Go. Meet. Do.

By Rich Pezzullo | The Save Jersey Blog

The 2014 GOP U.S. Senate primary field, left to right: Rich Pezzullo, Brian Goldberg, Jeff Bell and Murray Sabrin

The 2014 GOP U.S. Senate primary field, left to right: Rich Pezzullo, Brian Goldberg, Jeff Bell and Murray Sabrin

Tuesday’s news from Freehold and Virginia’s 7th CD show that people who choose to get involved can make big changes.

Having experienced the primary system in the US Senate race, I discovered that in a majority of the counties, Mr. Goldberg “earned” the line by reaching out to county committee far in advance of the county conventions.

Republicans who were active and attended their meetings had a chance to meet him and provided support to him, as opposed to the “relative strangers” who showed up at convention seeking support after a 3 minute presentation.

This observation speaks to the fact that rather than being “broken” or “rigged,” as some might contend, the Republican infrastructure stands ready and inviting for young people to get involved in a system which delivers candidates into their home towns and provides a network of communication for aspiring public servants.

Watching a call for a change in leadership lead to a vigorous campaign and the fair election of a new leader in Monmouth shows that the County Committee system still works, bringing candidate selection down to the neighborhood level, and empowering citizens who choose to get involved with a “thumb on the scale” advantage in the process over those who choose to stay uninformed.

No reader of this page is guilty of being uninformed, but we all have friends who choose to remain ignorant to the real and constant theft of property, money and liberty being perpetrated around them.

We need to compel action among our friends – and not just around election day – but throughout the year.

Active participation in your Republican (or Democrat) club, service on county committee and other participation with people who are paying attention are among the easiest ways to remain informed, connected and relevant to the process which seeks to run our lives from womb to tomb.

I suggest turning off Fox News AND SportsCenter and inviting your friends to a local political club meeting.

Bring a friend to a meeting of people who disagree with you, not to fight (you’ll be outnumbered) but to learn that there are people comitted to opposing your way of thinking. That should strengthen your resolve to remain committed to your goals and beliefs.

Go to a municipal council meeting and see the drama of local governance in action.

Go to a Tea Party meeting and find out for yourself if they are what the media calls them, or if they are the experienced citizens who built this country and made it work for decades.

If you want to change your life, you need to CHANGE your life.

That means taking one evening a month to seek out friends you haven’t met yet, enjoy the camaraderie of people dedicated to education and action, and have some fun living, rather than watching, real life unfolding.

Go. Meet. Do.

And for more fun, do it with a friend.