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  • The Case for a FY 2015 Tax Cut

    By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog The lines have been drawn and the battle has started, Save Jerseyans. Discussions are underway concerning the viability of a FY 2015 budget year tax cut and these discussions have changed little in substance since earlier this year. The Governor wants it done though, once again, Democratic leaders are skeptical. […]

  • Not Just Bad for Business

    New Internet Sales Taxes Will Grow and Expand the Size of Government, Too By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog We stand at a crossroads in America, Save Jerseyans. Maybe I am the only one who sees it this way, but the Federal Government is poised to grow State Government by seeking to expand taxation of internet […]

  • Bet On Outsourcing Government

    Lottery Privatization is Exactly What the Doctor Ordered By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog I like efficiently run smaller government. I also like the idea of providing value added services to citizens. Over time as services have been added to the menu, most governments look to themselves to provide services. Why? At the same time if […]

  • Outsourcing Inmates is Smart Policy

    Gloucester County Jail Plan Will Benefit Taxpayers By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog Gloucester County recently inked deals with four other county jails to house all of its 270 inmates, Save Jerseyans. I really like the idea and think it is a great example of how shared services should work and how economies of scale benefit […]

  • We Can’t Afford Not to Do It

    Attention Trenton! We need a Tax Cut ASAP By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog What we need in this state more than anything else is a tax cut, Save Jerseyans. Deep property tax cuts would be ideal but until that occurs, income tax cuts will work. Governor Christie is proposing an income tax credit up to […]

  • Time to Focus on Local Taxes

    Trenton’s Take is Too Large But Local Levies Deserve Greater Taxpayer Scrutiny By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog Like the citizens of most states, New Jersey residents pay municipal, school, county, sales and income taxes. Seven don’t have income taxes and five don’t collect sales tax. Local taxes (municipal, local and county) account for 57% New […]

  • Voting for Democracy

    Opinion: U.S. Governments Should Do More to Foster Voter Participation By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog President Obama last night announced the creation of a non-partisan commission to improve the voting experience in America. He tapped Democrat lawyer Bob Bauer and Republican lawyer Ben Ginsgberg to co-chair the commission. I agree that we need to do […]

  • Jersey’s Moving Van Blues

    The Northeast Continues to Rank High in Outbound Moves By Scott Alexander | The Save Jersey Blog The success of any State, County or Municipality can be measured by the desire of people and businesses to move to that location. In a recent study by United Van Lines “United Van Lines 2012 Migration Study Reveals Northeastern U.S. Exodus” […]

  • Encourage, Not Discourage Volunteers

    Last week the State Senate passed bill S-1650 along party lines to redesign New Jerseys’ EMS, sending it to the Assembly for consideration. Taking a hard, honest look at this legislation is important particularly with Hurricane Sandy bearing down on New Jersey. At first I didn’t think much of the bill at all, but then […]

  • Rebellion Behind Machine Lines?

    Last Tuesday night, Save Jerseyans, the Camden City school board denied the KIPP Cooper Norcross Academy its application to build a charter school in Camden. The proposal was backed by the Democrat South Jersey powerbroker of the same name and endeavored to create a five-school campus serving up to 3,000 students in the Lanning Square neighborhood […]

  • How to Fix Camden’s Fiscal Woes and PD Problem, Too!

    I think I am stating the obvious but Camden City’s government has not been motivated to operate efficiently for a long time. Between overspending, PILOTS and reliance on state transitional aid, Mayor and Council receive a failing grade for getting their fiscal house in order. And this is the simple reason why they can no […]

  • President Obama Leads the Blame Game (VIDEO)

    Regardless of who wins today’s NFL match-ups, Save Jerseyans, we all know who is leading America’s favorite blame game. There is always enough blame to go around in public life but often too little assumption of responsibility. This becomes even more troubling when the leader of the largest free economy in the world elects to […]