Is THIS What Downed MH17?

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By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


A newer generation of the “Buk” weapon systems family.

Thus far Russia is reportedly denying a role in the downing of a Malaysian passenger airliner over Ukranian airspace, Save Jerseyans, not all that differently from that infamous 1983 Cold War incident over the Sea of Japan. An accident scenario seems most likely, then as now, given the difficulties associated with sidearms bringing down planes and, frankly, the lack of a strategic benefit for Russia in engendering a PR disaster.

None of the above logic, however, changes the fact that Russia, directly or indirectly, may have once again violated Ukrainian airspace. 23 Americans may be dead in addition to well over 200 others. The Kremlin recently moved more troops to the border – 10,000 – and 

A scarier, uglier scenario: did Russian-developed Buk surface-to-air missile systems reach rebel hands in Ukraine’s Donetsk region? It’s no less plausible than the “mistake” scenario, and there’s plenty of evidence to support speculation…

In June, the U.S. State Department blew the whistle on Russian efforts to move heavy military equipment into Eastern Ukraine, and numerous military aircraft were recently been downed in the region. The key question is whether something like THIS weapons system (or one of its earlier models) caused today’s crash…

The threat is growing. Russia has deployed numerous other missile systems near its borders in recent months, creating an “arc” at its borders

Just this week, the company whose video you watched above was banned by the U.S. government from doing business in American financial markets. It designed the Buk system. I want to stress that we haven’t yet seen evidence proving exactly what brought the jet down, let alone who designed it, built it, or where it came from; Ukraine is promising to present it soon. Why is it suspected? Without the benefit of seeing what Ukraine has, for starters, the Buk, known in the West as SA-11 or SA-17 (there are various models going back to 1979), generally has the ability to reach targets flying between 11,000 and 25,000 meters.

That, and the system was allegedly spotted by witnesses inside Ukraine.

I’ll tell you this much, Save Jerseyans: IF the missile came from Russia, either via its military or a subsidized militia/terror group, then (1) Russia’s got a lot of explaining to do and (2) the West is duty bound to act in defense of our ally. That’s the only thing we can or should say for sure at the moment. Let’s see what you’re made of, NATO…


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