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Christie Predicts Pain

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I pity the fool who thinks he or she is going to enjoy what’s coming out of the Christie Administration sometime in the coming weeks, Save Jerseyans. I know so because that’s what the Governor told us at last week’s Haddon Heights town hall and then again on Tuesday in Caldwell:

The coming push for additional pension and benefits reforms is one theory to explain why the Governor didn’t cut additional fat from the FY 2015 budget with his line item veto power in order to free up sufficient funds for full pension payments. He didn’t want angry furloughed/fired state workers (and their unions) to give the South Jersey Machine/North Jersey urban Democrats an excuse not to play ball? Who knows. 

The only sure thing: pain.

4 comments on “Christie Predicts Pain

  1. John Klimes via Facebook says:

    No shit…. he’s famous for causing it.

  2. Pat Walker via Facebook says:

    it has been painful before Gov. Christie was in office.

  3. Barbara Eck Ellis via Facebook says:

    Liar, thief and bully!

  4. […] promised pain at his recent Caldwell town hall; no one saw this […]

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