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  • LoBiondo casts sole N.J. GOP “No” vote on House Budget

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog If there’s ever a sole dissent vote on the GOP side of the aisle from New Jersey, Save Jerseyans, it’s usually Scott Garrett.  Not on Wednesday. Do you recognize a name from this list of 17 Republicans, an eclectic mix of conservatives and not-so-conservatives? 1. Justin Amash […]

  • Garrett, Lance stand behind GOP’s historic balanced budget plan

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog $5 trillion cuts over the next decade, coupled with an end to ObamaCare AND major changes to Medicare and the U.S. tax code, would lead to a balanced budget and long-elusive fiscal responsibility in Washington, D.C., for the American people, Save Jerseyans. At least that’s the plan endorsed by […]

  • Christie signs bill letting Tesla sell directly to N.J. motorists

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog A victory for the free market? Or corporate special treatment? On Wednesday, Governor Chris Christie signed legislation permitting Tesla Motors to sell their cars directly to New Jersey consumers, superseding previous rules adopted by the MVC.  “I said last year that if the Legislature changed the law, I would sign new […]

  • Deciphering Your School District’s Budget

    By the Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Armed with your proposed budget, your most recent Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and your most recent Financial Report Update, you are ready to ask the Business Administrator and School Board pinpoint questions. Be forwarned: it seems intentionally confusing. The problem arises from having to prepare and […]

  • I Told AC to Land a Comic Con! And it’s coming in May…

    By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog Save Jerseyans, since I started writing about South Jersey job creation, and jobs for Atlantic City in particular, there has been one thing I’ve consistently said the beleaguered Boardwalk Empire needs to pursue: landing a Comic Con. Atlantic City wants to expand its convention business, and has been doing a […]

  • A giant load of BRAC: government is not a jobs program!

    By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog Sometimes the important stories are hidden deep in the weeds, where you either struggle mightily to find them or stumble across them as you peruse other things. The latter was the case with a recent one in The Burlington County Times about New Jersey spending nearly $200,000 […]

  • Crowdfunding bill is a win-win for New Jersey

    By Alyssa Lafage | The Save Jersey Blog The General Assembly has approved legislation that will help start-ups and developing businesses gain access to funding in New Jersey. A-2073, inspired by Congressman Scott Garrett (R-5)’s federal JOBS Act and sponsored by Assembly Republicans Parker Space and Allison Littell McHose, will make it possible for investors […]

  • Lies, Damn Lies and Government Unemployment Statistics

    By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog Oh, happy day: the unemployment rate is down to 5.5 percent, the lowest it’s been since mid-2008. Praise be to Obama, the father of all such wonders! Or not, if you toss back the Wizard’s curtain revealing a humbug manipulating data to make a bad situation […]

  • You’re nuts to live in New Jersey, so have a drink

    By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog From the Pew Charitable Trust, this is interesting: a map of the U.S. showing what it says is “the most unique job in each state.” Now, to start, something is either unique, or it’s not – it’s one of a kind, or it’s like the others […]

  • UPDATE: Reason strikes back at Fox’s Transportation Op-Ed

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Isn’t it the worst when someone calls you out on your crap? And then can back it up with facts? A rare feat in American politics… We’re still closely tracking the gas tax debate, Save Jerseyans, even though it didn’t figure heavily in this week’s FY2016 budget […]

  • Thank God it’s the weekend ’cause my party exhausts me

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Here’s the roll call, Save Jerseyans. And I’m frustrated. Much like I’m sure you are at the moment.  The majority GOP opinion? “President Obama’s illegal amnesty cannot be ignored. It’s why I voted against his actions back in January, and was so pleased to see that the […]

  • I’ve got no idea what’s going on here

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog There’s a lot that can (and will) be said about today’s $33.8 billion budget proposal – a 3.1% increase over last year – but for now, all I can offer is a big ‘ole shrug. I’ve got nothing. Substantively and politically, I’ve got no idea what our Governor is […]