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Pezzullo for Senate

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Author: Joshua Einstein

Senate Candidates Meet with YRs

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

bcyr board membersOver 25 people attended the Bergen County Young Republican “Meet the Candidates” meeting at 8:00pm at local watering hole The Poitin Still in Hackensack last Monday, Save Jerseyans, and they were joined by three of five candidates for the Republican nomination for US Senate: Rich Pezzullo, Murray Sabrin, and Brian Goldberg.

For Bergen County Freeholder, Dr. Dierdre Paul, Bob Avery, and Brian Fitzhenry each spoke (Bernadette Walsh was unable to attend). Addressing the BCYR’s as a surrogate for Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan was County Administrator Edward Trawinski.


U.S. Options to Turn Back Putin’s Russia

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

View of Yalta from the Tsar's Path in Crimea

View of Yalta from the Tsar’s Path in Crimea

In the short term, the de facto annexation of the Crimea (and possibly more of Ukraine) by Comrade-Czar Putin will have little to no ramification for US national interests, Save Jerseyans.

In the long term, however, it emboldens totalitarian regimes everywhere and many, though not all, harbor expansionist dreams. One need only look at Putin’s actions in Europe to understand the totalitarian playbook of manufactured crisis and territorial expansion.

Revanchist Russia has been aiding and abetting the Iranian nuclear program, assisting the Syrian Assad regime and views itself as juxtaposed the US. Despite the billions in aid we donated to the post-Soviet Russia, the U.S. is blamed for all of Russia’s problems. That the aid we graciously gave to a former enemy was misspent is clear; that it was part of the era of rampant Russian crony capitalism is as well. What is unclear and thoroughly irrelevant to the current crisis is how Russia’s socio-economic downward spiral is ours to blame.


Meet John Sebik

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

John Sebik

John Sebik

Bayonne, NJ – Team Zanowic, the fiscally responsible slate for Bayonne Mayor and city council, are practicing the big tent coalition building in which GOPer’s everywhere should be engaged.

Comprised of Republicans and Independents, conservatives and libertarians, they have been reaching out to and are building bridges across traditionally-Democratic Bayonne. Part and parcel of the cross community relationship building and communications they have done has been their use of social media which was recently recognized by Turning Point USA as a model for local campaigns across the nation.

I recently had the pleasure of posing a few topical questions to Team Zanowic’s Council-At-Large candidate and registered Independent, John Sebik


Red Bayonne Rising?

By Joshua Einstein The Save Jersey Blog

tony3January 9, Bayonne – Packed to capacity and brimming with possibility, Save Jerseyans, KP Sarelli’s a Bayonne Italian restaurant was (bustling with optimism as it played) host to the Team Zanowic official campaign launch at the end of last week.

The candidates were greeted by a violin solo and 120 supporters that spanned the spectrum from republican to democrat; black, white and Hispanic; blue and white Collar; and the launch brought together the coalition of concerned Bayonne citizens that want to rebuild their neglected city.


Fending Off Progressive Fables

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

“You wouldn’t be here if not for progressive policy.”

– Unknown NJ mass transit commuter

incoming-train-signAt some point in November 2013, Save Jerseyans, I was handing out cards advocating against a NJ ballot initiative calling for a minimum wage amendment to the NJ State constitution that would require yearly minimum wage increases pegged to inflation.

It was part of an initiative by The Coalition to Preserve Jobs and Our Constitution to distribute literature about the job killing effects of the proposal at over 10 major commuter train stations across NJ.


Tearing Down the Total State

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

Big Brother PosterThe normative Left today is (unfortunately) an example of a successful totalitarian movement, Save Jerseyans.

Though neither a jackbooted National Socialist German Workers Party (aka the Nazi’s) clone, nor a USSR Politburo copy it nonetheless has been thus far effective in its efforts to make the State totally synonymous with society.

The Left routinely confuses the notion of social interaction with government and does so with ill effect and results.


A Dose of Deutschland

OPINION: The World (and Especially Europe) Needs Germany to Step Up

By Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

GermanyDear Germans,

Often times I read in international magazines and newspapers articles about a new German film, art show, or historical exhibit that has you examining the Nazi past from a new angle.

While it is true that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, those who tread water in its great currents condemn themselves to drown.


Free Speech Flap at Montclair

freespeechBy Joshua Einstein | The Save Jersey Blog

Free speech is one of our fundamental first freedoms, Save Jerseyans, but it’s in danger at Montclair State University. 

A pillar of classical liberalism and the American way of life is under assault by those who have been charged to pass its wisdom on to the next generation of citizens.

The reported facts by Montclair graduate student Joe Aziz was recently suspended and banned from campus. His alleged offense? Aziz purportedly commented on a Facebook-posted video. The video (which has since been taken down) featured a heckler and a female friend at a Steve Lonegan speaking event on campus.

Aziz made light of the female’s weight and, not long after he posted his comments, he received a University No-Contact Order (viewable here:…


Young Republican Holiday Red

A few nights ago, Save Jerseyans, over 40 young adults were in attendance at the Bergen County Young Republican hosted Holiday Party in East Rutherford, NJ.

The party, co-sponsored by Hudson County Young Republicans and charged with raising money to help New Jerseyans in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, took place in the back room of Italian restaurant Café Capri.

Festivities were organized by Stephanie Rubin and featured speakers Bergen County Freeholder Maura DeNicola and former Assembly Majority Leader Paul DiGaetano (also of Bergen County).  State Young Republican Chairman Tony Howley was also in attendance…


Israel: the Least Effective “War Criminal” Ever!

There are many people on the Left and some on the Right who are up in arms about the State of Israel defending itself against the bombing of its cities and population centers. 

They accuse Israel of war crimes and excuse the actions of any and almost all Arab parties to the conflict. They do this based on selectively chosen numbers – in the present conflict they point to the five Israelis (including an Israeli-Arab) murdered by terrorists launching rockets out of hospitals, schools, and homes and the roughly 100 Palestinians who have been killed both by rockets that have landed short and when Israel has sought to bomb the rocket launchers and terrorist leadership.

That the Geneva Convention prohibits combatants from using human shields does not bother Israel’s detractors. That Israel defends itself by bombing those sites instead of lettings more of its people become casualties to rockets launched from them does.

Were the presumptive “policy” of these detractors carried out and Israel to accept several hundred rockets per day (recently up from the average of 3 a day over the last decade), surely the number would continue to increase, more Israelis would be murdered, and Israel would not be able to function as a country.  But by the twisted logic of the morally underdeveloped, Israel would be in the right because more of its citizens would be dead.

Moreover, the anti-Israel crowd loves to assert that Israel is engaging in genocide. If so, Israel is perhaps the least effective perpetrator of genocide ever!


Keep the Faith!

With the reelection of President Obama, conservatives everywhere have had their faith challenged. We believed that the nation had seen the error of its ways and would leave behind this gargantuan some call government.

We were wrong.

Regardless of who loses the blame game, the truth remains that this election was a referendum on Obama and his Constitution-eroding big government policies.

That the nation wants more costly handouts and is blind to their consequences, both fiscal and constitutional, is the number one reason we conservatives must keep up the fight. Over 48% percent of the nation felt Obama had overreached; they objected enough to a coercive healthcare regime, the abrogation of the individual right of conscience, an extra-legal suspension of bankruptcy law (during the auto bailouts), failed stimulus, corporate cronyism, and shrinking Americanism abroad to vote for no one’s favorite candidate – Mitt Romney.

By the grace of God, the years ahead will be remembered as the time the economy truly rebounded. We will be able to look back and say that despite all of his horrid policies, Obama was not able to destroy the can-do American spirit of entrepreneurialism. But even if this was a likely scenario, the destruction Obama has already done to the Constitution would still be a reason to rally. And in the much more probable outcome that a weakened America and stagnant economy become the new normal, we have twice the reason to redouble our efforts.


Sandy Hoboken

My home of Hoboken is on the road to recovery, Save Jerseyans.

Almost all of the “Mile Square City” is back to humming with the sweet sounds of electricity and I recently received a PATH Alert email stating that the PATH train line has had partial service restored.

Although things are on their way back to normal, there are still many without heat, electricity, or even homes across NJ and NYC and our prayers are with them.

During the blackout, the people of Hoboken were out and about sharing soup, hamburgers, hot dogs, and even electricity. Residents who never blacked out (living on the two streets that by the good fortune of bad government, and are on different electrical grids from the rest of town) put out extension cords and power strips so those without could charge their phones and stay in touch with loved ones.

My building was without electricity or heat from Monday night until this past Saturday so I availed myself of these neighborhood good Samaritans. There were some fairly cold nights spent under 10 blankets but I had no choice but to tough it out (as my parents had no heat or electricity as well so what would be the point in attempting to go to them?). It wasn’t scary by comparison to the events of Monday night and what we all experienced as Hurricane Sandy arrived in Hoboken….


Save Jersey Talks to GOProud, the Leading Gay Conservative and Libertarian Organization

I had the opportunity to chat with GOProud Co-Founder Jimmy LaSalvia last week, Save Jerseyans.

What is GOProud? It’s a growing community of Gay Americans who are conservatives, libertarians, and definitely not Obama supporters in 2012. In fact, they recently endorsed Mitt Romney for President.

Mr. LaSalvia and I discussed the upcoming election, key races, and the interesting challenges associated with advocating for Republican principles/candidates as a gay conservative/libertarian in an era when gay marriage is a topic of much debate.

Listen and please share your thoughts:

To learn more, check out


Living the American Dream [Summit] Recap

James Beattie interviews Steve Lonegan of AFP-NJ at the American Dream Summit

On October 15th in Parsippany, despite an unusually cold (37 degrees) fall morning, participants at the Defending the American Dream Summit were both warm and welcoming, Save Jerseyans. The mood at the Saturday conference put on by Americans For Prosperity was jovial and good spirited; the topics, however, were dead serious.

Conservatives of all stripes and types, from social to fiscal, Romneyites to Paulites, isolationists to interventionists, committeemen to Tea Partiers, Republicans and even a few Democrats, were all gathered to hear the great speakers lined up to talk about our nations future.

Speaking to the assembled was a well rounded list of well known conservative thinkers, activists, and authors including Dinesh D’souza, Jonah Goldberg, Michelle Malkin, John Fund, and James O’Keefe.
Ms. Malkin and Mr. Goldberg were even nice enough to spend some time talking to the Save Jersey community…
Breakout sessions ranged in topic from health care, citizen journalism, polling, to “hydrofracking” and more. Breakout sessions were lead by representatives of, The Franklin Center, Americans for Liberty, Texas Watchdog, Mountaintop Media, the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, and the Independent Women’s Forum among others. Conference attendance was quoted as being somewhere between 800 and 1,100 participants and both the main hall and breakout sessions were overflowing with people eager to learn both the details of our nations present dangerous path and the tools that they can use to spread the message of a restoring a responsible and prosperous America.

A Jew Tea Partying With the Christian Right

The Tea Party can rightfully be described as a mass movement of fiscal conservatives simultaneously upset and galvanized by our nation’s outrageous spending.

That said, the Tea Party is a full spectrum conservative movement that includes many socially conservative loud-and-proud Christians. About one week ago, your favorite Save Jersey Jewish contributor spent the day at a Tea Party conference aimed at these conservative compatriots.

The conference was entitled ‘God and Country’ and was organized by the Northern New Jersey Tea Party. It was a day dedicated to examining the Christian roots of our great nation and celebrating freedom of religion. The speakers and over 55 attendees came from a variety of denominations but were all united in their defense of the First Amendment.

The speakers, including lawyer Demetrios Stratis from the Defense Alliance Fund, talked about attacks on Christianity in the public arena, what they had done to defend it, and what we could do to preserve the First Amendment’s promise of the free exercise of religion.


Steve Lonegan: Spreading the Gospel in NJ and Beyond

Whatever happens in November (hopefully a Romney win) the common sense struggle for fiscally responsible government will not be over. Conservative organizations need to be spreading the gospel of limited, constitutional, and solvent governance 365 days a year, every year.

That said, election time is a time like no other when the nation’s politically aware hone in on the issues.

One regional conservative leader and a familiar face to many of you, former Bagota Mayor Steve Lonegan, has been the leading New Jersey voice on this front. Lonegan, who ran in the GOP Gubernatorial primary in ’09 against Christie, has been racing across the state to rallies and speaking engagements in colleges, on the street, and even the news capital of the world –  NYC.