Van Drew Owes Fiocchi an Apology

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

By Irwin Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog So I’m back from summer vacation, Save Jerseyans, and I ain’t happy. In fact, I’m angry. I read about Senator Jeff Van Drew’s appointing 25 people to the 1st District Economic task… Continue Reading

The Golden Goose is Gasping for Air

golden egg

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Atlantic City received yet another reality check this week, Save Jerseyans, with the news that the A.C. metro region experienced the single largest employment drop of any U.S. metropolitan area last month over July… Continue Reading

Willingboro Council’s Baseless Faith in Obama

john f kennedy

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog You may or may not have heard how, on Tuesday, Willingboro’s township council approved a resolution to rename its recreational hub from ‘The Kennedy Center’ to ‘The Obama Center’ going forward. Yes, Save Jerseyans, there are… Continue Reading

It’s Not Wall Street’s Fault That You Wasted Your Time In College

The Rutgers-Camden Campus in Camden, New Jersey.

By Jordan Rickards | I heard someone once observe that a “philosophy major is someone who spends a lot of time thinking, while he waits in line at the unemployment office.” It sounds a bit harsh, but it came to mind when… Continue Reading