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Webber: 76ers Deal is “Corporate Welfare”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

We don’t have anything close to a majority in Trenton, Save Jerseyans, but conservatives are speaking out against the structure of a massive tax abatement deal for the new Sixers practice facility on the Camden Waterfront.

Chief among them is former NJ GOP Chairman and political “rising star” Jay Webber who’s never afraid to challenge the status quo“We shouldn’t be providing these massive subsidies to people who are doing incredibly well,” Webber tolod NJTV on Friday. “These corporate subsidies, this corporate welfare, you’re taxing the guy who works at the gas station; you’re taxing the school teacher; you’re taxing the cop. You’re taking their money and you’re sticking it in the pocket of the owners of the 76ers.”

4 comments on “Webber: 76ers Deal is “Corporate Welfare”

  1. What Camden needs is another non-revenue business! Millionaires with their hand in the government till, it’s WRONG!!! Camden gets nothing from this deal except losing valuable waterfront real estate !!!!!

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