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Lonegan Needs to Stay Out of CD3

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Lonegan familyFolks, I want to see a Republican win in CD3.

I do not want, nor can we afford, another liberal in Washington, D.C. to rubber stamp Barack Obama and the Democratic Party’s “progressive” policies that are wreaking havoc on our economy, our liberties and our national security. Oh, and fulfill Barack Obama’s wish to see Nancy Pelosi as speaker again.

Repeat, having a Democrat win this seat is unacceptable and not an option.

That is why Steve Lonegan needs to stay out of this race, Save Jerseyans…

Word is, Lonegan is gonna be looking at homes to buy in CD3 sometime in the next couple of weeks. Can’t blame him; if the town that I used to be mayor of voted big time for Cory Booker instead of me, I’d wanna move, too. Plus there’s the added bonus of not being labeled a carpet bagger. Two birds, one stone.

But buying a house to avoid being labeled a carpetbagger doesn’t mean Lonegan is now clear for a run! His 11-point loss to Cory Booker in October laid bare my reasons for concern.

He cannot fund raise for starters, and then he complains when the establishment, which he has spent his entire life bashing, won’t give him money. Sometimes it seems as if he hates everything about the Republican Party except the checkbook (which the Auditor reports Governor Christie is opening up for him despite plenty of past criticism). He feels as if he is entitled to other people’s money for no damn good reason. Is he running as a Democrat now?

Mayor Longan’s flaws as a candidate extend beyond money. His perfectly valid fiscal points are often delivered in a manner such that the point is completely lost on regular voters. Other times, he shoots from the hip without considering the consequences and voters are left to fixate on the misfire. There’s little doubt that Lonegan prefers saying provocative stuff to winning converts to conservatism. His personal style tends to alienate potential allies and in a state where we’re outnumbered by roughly 700,000 votes, Save Jerseyans, so we simply can’t afford it.


Lonegan needs to stay out of this race.

If he enters the primary, his presence will bring down the rest of the GOP field. Candidates will have to waste time explaining why they’re in the same column as someone opposed to federal Sandy aid regardless of whether you consider that a fair characterization of the issue.

For the first half of 2014, a year with great potential for our team, the Republican Party in CD3 will face an uphill climb.

And if Lonegan wins in a crowded field, throw up that white flag, he’s gonna get his butt kicked. I’m sorry but it’s the truth! Donors and volunteers will read the writing on the wall and drive straight through CD3 on I-295 or the G.S. Parkway southbound to CD2 and provide additional support to Frank LoBiondo whom Democrats are targeting this year.

It’s not personals, folks, but for the good of the cause, Steve Lonegan needs to stay in Bogota in 2014.

17 comments on “Lonegan Needs to Stay Out of CD3

  1. Lonegan got 54% in this district. This guy just hates conservatives which is obvious to anyone who gets through this angry screed.

  2. Steve Lonegan is a sociopath, PERIOD. He's not interested in winning anything. He's a megalomaniac who's only interested in promoting his brand and keeping his name relevant in NJ politics since there's nothing left for him in the private sector and he needs to generate income somehow. He needs to get it through his thick skull that New Jersey doesn't like him and doesn't want him already.

  3. Fletcher, that is the problem!! Instead of alienating the conservatives in the party how about bringing a unified fight!!

  4. The blogger sounds like a Democrat consultant. He sounds as if he has a vendetta against Lonegan. We need more conservatives to run for office not less.

  5. I am tired of RINO's as are many in the party!!!

  6. Brendan 'Fighti says:

    Only major problem I see is that last time around we called the Den a carpetbagger, it wouldn't look good for us to turn around and try the same thing we accused them of.

  7. Brendan 'Fighti says:


  8. Thomas Joseph via Fa says:

    Let's look at a couple of key things here. 1)The argument that Mr. Lonegan won 54% of the vote in CD3. That is correct…but he did so in an election which saw 23% turnout statewide. Will be a much higher figure this November…so that's a debate between apples and oranges. 2) Last year Barack Obama won this district, but Congressman Runyan also won it (by 9 points, actually. It was DCCC targeted). It's a classic swing district, so you need a candidate that can win independents in big numbers, and even cross over and appeal to Democrats. I like Mr. Lonegan, but I think there are candidates out there who can appeal to a broader swath of voters. 3)The "carpetbagger" issue can't be ignored. It was used with great effectiveness against Shelley Adler in 2012. Again I like Mr. Lonegan but this may not be a good fit, if we're in it to win, that is.

  9. Matthew Gilson via F says:

    I like Lonegan, I will defend Lonegan, but the idea that we need Lonegan to move to this district as some sort of savior candidate is absurd

  10. Why doesn't Lonegan run for Congress in his own District?

  11. Nina Perruccio via F says:

    I like Steve and his politics. People have their own opinions, and I have mine. Too bad people don't have their facts straight on Steve.

  12. Fred Mason via Faceb says:

    IMHI Lonegan is done…had his shot…and my support and contribution…came off as a whiner after the election…toast!

  13. Evon Kachmar says:

    Lonegan Needs to Stay Out of CD3 | The Save Jersey Blog

    The Silent Shard

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