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#TBT: Uncle Joe’s Big Baghdad Oops Clip

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

That time back in 2010 when Joe Biden said Iraq was one of President Obama’s ‘Great Achievements’… in light of what’s going on today in the outskirts of Baghdad…

5 comments on “#TBT: Uncle Joe’s Big Baghdad Oops Clip

  1. Not really. From Obama’s perspective a radical Islamist state in Syria and Iraq is a “Great Achievement”.

  2. Actually, bundling Syria and Iraq into one package to ignore may work and be efficient. Defintiely a foreign policy first.

  3. Rich says:

    It is the Obamas acts that have resulted in Al-Qeada taking possesion of a whole country.

  4. […] it’s an approach that’s worked at the ballot box before and might just strike a chord as the Iraq crisis engenders Dubya nostalgia in some sectors sooo, consequently, the New Jersey Governor continues to spend lots of time doubling-down on things […]

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