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Q Poll: Post-Bridgegate Christie at 55%

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

© Mykwain Gainey/ Chris Christie For Governor

© Mykwain Gainey/ Chris Christie For Governor

Governor Chris Christie is affected but hardly hobbled by Bridgegate thus far, Save Jerseyans, according to a brand new Quinnipiac poll out Wednesday showing his job approval rating sitting at a respectable 55%.

“New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie is doing better with the public than with the news media,” opined Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “His job approval has dropped from the stratosphere, but it’s still double-digit positive, pretty much where he was before his Superstorm Sandy hug with President Barack Obama.”

Fascinatingly, Q’s pollsters also report that ”[t]oday’s results show more leader and less bully than the 50 – 45 percent results in a July 17, 2012.”

A Monmouth U./APP poll released Monday produced a similar but somewhat less rosy result, pegging the Governor’s job approval rating at 59% but suggesting that his personal popularity had dropped.

Frank Pallone’s going to need to invent something else and quick…

One comment on “Q Poll: Post-Bridgegate Christie at 55%

  1. Actually Matt, the Monmouth Poll was very strong for The Guv. It was only Patrick Murray's narrative that was less rosy.

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