AlietaCare: The Obamacare Alternative Conservatives Have Been Waiting For

Dr. Alieta Eck

By Jordan Rickards | You likely have not heard of Dr. Alieta Eck. Don’t feel bad. She’s not the kind to seek the spotlight. Dr. Eck is a gentle soul, soft spoken, humble, and unassuming. She also has a great heart for… Continue Reading

It’s Not Wall Street’s Fault That You Wasted Your Time In College

The Rutgers-Camden Campus in Camden, New Jersey.

By Jordan Rickards | I heard someone once observe that a “philosophy major is someone who spends a lot of time thinking, while he waits in line at the unemployment office.” It sounds a bit harsh, but it came to mind when… Continue Reading

Instead of Raising the Minimum Wage, Raise People Out of the Minimum Wage


Minimum wage increases will hurt the poor.  The better solution is to create a superior climate for businesses, strengthen the dollar, and emphasize a career-oriented approach to education.     By Jordan Rickards | The Save Jersey Blog Cross Posted from New Jersey’s… Continue Reading

A GOP’ers Argument for Tuition Equality

Save Jersey Contributor and Central Jersey Attorney Jordan Rickards

What follows is a transcript of remarks given by Middlesex County Republican Freeholder candidate Jordan B. Rickards to the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey in support of tuition equality for the children of undocumented immigrants. Rickards’s running mates, Hon.… Continue Reading