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LoBo: Didn’t Want to Give Dems Gift

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Frank LoBiondo

Frank LoBiondo

Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02) is one of 28 Republicans drawing heavy criticism for voting to raise the federal government’s debt ceiling without qualification, Save Jerseyans, but the veteran Congressman told conservative blogger Alyssa Krumm that avoiding another debt ceiling fight was in his party’s best interest:

“I know some people are not pleased with this vote but if we didn’t make a move here, this would have been an early Christmas present for the president and the Democrats. The Speaker solicited ideas from House members on what to attach to the bill. Anything substantive we would have proposed would be rejected by the president and rejected by Harry Reid in the Senate.”

You know my take…

Click here to read the rest of Alyssa’s article and Rep. Lobo’s comments.

3 comments on “LoBo: Didn’t Want to Give Dems Gift

  1. Sad…it makes me think that there’s no will to fight anymore

  2. Michael C Shipton via Facebook says:

    Frank has never stood up for the people he is supposed to represent. He is the poster child for RINO. Mr Lobo has made a career out of handing out money. He initially voted FOR obamacare and only changed on subsequent votes after outrage flooded his lines. This is a career pol with no intention of endangering his lifetime position. There was a time when he spoke of self imposed term limits. That time has long since passed. His motto seems to be “do nothing that would get you recognized and hand out as many big checks as possible”. Frank makes John Boehner look like a hard core conservative. At times he makes most of the D’s look like conservatives.

  3. Pete Ciancia via Facebook says:


    “We’ll get ‘em next time!”

    That’s what the GOP leadership keeps saying…

    It really is just all about money with these Establishment types, whether its pushing amnesty or failing to cut even one penny of spending. The taxpayers and the Constitution aren’t even on their radar screens…

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