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Donovan Battles Bridgegate Opportunists

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

donovanBridgegate doesn’t have much of anything to do with Bergen County government other than the fact that the traffic jam affected a Bergen County town, Save Jerseyans.

That hasn’t stopped resurgent Bergen Dems from trying to tie incumbent County Executive Kathe Donovan to the Christie-centric scandal. ‘

Donovan pushed back in a Wednesday evening email blast to supporters, accusing her detractors of failing to focus on issues of true import for county residents:

“Instead, Democrats on the freeholder board choose to put politics before common sense. Recently, these same Democrats have tried and failed to somehow tie my administration to what now appears from recent news reports to be politically motivated lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. These lane closures are truly troublesome. I have always contended these attacks against me and my administration are totally inappropriate, a waste of time, and little more than political grandstanding.”

Donovan followed up by citing a Record editorial accusing the Democrat-controlled Freeholder Board of failing to lead and injecting itself into a port authority scandal over which it lacks jurisdiction to act.

They’re not wrong (and it’s not every day that we agree with the Bergen Record on anything). The Donovan-NYNJPA connection is uber-weak. She worked there under a Christie… Whitman, to be exact… and yes, the county has used Wolff & Samson, law firm of the subpoenaed top N.J. official at the authority, but it’s a 120-member firm retained for unrelated business. Nothing to see here, folks. At least John Wisniewski’s SCI, for all of its fatal flaws, has a legitimate reason to exist. The Freeholders? They have as much right as Save Jersey to intervene.

The County Executive concluded her email blast by pledging to not let “politically motivated attacks distract me from my dedication to serving you, the citizens of Bergen County.”

We don’t doubt her intention to do so. We’re less confident that her opponents will make it easy.

One comment on “Donovan Battles Bridgegate Opportunists

  1. AlisonSchusterShea says:

    Donovan is going to lose. The disgusting sex scandal where Bergen County government contracts were awarded based on who was having sex with Bergen Republican Party Boss Alan Marcus are to big to overcome. This loss has already been discounted amonng the BCRO. The Republicans focus is to hold Garrett and local races. The county is finished.

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