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  • Christie Goes National during Birthday Speech with Mitt Romney

    Tonight, Save Jersey was on hand at Governor Christie’s 52nd birthday party/NJGOP fundraiser. There were about 1,000 people in attendance for an event that had a very election night-esque feel to it. The giant American flag, an entertaining and charismatic  Governor Christie, and of course, former Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney were all there. Romney […]

  • LIVE: #NJSen Results Thread

    By Brian McGovern | The Save Jersey Blog *** Updated 10:52 p.m. Welcome to #NJSen Election Night, Save Jerseyans! Political prognosticators are analyzing turnout information and preparing for ballot counting when the polls across New Jersey officially close at 8:00 p.m. Lonegan Booker Precincts Reporting 44% 55% 99% 579,182 votes 713,129 votes UPDATE 9:33PM – THE […]

  • Will New Jersey Get Same-Sex Marriage by way of SCOTUS?

    Will New Jersey Get Same-Sex Marriage by way of SCOTUS?

    The same-sex marriage issue has always been an interesting one in New Jersey. Since New Jersey is largely seen as a blue and liberal state (seen any Presidential maps lately?) many around the nation are often surprised to find that same-sex marriage has not yet been passed or mandated by the courts in our state. […]

  • GOP Senatorial Committee Releases “App” Mocking Booker

    The NRSC has not wasted any time with its attacks on Cory Booker, which is a good thing considering there are less than 9 weeks until Special Election Day! Yesterday the committee published a website that looks an awful lot like the Apple iOS App Store, but instead of selling apps, this store sells what […]

  • Democrats: Think Before You Vote For Booker

    This season of Game of Jersey is officially upon us, Save Jerseyans, and the presumptive front runner is and pretty much always has been Cory Booker. It is hard to deny that the Mayor of the Twitterverse is popular and has the ability to garner mass appeal. However, it has amazed me from the beginning […]

  • Special Election Day: Find Your Polling Place!

    Today is Special Election Day in New Jersey. Unless you have been in hiding over the last few months, you know that today is our second primary day this year, and once again each party will be picking a nominee to carry its banner into the battle of the United State Senate. Do you want […]

  • POLL: Is a Diverse Supreme Court Important to You?

    Earlier today Governor Christie made yet another appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court, something he seems to have to do quite often since the Democrats have made a habit of delaying and even denying his previous, qualified nominees. This time, the reason for the impending vacancy is that Senator Lesniak, in partisan, “war on […]