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Make N.J. An “Obamacare Sanctuary State”

Bills I’d Like to See Introduced in 2014, Part 1

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

The New Jersey State HouseSave Jerseyans, this is the time of year where everyone comes up with lists.

The top whatever of 2013, resolutions/wish lists for 2014, you know the drill. And I’m no exception. I’ve got my own list of bills I’d like to see someone with enough guts to introduce in Trenton. And by someone, I mean a Republican, because I doubt any Democrat would consider any of these bills. So I will be posting one bill a day this week. And today’s wish is…

Make New Jersey an “Obamacare Sanctuary State”

When liberals do not like federal laws, they simply ignore them. They then go a step further and pass state local laws that not only defy those laws, but actively protect those who break them. Agree or disagree on the issue, just look at their tactics on illegal immigration, and tell me I’m wrong. I’m not. So we common sense conservatives need to do the same thing.

And we should start with Obamacare.


Tearing Down the Total State

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

Big Brother PosterThe normative Left today is (unfortunately) an example of a successful totalitarian movement, Save Jerseyans.

Though neither a jackbooted National Socialist German Workers Party (aka the Nazi’s) clone, nor a USSR Politburo copy it nonetheless has been thus far effective in its efforts to make the State totally synonymous with society.

The Left routinely confuses the notion of social interaction with government and does so with ill effect and results.


The Real Hunger Games

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

HungerLet’s hope 2014 turns out better for the U.S.A. than 2013; an estimated 14.5 million American households had difficulty providing enough food for their families over the last year, Save Jerseyans.

In seven million of those homes, at least one member of the family had to skip meals or eat less because of a stretched budget. These numbers are more or less unchanged since 2008!

In the richest country on earth, 50 million of us, one in six Americans . . . goes hungry. More than a third of them are children.

The media has, for the most part, ignored the fact that national poverty rates have been rising under the Obama Administration over the last four years at least.


Address Skills Before Wages

The Importance of Building a Bridge Between New Jersey Businesses and Education

By Tyler Seville | The Save Jersey Blog

The Ben Franklin BridgeThe quality of entry-level employees entering the workforce continues to be a challenge for employers in New Jersey, Save Jerseyans. While the state has one of the top education systems in the nation, students frequently lack essential math and verbal skills, which are necessary for future employment.

Education is a multi-billion-dollar undertaking in New Jersey. According to Census Data, on average, it costs $18,083 to educate a public school student, compared to the national average of $12,411. And in Fiscal Year 2011- 2012, the state received a total of $25.3 billion in revenues, 58% coming from local taxes.


2013′s Top 13 N.J. Winners

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We’ll get to the losers a little bit later, Save Jerseyan, but for now (as well as for the sake of wrapping up a long, busy year on a “positive” note), here are the thirteen people/groups of people who undoubtedly walked away from 2013 with the most to be happy about in the New Jersey political world:


(1) Chris Christie

Christie close upDuh, I know, but it bears repeating that Chris Christie is now indisputably the most powerful Republican in the United States and, if the latest polls are any indication, well-positioned to upset Hillary Clinton. At the moment. A lot might happen (and go wrong) over the next few years. Any number of decisions including the DREAM Act could come back to haunt him. A scandal like Bridgegate could derail his own dreams or, despite his team’s best efforts, he might fight himself over-exposed and vulnerable to another candidate who hasn’t yet come into his or her own on the national stage. But that’s all speculative. Today, Chris Christie is undeniably the man to beat for both sides of the aisle. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where a politician could’ve had a stronger 2013.

(2) Extended Christie Team


A Dose of Deutschland

OPINION: The World (and Especially Europe) Needs Germany to Step Up

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

GermanyDear Germans,

Often times I read in international magazines and newspapers articles about a new German film, art show, or historical exhibit that has you examining the Nazi past from a new angle.

While it is true that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, those who tread water in its great currents condemn themselves to drown.


Winning With AND Without Them?

By Susanne LaFrankie | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie close upIn the fickle world of politics, Save Jerseyans, you can often measure your success or your threat factor, by your bad press.

These days Governor Chris Christie, a one-time darling of the media, should view his quick decent from problem solving mediator to school yard bully as a badge of honor.

He must be doing something right as he toys with a run for the White House in 2016.


14 Big Predictions For 2014

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

NYE Times Square BallWhat will 2014 be like?

Well, one would hope it would be better than 2013 which everyone seems to agree was not a particularly great year. Many are calling the year just ending “the year of the living dread” or a year of crassness, coarseness and calamity.

To be sure, it was not a particularly good year for President Obama or Obamacare. And, on that front 2014 doesn’t look much better since Obamacare will really be kicking in as we move forward with all its new taxes, fees, regulations and repercussions that will rumble through the economy.

But, we’ll try to find some bright spots as we preview the year ahead.
So, here are our 14 Big Predictions for 2014:


College Student Tackles Bayonne Politics

Bayonne Council Candidate Herrera Would ‘Travel’ From DC If Elected

By James Beattie | The Save Jersey Blog

Daniel Herrera

Daniel Herrera

21 year-old Bayonne First Ward Council candidate Daniel A. Herrera says that he and his running mates want to “change the local politics, because if you want to influence the national politics, it starts at the local level.”

A junior at The Catholic University of America (CUA) in Washington, DC, Herrera acknowledges that if elected, he “would have to travel” in the first year of his term between school and Bayonne due to his college schedule.

Herrera says he was approached last July by Anthony Zanowic, the mayoral candidate at the top of his ticket.


Goldberg Tests Senate Waters

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

Brian Goldberg

Brian Goldberg

While most New Jersey pundits and politicos are waiting for Doherty, Webber, Bramnick or any combination of those three to decide on a run against Cory Booker (D-Twitter) next fall, Save Jerseyans, another man has been seen at functions around the state prompting some speculation that he might be seeking the seat.

His name won’t show up on many lists.


New Jersey Taxpayers Feeling Moody

To Save Its Economy and Credit, the Garden State Needs a More Competitive Tax Structure

By Tyler Seville | The Save Jersey Blog

Melencolia_I_(Durero)A couple of weeks ago, Save Jerseyans, Moody’s Investor Service lowered their economic outlook of New Jersey from stable to negative. While the state’s rating was not downgraded, analysts did cite the slow economic recovery as a key factor hurting the state.

The credit rating agency wrote, “The state will face challenges in improving its very weak liquidity position, due to the state’s sluggish economic recovery, which has hindered revenue performance.” Now for some, when taken at face value, one could interpret this as the state having a “revenue problem.”

However, when reading more of Moody’s note to investors, it is clear the organization is suggesting New Jersey has a “spending problem.”


Christie Signs 2 Bills, Makes Appointments

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetGovernor Chris Christie moved on a few items this afternoons before beginning the last sleepy weekend of 2013:


S-1219wGR/ACS for A-1640, 3066 (Codey, Lesniak/Watson Coleman, Johnson) – Increases compensation for wrongful imprisonment

S-2086/A-3424 (Whelan/Greenwald, Singleton) – Changes deadline for filing nominating petitions for school board candidates to last Monday in July; revises procedure for filing school board candidate vacancy; and revises certain other election procedures



NYT vs. Bully-in-Chief

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Chris Christie is angry at OLSWhen a Republican isn’t assailable on any other front, Save Jerseyans, antagonistic liberals will invariably accuse them of being stupid. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush laughed all the way to the ballot box. Gerry Ford almost did, too, but the bad aftertaste of Watergate was a little tougher to overcome.

Chris Christie is maturing politically in a very different time than the 1980s, and the culture has changed dramatically. These days, the worst thing you can be in the eyes of many voters is a bully. So the NYT’s Jersey correspondence Kate Zernike dropped a meaty piece on Christmas Eve declaring that evidence of a Christie bullying streak was “adding up.” Whatever that means.


Mayor Accused of Grinching Light Display

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

That’s the accusation leveled against Mayor Peter Rustin (I-Tenafly), Save Jerseyans. I can’t think of another one so serious!

You be the judge (h/t PIX 11):


Christie Leading Hilldawg

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


48% Christie, 46% Clinton.

That’s the result of the latest CNN/ORC look at 2016′s presidential race, Save Jerseyans, as New Jersey’s Governor appears to be riding a wave of discontent with Obamacare to a healthy lead among Independents.

In related news, CNN/ORC also found Republicans leading Democrats with 10+ months to go before the 2014 midterms.

The Possibility of Bias?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Michelle Obama at ChristmasIt’s a slow news day, Save Jerseyans, so the big political news on Thursday (nationally) was a CNN/ORC poll showing the GOP in good shape heading into next year’s midterm cycle.

No surprise there.

It’s also less-than-surprising that CNN is trying to downplay the primary catalyst of the Republican Party’s second lease on life: