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Bergen County Braces for 2014

By Michael Ritchie | The Save Jersey Blog


BCRO unanimously backs Kathe Donovan.

Bergen County Republicans are bracing themselves for a hard and contentious 2014 election cycle, Save Jersyans.

On Tuesday night, the BCRO hosted their monthly county committee meeting in front of a packed house. Despite the fact that we are a mere six weeks into 2014, much of the meeting’s discussion focused on the impending November elections.

Indeed, Bergen County will participate in a re-election campaign of Congressman Scott Garrett, as well as the election of a U.S. Senator. However, all eyes are on countywide elections involving the Freeholder Board and the County Executive seat.

Current County Executive Kathe Donnovan, who was unanimously supported by the committee members in attendance, will face a presently unnamed Democratic opponent in November without the challenge of a primary election this spring. Some have speculated that current county surrogate Michael Dressler will challenge Donnovan to re-election in the fall.

Although there is no confirmation yet of Dressler entering the race, the possibility carries with it an additional level of complexity and excitement into this year’s election cycle; if Dressler decides to run, he must vacate his seat as surrogate, leaving the BCRO with yet another opportunity to increase control of the county government.

At present, four candidates have entered the race to challenge two seated Democrats on the county freeholder board in November. With the potential to regain a majority on the Freeholder Board, candidate selection is not being taken lightly.

The four potential candidates will undergo a series of “candidate events” before finding out at the country convention just who gets the support of the BCRO going into the primary. Given the number in attendance at the BCRO on Tuesday night, Save Jersyans, I would have to say that most active Republicans in Bergen County are ready to dig in and fight hard to support their county candidates.

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