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Democracy in Middletown

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Say what you want about Governor Christie in the wake of today’s Middletown town hall meeting, Save Jerseyans.

As we pointed out after last month’s marathon Bridgegate presser, unlike President Obama, he’s willing to stand in front of constituents for extended periods of time and take the heat… and now he’s doing it with zero media cover:

The suffering residents of Kiev can only dream about this level of freedom today, folks. Enjoy it, even when the people exercising it are off base….


2 comments on “Democracy in Middletown

  1. Michael C Shipton via Facebook says:

    All Christie all the time. Just like MSNBC, Great work guys. Forget about anything else in the state. Forget about Menendez or andrews. Forget that the dem legislators are hell bent to get emails at any cost when these same hypocrites turned a blind eye to Corzine. So keep up the good work. Maybe Comcast will buy your show if you play their game.

  2. Matt Rooney via Facebook says:

    @Michael No offense, dude, but you must not have been reading long. Ask anyone… we’re known for going hard at Democrat legislators and representatives. You won’t find more content to that effect anywhere else online. HOWEVER, we also criticize Republicans and follow their missteps, too. If you want to troll our Christie pieces, then hey, knock yourself out. Free country. But you’re woefully off base with your criticism. Chill out and think/research before you speak.

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