrapping up his final year at Fairleigh Dickinson University, where he will graduate with a degree in Criminal Justice and minor in Political Science.  He has worked on several campaigns and served as the New Jersey Young Republican Secretary from 2010 through 2011.  James currently serves as a Special Police Officer in the City of Hackensack.

The only other name mentioned in political circles for General Assembly is former South Hackensack Mayor and former Bergen County Board of Elections Commissioner Rosina Romano, though it is unclear if her hat is in the ring at this time.  Those same circles report that a potential running mate for Senate is North Arlington Zoning Board Member Brian Fitzhenry, a possibility which would round out a compelling GOP ticket in LD-36.

Keep it here for updates…

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