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Christie’s Epic Public Union Smackdown

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Regardless of how you feel about the hiring of Joey D’s kid, Save Jerseyans, you’ve gotta love last night’s Christie Christie radio smackdown of a troll public sector union caller who called to take on the Governor and walked away dragging his tail between his legs when Christie let loose an epic rant on the public pension/benefits system

We don’t get to see much of this guy anymore. I miss him:

Donovan Enters Final Stretch with Labor Backing

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

donovan kick off

$200 million in savings over four years.

That’s the number Bergen’s Kathe Donovan, the incumbent County Executive in New Jersey’s most populous county, chose to focus upon in her formal campaign kickoff with decision day looming under 8 weeks into the future; spending reductions (the Europeans call it “austerity”) have been featured as a consistent theme throughout the campaign thus far.

“When I was fortunate enough to first be elected County Executive, I inherited a bloated, wasteful and inefficient government that was far more interested in self-service than public service and I am happy to say we have turned all of that around,” Donovan told a crowd assembled outside of the Sheet Metal Workers Union. “I am proud to say we have kept every single promise to the taxpayers, working families, seniors, children and young adults of Bergen County.”


NJEA Endorses 9 Dems, 1 GOP’er

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

NJEA Menendez Mailer 1If this doesn’t tell you everything that you need to know, Save Jerseyans, than I’m not sure what will…

  • U.S. Senate: Cory Booker (D)
  • CD-1: Donald Norcross (D)
  • CD-2: Rep. Frank A. LoBiondo (R)
  • CD-3: Aimee Belgard (D)
  • CD-4: No endorsement
  • CD-5: Roy Cho (D)
  • CD-6: Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr. (D)
  • CD-7: Pending
  • CD-8: Rep. Albio Sires (D)
  • CD-9: Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D)
  • CD-10: Donald M. Payne, Jr. (D)
  • CD-11: Mark Dunec (D)
  • CD-12: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)

Fixing the Transportation Trust Fund Requires Getting Priorities in Order

By Daryn Iwicki | Americans for Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity agrees that we need to do something to fund infrastructure and maintain our roads. No one disputes how important this is to our economy. The problem is lawmakers refuse to get their priorities in order, practice fiscal discipline and put an end to giveaways to special interests.

Big Labor favoritism in the way of project labor agreements (PLAs) and prevailing wage are the biggest reason New Jersey has the highest costs to maintain roads of any state in the country. A terrific resource on project labor agreements—— explains that the vast majority (more than 85%) of the private construction workforce belong to non-union “merit shops”. PLAs force these shops to abide by a multitude of onerous rules should they earn a contract for State-funded work. Rather than abide by these terms and put their shop at risk, most refrain from even bidding for State projects. This stifles competition and drives project costs higher.


Save Jersey, CWA Debate Budget


rooney on tvViewing alert: our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney squared off against Communications Workers of America spokesman Seth Hahn on Wednesday night’s edition of Chasing New Jersey, Save Jerseyans, providing starkly contrasting opinions on the newly-signed FY 2015 state budget.

Disagreement over the direction of our Garden State? You bet. But there was some common ground, too.

Watch below our fold….


What Does Harris Mean for New Jersey?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

U.S. Supreme CourtMany New Jersey owners of closely-held businesses are breathing a sigh of relief after today’s “Hobby Lobby” decision, Save Jerseyans. Another decision, however, had the potential to generate vastly greater consequences for Garden State taxpayers.

Did it? Yes and no.

You can read the Harris v. Quinn opinion here. Both of Monday’s big U.S. Supreme Court decisions were authored by Justice Samuel Alito, one of the Court’s reliable conservative votes.

The super short version (I’ve only had a chance to skim the opinion, and I make no pretense of being a constitutional expert)….


Lance Lauds SCOTUS Obama Rebuke

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

supreme court 2012Conservatives and Liberals on America’s High Court agree on one point, Save Jerseyans: Barack Obama is a not a king.

That’s the gist of today’s unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruling (click here to read the NLRB v. Noel Canning opinion), authored by Justice Breyer, confirming that the President of the United States acted illegally when he made three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board back in January 2012 in order to circumvent to the Senate confirmation process.

“Because the Senate was in session during its pro forma sessions,” the Justice wrote, “the President made the recess appointments at issue during a 3-day
recess. Three days is too short a time to bring a recess within the
scope of the Clause, so the President lacked the authority to make
those appointments.”

New Jersey’s own Rep. Leonard Lance (R-07) says it’s “a victory for the Constitution and the rule of law.”


GOP, Christiecrats Rally for Arb Cap

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

A who’s who of New Jersey Republicans and Christiecrats joined Governor Chris Christie on the steps of Trenton’s War Memorial on Monday, Save Jerseyans, all to demand Assembly action on the expired arbitration cap credited with keeping Garden State property tax increases to record lows. For example, whereas property tax bills increased on average by 2.4% and 1.6% in 2011 and 2012 respectively, those same taxpayers’ bills had rose by a minimum of 7% during the years between 2004 and 2006.

It’s a no brainer for everyone except Vince Prieto’s caucus.

Some highlights:


AFP-NJ Combats Minimum Logic

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

AFP-NJ supporters rallied outside of Trenton AFL-CIO headquarters on a beautiful spring Saturday, Save Jerseyans, and their message was simple:

New Jersey’s minimum wage hike is holding everyone back. Big Labor’s membership included.

Combating minimum logic isn’t easy but we give them mega kudos for trying! God knows it’s a fight we’ve been waging right here at Save Jersey. Click below to watch a recap:

minimum wage rally

Christie Drops Arb Bill CV

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Photo Credit: NJ 101.5

Photo Credit: NJ 101.5

Governor Chris Christie issued a conditional veto on Thursday night to an arbitration cap proposal initiated by Democrats that would’ve killed the law’s true intent through exemptions. The State Senate subsequently voted 33-1 to concur with the Governor’s conditional veto and extend the 2% cap and prevent a sunset provision from kicking-in on April 1. 

“Without question, the reforms to New Jersey’s arbitration system enacted in 2010 have been effective in controlling spending and helping municipalities limit property tax increases,” Governor Christie stated in his conditional veto message.  “Extending the successful and essential control on arbitration awards enacted in 2010 is therefore the sensible and logical course.”


Trenton Democrats Poised To Blow Up The Property Tax Cap

By Art Gallagher |

FirefightersNew Jersey property taxes will likely resume the double digit annual growth that occurred under the McGreevey, Codey and Corzine Administrations if Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto’s version of the of the Interest Arbitration extension becomes law.  Either that, or municipal governments as we know them will cease to exist, succumbing to a long and painful death of higher crime and reduced services and capital improvements.

A 2% cap on interest arbitration awards in labor disputes was a key component of the 2% property tax cap negotiated between Governor Chris Christie, Senate President Steve Sweeney and Prieto’s predecessor, Sheila Oliver in 2010.   It worked.  Arbitrators made awards of less that 2% to police and fire fighters unions and property taxes rose less than 2% per year over the last four years.

The problem is Oliver insisted that the arbitration cap expire on April 1, 2014.  Now, we’re a week before the arbitration cap expires and Prietro is gutting the cap by passing an extension of the law that exempts contracts that were awarded less than 2% during the last three years from any future caps and raises the cap to 3% on contracts that have not been negotiated since 2010.

The math will never work.  If property taxes stay capped at 2% but the primary cost of property taxes, salaries, are not capped or are capped at 3%, municipal services will disappear. Police will be laid off, with the junior, lower paid officers being let go first, leaving the older and more highly paid officers to run drown the inevitable increase in crime.  Towns will go bust.  The state will take over municipal governments and force consolidations.

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Friday Night LG Debate (LIVE)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Laborista Milly Silva (D) will face off with the incumbent LG Kim Guadagno.

Laborista Milly Silva (D) will face off with the incumbent LG Kim Guadagno.

Heads up, Save Jerseyans:

Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno (R) and Democrat challenger Milly Silva (D) will meet for their first and only one-on-one debate this Friday evening at Kean University.

You might ask what’s the point of scheduling a Friday night debate heading into a long-holiday weekend.

Just please don’t ask me. I couldn’t tell you.

The live stream begins at 7:00 pm; click here to watch.

Holiday Weekend Christie Touts Labor Backing

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

LaborNew Jersey’s Republican Governor spent Labor Day 2013 boosting the Jersey Shore AND celebrating his unprecedented support from New Jersey’s largely private sector unions, Save Jerseyans.

Governor Christie specifically touted twenty-six Big Labor endorsements including: Operating Engineers Local 825, Statewide Pipe Trades, Plumbers Local 24, Steamfitters Local 475, Pipefitters Local 274, Sprinkler Fitters 696, Elevator Constructors 1, United Association International (UA International), Statewide Operative Plasters’ and Cement Masons (OPCMIA), OPCMIA 8, OPCMIA 29, OPCMIA 592, IBEW 102, IBEW 164, IBEW 1158, Hudson County Building Trades Council, Laborers Internation Union of North America (LIUNA), LIUNA 172, LIUNA 472, LIUNA 77, LIUNA 3, LIUNA 78, LIUNA 55, LIUNA 305, LIUNA 1412, LIUNA 108.

The Governor said it’s evidence of the broad success of his economic policies…


U.S. Union Membership Still Sinking

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Big LaborThe lib labs over at Blue Jersey commemorated Labor Day 2013 by taking a contrived shot at one of Save Jersey‘s favorite legislators, Asm. Jay Webber (R-Morris).

The Assemblyman took a moment away from his large family on Labor Day to *gasp!* thank his legislative and law office employees for their hard work in a Facebook post.

Blue Jersey‘s blogger lamented that he didn’t thank organized labor instead.

Jay doesn’t have any union employees. In fact, precious few American employers do these days…