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Eliminate New Jersey Double Dipping

Bills I’d Like to See Introduced in 2014, Part 4

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

dippingSave Jerseyans, now is the time of year where everyone comes up with lists. You know, the top whatever of 2013, resolutions/wish lists for 2014, you know the drill. And I’m no exception. I’ve got my own list of bills I’d like to see someone with enough guts to introduce in Trenton. And by someone, I mean a Republican, because I doubt any Democrat would consider any of these bills. So I will be posting one bill a day this week. And today’s wish is…

Eliminate Double Dipping!

There’s already a bill for this one, Save Jerseyans. Senator Jennifer Beck has introduced a bill which would stop double dipping, which has been stuck in committee for far too long.

Double dipping, aside from being something unsanitary one does with a potato chip, is when a government employee retires from their job, begins to collect a pension, then gets hired for another government job while still collecting a pension for the other one!

Because somehow, they are magically both retired from government work and employed by the government at the same time, drawing a government salary and pension AT THE SAME TIME!

It’s happening at all levels of government, from your local government all the way up to the statehouse. Yup, there are members of the Assembly and Senate doing their best George Costanza impression.

In fact, there are 18 of them.

In fact, that’s probably why Beck’s bill is stuck in committee

hell. It has been stuck in the Senate State Government Committe since 2011. The Chair of this committee is Senator Jim Whelan, who is perhaps best known for being the first mayor of Atlantic City in years whose term did not end with an arrest (no joke; to this day that’s all most people in AC remember about him).

Whelan is also a double dipper. Whelan is the ultimate pension padder; Save Jersey documented this fact during the 2011 campaign. I mean, this guy tried to get New Jersey to count years he worked for Pennsylvania’s government in calculating one of his pensions (I’ve lost track of all the systems he’s in). And surprise surprise, the committee he chairs is blocking Beck’s attempt at reform, reform which would stop him from double dipping!

I would like to see this bill pass as do most New Jerseyans. In order for that to happen, we have to out-weasel Jim Whelan. Because he’s going to keep that bill trapped in committee, even though he should be recusing himself due to a huge conflict of interest.

So Senator Beck, I’d like to see you win the fight by changing the game. Find a piece of legislation that can’t possibly be voted down or vetoed by the governor, and add your bill as an amendment. 18 legislators are double dippers, 102 are not. I’m sure those 102 don’t want to have defend those other 18 to their constituents; they’ll add the amendment.

Icing on the cake: Get Whelan to recuse himself and apologize for letting the bill stay in committee for almost 4 years now.

5 comments on “Eliminate New Jersey Double Dipping

  1. Something I can agree on with Save Jersey.

  2. NJ reelected the Democrats into the legislature who have refused to eliminate the grandfather clause against double dipping. I just don’t get it really. New Jerseyans complain about high taxes – but then reelect the very people who refuse to provide a tax cut.

  3. Ryan Jairam via Facebook says:

    It could have even a Christie wave except Christie didn’t really campaign for it.

  4. Stephanie Ziemba via Facebook says:

    Will never happen.

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