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Only 27% Oppose Armed Guards

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

School LunchesThere’s been much made of yesterday’s Kean University/NJ Speaks poll showing Governor Christie riding an historic 78% approval rating with ten months to go before he faces voters for reelection.

But so what, Save Jerseyans? We knew that already. He’s been posting insanely strong numbers ever since polling resumed post-Sandy.

I’m much more interested in a less-trumpeted finding of the poll; specifically, how 34% of those New Jerseyans polled believe (as I do) that “armed guards” would make schools safer.

Opposition is low. Only 27% says armed guards would decrease security in schools, and 29% take the Krauthammer approach, believing it’s a placebo that will have no effect one way or the other. Battleground voters support adding an armed presence by an even stronger margin.

I expect to see plenty of others following the Mayor of Marlboro’s lead in the coming weeks and months. And that’s a good thing in my book. 


3 comments on “Only 27% Oppose Armed Guards

  1. Mike DiPalma via Fac says:

    My favorite excuse from the Left is…"More guns are not the solution…" Really? Do we send our Troops into battle with a good attitude and a copy of the New York Times tucked under their arms?

  2. Sara Thurston via Fa says:

    Yes. LOL

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