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Christie Trains RGA Comms Directors

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

(Photo credit: @JonThompsonDC/RGA)

(Photo credit: @JonThompsonDC/RGA)

His detractors will think this is ironic; his fans will say it’s appropriate.

Republican Governors Association Chairman Governor Chris Christie is in Washington, D.C. on this unusually-balmy Friday afternoon, Save Jerseyans, addressing the RGA’s communications school seminar held for the benefit of press secretaries working for Republican governors.

Crisis management? Check. Fundraising? Checks. Plural.

For those of you keeping track, Governor Christie will remain in town all weekend for both the National Governors Association (NGA) and Republican Governors Association (RGA) conferences.

He’ll be back in New Jersey next week to hold his second town hall of 2014 (his 111th overall) in the Morris County community of Stirling. 

Acting Governor Guadagno is back home in Perth Amboy attending the Puerto Rican Association For Human Development’s first annualy African American History Month Celebration.

2 comments on “Christie Trains RGA Comms Directors

  1. Fellas with all due respect, I have been trying to do what this blog is about for a while now.. But it’s both sides really Republican and Democrat, our state has been broken since 1967 The riots, up and coming drugs and companies moving out of Jersey and taking the jobs with them.. All of us need to come together put everything aside and force the powers that be to work for us once again like they used to.. We have to work together as a public and tell them that we control who gets elected..I have grown up in Maplewood,Newark and Kearny and seen a lot.. Our cities and towns are getting worse and all we can do is talk about bridgegate.. We need to assess the Crime-Taxes and the REAL stuff that matters.. Patterson-Camden-and others are burning and its all creeping to other cities and towns before you know it the state will be over run.. Jus Sayin

  2. […] media (including conservative media) is eagerly searching for cracks in the support of Governor Chris Christie’s RGA chairmanship, Save Jerseyans, but most members have offered full-throated backing to their embattled Garden […]

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