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Trenton #2A Rally Draws 1,000+

Second Amendment Supporters Defend the Right to Bear Arms Outside New Jersey State House

By Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog

Braving the onset of a nasty weather weekend in the Garden State, 1,000+ Second Amendment supporters gathered in Trenton on Friday afternoon outside of the State House, Save Jerseyans, proudly waiving Gadsden flags and singing patriotic songs.

[Note: Attendees vociferously disagree with the Bergen Record's head count of 300 attendees, insisting that the Star-Ledger's assessment of "1,000 or so" protesters is more accurate. One Save Jersey reader pegged the total at 1,300. We'll go with 1,000+ for now.]

Here’s some video:

New Jersey Second Amendment advocates have their work cut out for them…

After years of relative quiet following the enactment of the recently-upheld “one gun per month” law, the Second Amendment debate in New Jersey is heating up in the post-Newtown environment just like everywhere else in the country; New Jersey Democrats put forward a slew of gun control measures in January, and with Second Amendment supporters rallying outside their chambers, the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee announced Friday that it has scheduled deliberation on 24 separate gun control bills next Wednesday (2/13/13).

Slapping law abiding taxpayers in the face is certainly what Trenton does best! But kudos to the #2A rally participants for taking the time to advocate for all of our fundamental liberties. Someone has to do it.

13 comments on “Trenton #2A Rally Draws 1,000+

  1. God Bless them….Thanks for standing up for the Second Amendment rights for law abiding citizens.

  2. Elaine Marsden via F says:

    Glad to see there was a good turnout in spite of the nasty weather. Much appreciation to those who participated.

  3. Sue Ann Penna via Fa says:

    Thanks for the coverage! It was a great event and many thanks to frank Fiamingo for his efforts!

  4. As a participant who stood in the cold and the freezing rain for over 3 hours, I can tell you that the Star Ledger reporter is a far better mathematician than the one from the Record.

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