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AlietaCare: The Obamacare Alternative Conservatives Have Been Waiting For

By Jordan Rickards

Alieta Eck

Alieta Eck

You likely have not heard of Dr. Alieta Eck. Don’t feel bad. She’s not the kind to seek the spotlight. Dr. Eck is a gentle soul, soft spoken, humble, and unassuming. She also has a great heart for charity, and this was undoubtedly the impetus behind her choice to study medicine in the first place, and later to found the Zarephath Health Center (ZHC), a free medical clinic which has provided quality healthcare for the poor and uninsured for over a decade. The ZHC operates out of a 5,000 square foot building (an old schoolhouse that was not being used), the inside of which has been converted into five exam rooms and three intake rooms. It is open four days per week, and is staffed entirely by volunteers.

There is a lot wrong with America today. People like Dr. Eck are what is right.

Incidentally, Dr. Eck is also a Republican candidate for Congress in New Jersey. Her campaign has not received much attention even in her own state, and almost none nationally. And it might never, as her district has been gerrymandered into a Democrat stronghold and the pundit class has already decided that it cannot be won by a Republican. In New Jersey, being a Republican is rarely an advantage. But while Dr. Eck’s choice of party affiliation might not have made the most sense politically, it was nevertheless the appropriate choice considering her record of high achievement, entrepreneurship, and compassion for the poor.

Besides, Alieta Eck is not a natural politician, and that’s welcome. She actually has expertise and ideas, and the most notable of these is the centerpiece of her campaign: a plan to replace the much-derided Obamacare with a considerably more affordable, and decidedly less bureaucratic healthcare model based on her work at the ZHC.

Let’s call it “AlietaCare.”

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39 comments on “AlietaCare: The Obamacare Alternative Conservatives Have Been Waiting For

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  2. Number Cruncher says:

    Eck will not be a factor….while personable, her campaign has but one song on the album – “No single Payer-repeal Obamacare” – and no one’s listening to that song.

    “Poor people don’t need insurance – they have no assets to protect” – A. Eck. ‘nuf said.

    She was picked to lose, and maintain the balance of corruption at six and six (congressional districts), which is why Aimee Belgard will also have NO support. Andrews’ seat and Holt’s seat are “planned” to remain Democrat, and Runyan’s seat is planned to remain Republican.

    Funny, but there are a lot of people out there who are neither D nor R who may have something to say about that.

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