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Rothenberg Moves NJ-03 to ‘Tilt GOP’

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

MacArthur (center back) and supporters walk in Riverton 4th of July Parade

MacArthur (center back) and supporters walk in Riverton 4th of July Parade

Another major institution of political prognostication is recognizing a decidedly pro-GOP trend in NJ-03, Save Jerseyans; this time, it’s “Pure Toss-Up” to
Toss-Up/Tilt Republican.”

“Barack Obama won the district twice, so this is the type of district Democrats have to win in order to creep closer to the majority,” opined Nathan L. Gonzales, Deputy Editor of The Rothenberg Political Report, in a report released Thursday, “[b]ut their challenge is indicative of how difficult this cycle has been so far.”

Few serious observers think Democrat Freeholder Aimee Belgard’s comically lame “click and paste” campaign is gaining traction against Republican Tom MacArthur in a district that’s only gone Democrat once since Reconstruction despite recent demographic shifts in Burlington County that should, in theory, benefit Dems.

Gonzales’s opinion is more measured than those of his peers. Immediately following the June Primary, The Cook Political Report and Larry Sabato, respectively, moved NJ-03 from “toss up” to “lean Republican.”


One comment on “Rothenberg Moves NJ-03 to ‘Tilt GOP’

  1. […] LoBiondo’s Democrat challenger, Bill Hughes Jr., has yet to live up to the family name with lackluster fundraising and little-to-no love from national political action committees. The only thing that makes Hughes more credible for a House seat than you or me is the fact that his dad once had the job. But he’s not the only disappointment. Aimee Belgard in CD3 is a much-higher ranked challenger simply because the race is for an open seat; all the same, Cook and other recently re-designated that fight as leaning Republican. […]

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