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The Rock Says ‘Support Christie’

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The jabronis (sp?) is the New Jersey State Legislature better listen up, Save Jerseyans: Governor Chris Christie’s most fearsome supporter is helping the Garden State GOP’er in a new ad campaign, mocked up like a movie trailer teaser, aimed at pushing new pension and benefits reforms over the summer months.

He promised pain at his recent Caldwell town hall; no one saw this coming:

FYI – ‘The Rock’ (a.k.a. actor Dwayne Johnson) is a registered Republican.

57% of all new revenues over the past four (4) years have gone toward paying down pension, health benefit and debt obligations.

This isn’t Christie’s first assist from a Hollywood heavyweight; former NBA great Shaq cut a campaign commercial for him last fall.


4 comments on “The Rock Says ‘Support Christie’

  1. Definitely better than that Corzine Democrats drek we saw last year!

  2. Ryan Jairam via Facebook says:

    They pulled the video down!

  3. Jd Doherty via Facebook says:

    Another millionaire supporting Christie. What a shock

  4. […] Christie Administration raised a few eyebrows over the past 24 hours when it abruptly took down a pension reform promo featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s name before taking it down and relaunching […]

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