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Pelosi Gives N.J. Dems ‘Kiss of Death’

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

PelosiAimee Belgard (D, NJ-03) and Bill Hughes, Jr. (D, NJ-02) are having enough trouble gaining traction this cycle in their respective swing districts, Save Jerseyans. The last thing they needed today? A full-throated endorsement from Nancy Pelosi, one of Congress’s most polarizing figures, in a published national interview:

“Let’s go to New Jersey, Amy Belgard. She’s really terrific. She was in before the current incumbent got out of the race. We have [Bill] Hughes in that race up there against [Rep. Frank] LoBiondo. I don’t know how that one is going. But I’ve been to a number of fundraisers with Amy Belgard, because she comes over to our events in Philadelphia, where we have a number of good candidates there.

Pelosi might as well have cut a check to the NRCC for the mailer/web ad/TV spot which will, almost assuredly, feature her quote. She’s that toxic in Toms River, Mt. Laurel, Egg Harbor Township and every other South Jersey point in between.

Republicans were rightly appreciate though not quite in expectation of the formal donation. “Aimee Belgard just received the kiss of death with this latest endorsement from Nancy Pelosi,” opined NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior. “New Jersey families now have confirmation that if Belgard is sent to Congress she will be a reliable vote for Pelosi and her liberal agenda.”



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