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  • You’re nuts to live in New Jersey, so have a drink

    By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog From the Pew Charitable Trust, this is interesting: a map of the U.S. showing what it says is “the most unique job in each state.” Now, to start, something is either unique, or it’s not – it’s one of a kind, or it’s like the others […]

  • UPDATE: Reason strikes back at Fox’s Transportation Op-Ed

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Isn’t it the worst when someone calls you out on your crap? And then can back it up with facts? A rare feat in American politics… We’re still closely tracking the gas tax debate, Save Jerseyans, even though it didn’t figure heavily in this week’s FY2016 budget […]

  • It’s Time To LOWER The Gas Tax in New Jersey

    By Bill Spadea “We broke it; don’t know how to fix it and you are just gonna have to keep paying for it.”  – May have been overheard at the State House in Trenton.  The proponents of the gas tax will tell you that the Transportation Trust Fund is separate from the general fund and […]

  • At Chamber feast, Christie pledges no new taxes for FY2016

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Does that promise encompass gas/petrol as well, Save Jerseyans? We’ll get our first clues next Tuesday; for now, here’s what learned at Thursday night’s Chamber dinner in Washington, D.C.: Ahead of his budget address next week, @GovChristie is saying no new tax increases — Heather Haddon (@heatherhaddon) […]

  • Abolish the IRS – Our Security Depends On It!

    By Joe Schilp | Joe’s Blog Today, February 15, 2015, I’ve learned of 3 people from Middlesex, New Jersey, who’ve had fictitious tax returns filed on their behalf. One of the victim’s false returns was filed in California; the other two have yet to learn where their false returns were filed. Regardless, all three now have […]

  • AFP-NJ takes on the Gas Tax Hike

    By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog We’ve been beating the anti-gas tax hike drum for months now, Save Jerseyans, and our friend Daryn Iwicki of Americans for Prosperity does as good a job as anyone explaining why the entire thing is bunk. Daryn and our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney had a conversation about the state of the fight on […]

  • I swear, I’m not a Democratic consultant!

    By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog Save Jerseyans, I feel the need to clear something up: I’m not a Democratic consultant. Our savvier readers may’ve noticed how, on a regular basis, ideas or approaches suggested by our Save Jersey contributors are ultimately adopted… …by Democrats. It happened again this week. On January 20th, as part of Save […]

  • Bramnick nails it: Windbag Wisniewski oversaw TTF’s decline!

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-Union, Morris and Somerset) threw down with gas tax hike proponent Assemblyman John Wisniewski during a Wednesday League of Municipalities panel over the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF), Save Jerseyans, but the battle continued to be waged with press releases after the event ended. The best […]

  • The Tar Pits of New Jersey

    By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, estimates that U.S. consumers could find an extra $100 billion in their wallets this year. William Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, says the plunge in gas prices will translate largely into spending rather than savings since […]

  • Lance, MacArthur Offer Prerebuttals of #SOTU

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog President Barack Obama will deliver his second-to-last (there’s a silver-lining!) State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, Save Jerseyans, and consistent with this reputation for stubborn ideological behavior and extreme partisan brinksmanship, the President will propose… tax hikes and “free” college. All at a time when […]