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Reasonable Doubt for Hudson Bob?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Reid and Menendez PresserExcessive TV consumptive may have led you to mistakenly believe that Chris Christie is the first “bully” in American political history, Save Jerseyans.

Buy Sen. Cory Booker (D-Twitter) a drink or tweet him at an off hour and maybe, just maybe, he’ll tell you about the time Barack Obama’s OFA put the fear of God into him. This is, after all, the same Administration known for turning a blind eye to IRS profiling of tea party groups. The former secretary of state’s own campaign kept a revenge list! You don’t mess with these Obamacrats or Clintonites and not expect retaliation. They won’t simply close your bridge lanes.

They’ll bury you under the bridge without batting an eye.

So yeah, I know, we all chuckled when Oliver Stone Rep. Albio Sires (D-NJ) raised the possibility potential Cuban government involvement behind early 2013 allegations lodged against U.S. Senator and Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert “Hudson Bob” Menendez (D-NJ). But the whole Dominican Republican thing fizzled when a key witness recanted.

As it turns out, my dear Congressman Sires, our own government is populated and direct by the dubious folks described above and they’re perfectly capable of all manner of depraved abuses of power. Curl-your-hair kind of stuff. No need to look 90 miles south of Key West for a culprit.

You’ve probably read plenty about President Obama’s quixotic Iranian “deal” by now. What you may not know: 59 U.S. Senators including Sen. Booker are opposed to the Administration’s absurd deference to Iran’s stalling tactics including… drum roll, please… Bob Menendez who recently introduced Senate bill (S1881), a sanctions measure, co-sponsored by the aforementioned bipartisan majority of the Democrat-controlled chamber.

Menendez rolled out his legislation at the end of December.

Flash forward a few weeks and, on the eve of implementation, Iran’s “moderate” regime makes POTUS and his fopo team look ridiculous by denying prior consent to key terms. Who didn’t see THAT coming?

Then Bob Menendez is hit almost simultaneously with news of a fresh FBI probe; the investigation’s new allegations involve names and circumstances which, despite significant vetting by some media outlets last year, never surfaced on anyone’s radar until now. Curious.

A coincidence? Hmm…

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: Matt Rooney defending Bob Menendez? Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Don’t expect a shower of locusts on your way home from work today. I’m not defending him. Where there’s smoke there’s fire, and ever since Sen. Menendez ran for U.S. Senate in 2006, there’s been a continuous plume of smoke billowing into the air above his head. This isn’t after all the first time New Jersey’s senior senator allegedly performed favors for wealthy donors. Bob Menendez’s ethics aren’t the same as yours or mine.

I am saying this will be a tough case to prove and, given this Administration’s clear track record of using the levers of power to viciously punish disloyalty, you have to question the timing of the announcement. I guarantee you that Bob Menendez and his staff are thinking it this morning. He can’t blame this one on the Daily Caller


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2 comments on “Reasonable Doubt for Hudson Bob?

  1. Tom Baldino via Facebook says:

    Pigs are flying. This administration and their political thuggery is out of control. Who knew Dinesh, Tea Party, S & P and Menendez would be comrades?

  2. There once was a Senator Bob
    Who paid hookers to service his knob
    Don’t know if its true
    But neither do you
    But in Jersey, he’ll still keep his job

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