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  • Shopping on Thanksgiving Helps the Poor

    By Jordan Rickards | Thanksgiving is now upon us, and along with it the recently fashionable annual tradition of complaining on social media that some people have to work that day.  Or perhaps better put, that some people choose to work on that day, and/or choose to work for businesses that are open on that day. This […]

  • The Forgotten Flaw in the WalMart Wage Argument

    A rebuttal to Slate magazine’s article: “Would Walmart’s Prices Spike If They Paid Their Employees More?” By Jordan Rickards | When I was in high school there was a window that separated the administrative offices from the main hallway on which was typically posted school news and such. One day one of the teachers posted a cartoon […]

  • Of Course College Athletes Should Be Paid!

    By Jordan Rickards | March is, historically, the NCAA’s favorite month, with tournament basketball in full swing and revenues cascading into league coffers.  But this year’s festivities come as the entire collegiate athletic establishment finds itself suddenly faced with two legal challenges to its collusive practice of prohibiting college athletes from earning money: one in which the players […]

  • Republicans are Wrong on Russia

    By Jordan Rickards | One of the first rules of politics is that one should never waste a good crisis. With that no doubt in mind, and Russia’s planned annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea seemingly all but inevitable, Republicans are pouncing on this latest opportunity to criticize President Obama for his ineffectual leadership, demanding, as […]

  • Tough Love for Richard Sherman

    By Jordan Rickards | The Rickards Review Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman is by all accounts a good guy, but he has no right to be angry at the very legitimate criticisms leveled against him for his infantile display of maliciousness after this past week’s NFC Championship game.  For those unfamiliar, Sherman made arguably the play of […]

  • Instead of Raising the Minimum Wage, Raise People Out of the Minimum Wage

    Minimum wage increases will hurt the poor.  The better solution is to create a superior climate for businesses, strengthen the dollar, and emphasize a career-oriented approach to education.     By Jordan Rickards | The Save Jersey Blog Cross Posted from New Jersey’s lowest paid employees received the fruits of a false victory this past Wednesday, as the […]

  • President Strangelove

    Or, How Obama Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs By Jordan Rickards | The Save Jersey Blog Have we not yet learned anything of the limits of American hegemony, Save Jerseyans? Even a cursory review of our post-Vietnam engagements in the Middle East shows a foreign policy almost entirely rooted in ineffectual militarism. Starting in the 1980s, […]

  • Syria as a Pretext for Internationalism

    By Jordan Rickards | The Save Jersey Blog Obama’s forthcoming attack on Syria has nothing to do with Syria, Save Jerseyans It is a war in defense of internationalism, and the enemy is not a regime in Syria but rather the very idea that America should consider itself anything other than fully subordinate to international rule. How else […]

  • A GOP’ers Argument for Tuition Equality

    What follows is a transcript of remarks given by Middlesex County Republican Freeholder candidate Jordan B. Rickards to the Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey in support of tuition equality for the children of undocumented immigrants. Rickards’s running mates, Hon. Roger W. Daley, Bob Jones, and Jose Martinez, also joined him in expressing their support. […]

  • Tom Kean in 2014

    OPINION: TK2 Gives the NJ GOP Its Best Chance of Beating Booker Next Fall By Jordan Rickards | The Save Jersey Blog A few weeks ago, the Save Jersey blog ran a poll asking the mostly conservative readership to vote on who they would support in the Republican primary for the 2014 United States Senate election.  Readers were […]