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Christie “All In” for LoBo

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank LoBiondo

Frank LoBiondo

Save Jerseyans, you may recall that when I looked at reasons for State Senator Jeff Van Drew to run or not to run for Congress in D2, I predicted Chris Christie would be campaigning hard for incumbent Frank LoBiondo, something that could keep Van Drew up at night (and potentially out of the race) coupled with the reality of a primary fight.

And I was right, so far, at least about the first part.

11 months away from the election, Chris Christie came out in full support of Congressman LoBiondo on Monday in Trenton, pledging that the Governor was “all in” on Franks re-election campaign, and pledging his full support, including the promise of some upcoming fundraisers headlined by one of the national GOP’s top money draws.

Now that Governor Christie has made this announcement, it would not surprise me if Van Drew, who said he would make a decision about running for Congress by month’s end, will decide against it…

4 comments on “Christie “All In” for LoBo

  1. Michael C Shipton via Facebook says:

    Frank LoBiando is a waste. He voted for Obamacare in the first go round despite numerous contacts to his office. In his initial run for office, he promised to self impose term limits on his tenure. He promised he would limit his tenure to six terms. We are now going on twice that amount. His primary accomplishments seems to be handing out funds to fire departments. Not a big fan at all. He is content to stay in the background and be a follower. I would not mind seeing some new blood in that seat but the “Party” won’t hear of it. The poster child for what is wrong in this country. Move up or move out. Lead or get out. And I suspect there is collusion between the parties as every time he is vulnerable, no one can be found to oppose him.

  2. Amy Kochan Hemming via Facebook says:

    Republican/Democrat – cogs in the same machine. Do not vote for a politician – VOTE FOR A PATRIOT!

  3. LoBiondo will win this race easily……nice endorsement though

  4. It is also sending a message to Bill Hughes Jr.

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