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  • The Trump ‘Phenomenon’ Is Real: Here’s Why

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot The inside-the beltway crowd wants Donald Trump out of the presidential race. Establishment Republicans (and presumably the whole Washington establishment) look upon a Trump presidency as nothing less than an absolute nightmare. Wall Street isn’t happy about Trump. Washington isn’t happy. The media are discombobulated in the face of […]

  • Flying the French Flag? That’s fine, but…

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Are you flying the French flag? Have you changed your Facebook identity so that the flag is superimposed over your photo? Or maybe you’re depicting the Eiffel Tower to show your solidarity with France. Perhaps you’ve done the same with your Twitter account or Pinterest or Instagram or whatever. […]

  • When Thuggery Encounters Free Speech

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot The professor was simply trying to prove that censorship, at any level, is a slippery slope. But, they couldn’t handle the fact that someone would disagree with them:  On November 5, 2015, students at Yale University gathered on campus to protest an email sent by Associate Master of Silliman […]

  • Blood, Bias, Bucks Bind Liberals and Big Media

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot There’s been a lot of uproar today over charges of liberal bias in the mainstream news media stemming from last night’s debate and Ted Cruz’s broadside at the left-leaning panel the debaters faced. But when they hear these charges of liberal media bias, many people still remain unconvinced. They […]

  • The Really Scary Part About Halloween

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Yes, it’s REALLY scary! Pretty soon those pop-up Halloween costume stores will close and we couldn’t be happier. We’ll also be glad that we won’t have to witness the sight of idiotic grownups dressed for Halloween in ridiculous costumes. Grownups have helped to ruin Halloween. Did you dress in […]

  • It’s a fact: the Democrat Party is in decline!

    By Dan Cirucci | via Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Netroots Nation (a leading liberal “progressive” group has sounded the alarm. They’re worried — really worried because the Democrat Party is in decline throughout the nation. Democrats are losing offices and elections at record levels. And all of this has happened since Barack Obama took office. Now, you’d never […]

  • Which is the REAL ‘Party Of NO?’

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot We hear a lot about the “Party of No” lately. But maybe the phrase is being misdirected. Because maybe it perfectly describes ultra-liberals and their Democrat Party. Think about it: NO salt. NO sugar. NO transfats. NO smoking. NO states’ rights. NO tax cuts. NO lower deficit. NO smaller government. […]

  • America and the Left’s Trojan Horse

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot As we continue to travel through Spain it’s worth noting that we’ve been with a group of Americans — people from all over the country from Massachusetts to Florida and from Michigan to California. And, to the extent that they’re willing to tell us, here’s what they say about the […]

  • Why Columbus Matters

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot The current fascination with multi-culturalism makes Columbus and his holiday more necessary than ever before in our history. Columbus matters because after him came millions of other Europeans who brought their art, music, science, medicine, philosophy and religious principles to America. Columbus matters because Greek democracy, Roman law, Judeo-Christian ethics […]

  • The Democrats’ Moldy Oldie Problem

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot So now the moldy, not-so-little secret is out. Surely you must know what I’m talking about. Well, maybe not. Because this was a quite well-kept secret for longer than it deserved to be. So, maybe you don’t know after all and maybe I’ll just have to come out and say […]

  • Your script for dealing with liberal ‘interrogations’

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Liberals always seem to want to interrogate conservatives — but on liberals’ terms. They seem to want to put us “on the stand” as if we have committed some crime. Then they get to ask loaded questions and control the subject. Don’t let them do it. It’s no crime to […]

  • How Reagan transcended his celebrity

    By Dan Cirucci | @ Dan Cirucci’s Blog Sometimes we’ve talked about “the dangers of electing a celebrity President.” So, the question has arisen: “Wasn’t Reagan a celebrity?” As we’re writing this we’re looking at a shelf full of books about Reagan (at least a dozen of them) all of which we’ve have read. Ronald […]

  • The Papal Visit: Five Things We’re Looking For

    By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot Okay, so now the pope has finally arrived in the United States. Incredibly, it’s his first visit ever to our country — not just his first visit as pope but his first visit here in his entire life. As a bishop and cardinal, the pope almost never traveled outside of […]