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Sometimes Less is Morsi

God only knows, Save Jerseyans.

As the faux “ceasefire” persists between Israel and Hamas, President Obama has reportedly developed a new telephone buddy: Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi.

They’ve chatted extensively over the past few days and, according to the President’s Deputy National Security adviser, Obama “commended President Morsi’s efforts to pursue a de-escalation.”

I’m wondering if our President managed to broach the topic of Egypt’s President’s unprecedented power grab during their convos; experts believe Morsi’s latest actions — accomplished by dictatorial fiat – will insulate his allies from judicial oversight and advance the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to replace traditional Egyptian law with sharia (Islamic law).

It’s part of a troubling though not at all surprising trend we’ve observed ever since Obama’s beloved Arab Spring decimated civic institutions in Egypt.

I consider myself a foreign policy pragmatist, folks. America often finds itself having to work with bad people in order to advance its interests and, ironically, its democratic principles around the globe. That’s part of a superpower’s reality. What’s so uniquely scary about Obama’s approach, however, is the naive over-reliance on his own personal diplomacy (read: “hubris” or “believing one’s own press” to an unhealthy extreme)…


Civilization vs. Savages

Today’s “ceasefire” between (1) Israel and the Palestinians (2) Egypt and Iran is sure to make the diplomatic class feel awfully good about themselves, Save Jerseyans.

They’re not the least bit concerned over five rockets fired from Gaza into Israel during the first three hours of the “cease fire.” This is about “points,” not results, and we all know that these same international elites will continue to criticize Israel for defending itself; and like clockwork, the Islamic world will loudly accuse Israel of war crimes that it’s never committed. The MSM will dutifully report it. Just another in a long line of status quo conflicts. Blood is spilled but nothing ever changes. And all the while, America’s enemies flaunt their deceptions in our faces.

I’ve said it before and I won’t stop until a critical mass of our fellow citizens stops being polite and start using their brains: you can’t negotiate with a caveman culture that’s perfectly okay with strapping bombs to its own children!

Do what you’ve got to do, Bibi. You can’t wait for the go ahead from the Western powers’ new class of gutless, post-Cold War leadership. They don’t have the intestinal fortitude to do what needs to be done here.

Forget “cowboys and indians.” This the civilized versus the savages…



Israel: the Least Effective “War Criminal” Ever!

There are many people on the Left and some on the Right who are up in arms about the State of Israel defending itself against the bombing of its cities and population centers. 

They accuse Israel of war crimes and excuse the actions of any and almost all Arab parties to the conflict. They do this based on selectively chosen numbers – in the present conflict they point to the five Israelis (including an Israeli-Arab) murdered by terrorists launching rockets out of hospitals, schools, and homes and the roughly 100 Palestinians who have been killed both by rockets that have landed short and when Israel has sought to bomb the rocket launchers and terrorist leadership.

That the Geneva Convention prohibits combatants from using human shields does not bother Israel’s detractors. That Israel defends itself by bombing those sites instead of lettings more of its people become casualties to rockets launched from them does.

Were the presumptive “policy” of these detractors carried out and Israel to accept several hundred rockets per day (recently up from the average of 3 a day over the last decade), surely the number would continue to increase, more Israelis would be murdered, and Israel would not be able to function as a country.  But by the twisted logic of the morally underdeveloped, Israel would be in the right because more of its citizens would be dead.

Moreover, the anti-Israel crowd loves to assert that Israel is engaging in genocide. If so, Israel is perhaps the least effective perpetrator of genocide ever!


Obama’s Democrat Party Continues March Towards Anti-Semitism

There’s no getting around it, Save Jerseyans.

You watched the same Democrat National Convention that I did (or at least as much of it as you could stand). The Charlotte 2012 convention that booed God… and Israel.

The Obama-era Democrat Party is increasingly anti-Semitic.

A new CNN poll says it all.

The network’s pollsters found 57% of the American public believing Israel’s current counter-offensive against Hamas is justified. Republicans (74%) and Independents (59%) support Israel’s actions by a more significant majority.

Democrats? Only 4 in 10 believe in the righteousness of Israel’s actions.

Two major parties used to be able to agree on at least one issue: Israel.

No longer…


Israeli Defenses Down Gaza Rockets (VIDEO)

Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense boosted Israeli morale on Saturday, knocking two Iranian-developed Fajr-5 rockets out of Tel Aviv’s skies:

Isn’t that something? Hitting a missile moving at high speeds with a second object moving at comparably high speeds is an impressive feat.

Still, hundreds of rockets have bombarded Israel is recent days. Israeli defenses are working overtime to stem the merciless terrorist onslaught. Unless you’ve been in combat or braved the events of 9/11 firsthand, it’s hard for Americans (myself included) to appreciate the sheer terror of the situation…

To its credit, the Obama Administration is unequivocally blaming Palestinian terrorists for engendering the current conflict. To its discredit, you’d have to expect Middle Eastern terrorists to feel emboldened after the reelection of a president whose nominating convention booed Israel and whose state department infamously declined to recognize Jerusalem as legitimately belonging to the Jews. And remember that great Egyptian “spring” lauded by Obama? It’s leaders have thrown their full weight behind the terrorist aggressors.

Keep Israel in your prayers tonight.


The Greatest American Who Isn’t

Listening to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Thursday afternoon U.N. General Assembly address, Save Jerseyans, I couldn’t help but note the striking similarities between the Israeli Prime Minister and our American Founding Fathers.

The Founders risked much — financially, physically, professionally — when they declared Independence in 1776. They sure didn’t challenge the greatest naval power of the 18th century for fun! 56 men pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for love of country and an idea of what it could become. I see that same marvelous fire in Mr. Netanyahu’s eyes when he takes to the rostrum, stands before a room of hostile nations and passionately makes the case for his people’s right to peace and prosperity.

And given the choice, I’d absolutely rather be the Founders. They had an ocean to absorb the impact of Enlightenment-age weaponry. Netanyahu’s people are crammed onto a narrow strip of land that is beset on all sides by enemies with medieval sensibilities, barbarous intentions and nuclear ambitions.

So at a time when this country is led by a passionless man (I’m using the term loosely) who considers overt acts of war mere “bumps in the road” to his own reelection, I have to respect a leader who is so utterly and completely devoted to his country’s survival.

Who says there’s no “Thatcher” or “Reagan” left on the global stage? Here’s his full speech:

Can’t watch? The full transcript of Netanyahu’s U.N. speech is below the fold…


Third Mailer Idea for the Kyrillos Campaign

Save Jerseyans, its obvious that the Joe Kyrillos for Senate campaign needs a shot in the arm, because so far his 2012 effort has been about on par with the Phillies 2012 the Mets 2012 effort. And luckily for Joe, I’m here to administer that shot.

Senator, there are so many things you could be hammering Bob Menendez on while touting your own plans/ideas.

So tell you what, Joe. I’ll leave some great ideas up here for you and your campaign.

For example, you should send this one (see below) to anyone in New Jersey who supports Israel’s right to exist. Which is pretty much everyone in New Jersey who didn’t spend Labor Day in Charlotte…

Netanyahu Slams Press; Says Iran Containment Advocates “Set A New Standard For Human Stupidity” (VIDEO)

With an “armada” of allied warships massing near the Strait of Hormuz and the American mainstream media doing everything it can to cover for the sitting Administration, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu went on Meet the Press this morning and gave David Gregory a verbal spanking that he’ll never forget.

Someone needed to say it, Save Jerseyans, and the Israelis don’t have the luxury of denial:

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration and the Libyan government are going back-and-forth over whether last week’s attack resulting in the death of our U.S. ambassador was premeditated or spontaneous. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is, in a sense, the least important element of the ongoing Middle Eastern wave of unrest. That which plagues Middle Eastern culture goes a lot deeper than YouTube video or one particular terrorist network. The State Department’s decision to stick its head in the sand and ignore real root causes won’t make them go away, Save Jerseyans.

I only wish the United States had ONE politician as honest, articulate, and passionate about saving his country as Benjamin Netanyahu…


“Is This Still Your Democratic Party?”

In the war to win Florida for Team Romney, the Emergency Committee for Israel – a 501(c)(4) group — is running a powerful new ad titled “Whose Democratic Party?” critiquing the decidedly anti-Israel bent of the Obama-era Democrat Party. The Committee itself is headed up by some very familiar conservative names: William Kristol, Gary Bauer and Rachel Abrams among others.

The Free Beacon says “the spot, which will air during Sunday’s football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders in what is being described as a ‘significant ad buy,’ accuses Obama of leading his party to weaken the U.S.-Israel alliance.”

Not to shabby:

I’m sure we all have an older relative or family friend living in Florida who needs to see this TV ad, Save Jerseyans.

The latest Rasmussen poll shows Romney trailing Obama by 2-points (48%-46%) with a +/- 4.5 margin of error. That means every vote will count! Election 2000 count? We all hope it doesn’t come to that pass (again); for now, shouldn’t your sun-worshipping grandmother know that her Democratic Party — the one built by FDR, Truman and JFK — has long since disappeared? I don’t think any of those men wouldn’t approved of a convention that booed God and the State of Israel! Or the snubbing of the Israeli PM as the Middle East descended into flames…


Daily Moment of Zen: Israel’s “Peace” Map Exposes Obama’s Ignorance

President Obama has been anything BUT a friend to the great nation of Israel, Save Jerseyans.

He’s bitched about their borders (supports pre-1967 lines) and, more recently, allowed his state department to exclude Jerusalem from its definition of Israel. It’s more Carter/Clinton-style “peace at any cost so I can go down in history as the one who finally got them to stop killing each other” syndrome. The worst kind of hubris since it puts Israeli lives at risk. Obama is being extra greedy, too - he already has a Nobel Prize for… doing nothing? Then attacking Libya and adopting Dubya’s Iraq strategy? Hmm…

But the key point here is the Obama Administration’s feigned ignorance of the Israeli situation. This myth of an Israel unwilling to compromise is exactly that – a myth. Here’s an AWESOME viral Facebook image (where most great infographs originate these days) that completely belies the argument of the anti-Israel lobby both here and abroad:

If land giveaways = land, Save Jerseyans, then Israel would be the safest place on Earth. Is it?

So what else would you like them to surrender even more for “peace,” Mr. President? And with what realistic  expectation that it’d do any good? Do you have any idea how many men, women and children of Israel have died in Islamic terrorist attacks since 1967? The year when Israel was forced to respond to Egyptian President Nasser’s declaration that “Our basic objective will be the destruction of Israel.”

Oh, that’s right. Obama was just a child in 1967, living in Jakarta, attending what kind of school? Eating dogs and pondering the dreams of his father? The record still isn’t clear like most things with this guy.

Bottom line: the Middle East is dominated by men who don’t want peace. Israel’s enemies want blood in the streets and every last Jew at the bottom of the Red Sea. Period. End of sentence. And we’re the only friend they’ve got with the power to help. Unfortunately, this President has been nothing but a hinderance to their security (and ours) since January 2009.

It needs to end come January 2013 or Israel may meet its end. We won’t be too far behind. Freedom isn’t free, folks, and appeasement is tantamount to suicide.


My Thoughts From Israel

Dear Save Jerseyans,

I write this waiting for my flight to the USA to take off. Unfortuntely, I will not be arriving in Newark but rather am landing in JFK, making my journey home to Jersey an extra long schlep. I am flying from the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland – Israel, where I attended a family wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception on a kibbutz in northern Israel.

Kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz) are small socialist communal villages which were instrumental in settling the periphery of the country and building the Jewish state. Of the less than 300 kibbutzim the total population is around 150,000 out of a population of 7 million Israelis.

Varying degrees of of economic liberalization has changed the kibbutzim but all retain the Israeli version that down-home-farm-country feel.

Both the kibbutz where my cousins grew up in (in which I spent many summers), and my cousins husbands kibbutz (where the wedding took place), as well as the handful of other kibbutzim I have visited were envisioned as a workers paradise were everyone worked the land, pooled resources, and lived according to the old untenable Marxist maxim: “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need.” In the heyday of the kibbutz movement, even child rearing was done communally with children living not with their parents but with their peers in dorms known as childrens homes.

However socialist a past the kibbutzim have, there is a conservativism of sorts on them. It’s not just that people now earn their own and differing salaries from work both on and off the kibbutz, nor is it merely a rejection of the failed socio-economic principles they were founded on. Rather there is a deep faith in community and country, two values warm in any conservatives heart.


Oy Vey, Democrats! Poll Shows (Some) American Jews Are Abandoning Obama

May is “Jewish-American Heritage Month,” Save Jerseyans.

It’s an appropriate time for Jew and gentile alike to consider the fate of God’s Chosen People. After all, they haven’t been in this much danger since the 1930s. Vile antisemitism is on the rise (again) in Europe, and Iran is a kookocracy on the verge of historic nuclear advances. With the atom in his pocket, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can accomplish more in minutes than Adolf Hitler was able to do in a decade at the head of one of history’s largest military-industrial complexes.

The word “terrifying” doesn’t even begin to communicate what may lie ahead for humanity – and the Jewish people specifically – in the absence of swift and decisive action from America, Israel and their remaining allies.

Is it any wonder that Jewish Americans are beginning to second guess their default status as liberal Democrats?

Check this out (h/t Michael Barone):

The latest survey of Jewish Americans, conducted March 14-27 by a firm called Knowledge Networks for the American Jewish Committee, shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by a 61%-28% margin. That’s significantly behind Obama’s 78%-21% margin over John McCain among Jewish voters in the 2008 exit poll. …

Obama gets 72% of the votes of those most concerned with the health care issue, according to the current AJC survey, and 62% among those most concerned about the economy. But Romney leads Obama among those Jews whose major concern was national security issues (44%-42%) and U.S.-Israel relations (44%-42%). Clearly Obama is losing some Jewish voters on foreign policy issues.”

Governor Chris Christie has been less-then-shy courting Jewish supporters both at home in New Jersey and overseas in the Holy Land. A significant number of press releases from the Christie front office are directly related to Jewish community outreach.

It’s working so far. He won 38% of New Jersey’s Jewish vote in 2009.

This new AJC poll suggests something may be happening for Republicans at the national level, too. The data suggests American Jews rethinking their Democrat roots are responding, at least in part, to the strong contrast between President Obama’s politics of appeasement and the unwaivering support of Israel evidenced by GOP leaders like Mitt Romney and yes, our very own Garden State Governor.

And is this movement significant? Absolutely. As Michael Barone points out, “Jews made up 2% of the national electorate,” and “with higher numbers in New Jersey (7%)” and a few other, mostly-Northeastern states. Newly-minted Jewish Republican voters could sway more than a few close races this year…


UPDATE: @GovChristie Visits Golan Heights as Egyptian Rocket Attack Rocks Israel

Governor Chris Christie visited the Golan Heights earlier today in Northeastern Israel where he received a security briefing.

It’s all a part of his ongoing trade mission to the United States’s #1 ally in the Middle East. Is it also part of a 2016 presidential bid? Way too premature to speculate, Save Jerseyans. We’re hoping that’s not even necessary!

Meanwhile, down in the South, a rocket attack rocked the Israeli city of Eilat. Police believe the rocket was fired from Egypt’s Sinai peninsula; militants have reportedly become more active there since President Obama’s “Arab Spring” took hold there last year.

The attack only served to highlight the importance of America’s high elected officials maintaining strong relations with the State of Israel.


THIS is How to Behave When the Microphones Are On…

Governor Chris Christie’s trade mission to the State of Israel continues to make international headlines, Save Jerseyans.

I think the world is glad to see a visible demonstration of strong American leadership abroad; it’s been awhile! To kick things off, Governor Christie met the Prime Minister on Monday. Yesterday morning, he sat down with of the legendary figures of Israel’s political history, current Israeli President Shimon Peres.

President Peres described the Governor as a welcome friend of his country:

I’d also like to note that our Governor said nothing untoward, offensive, or downright treasonous when the microphones were on (or off).

I hope you were taking notes, Mr. Obama.


CAPTION CONTEST: Netanyahu Cracks Up @GovChristie

Governor Chris Christie’s trade mission to Israel is in full-swing and garnering plenty of attention, Save Jerseyans.

On Day One, he visited the Mount of Olives and meet with staunchly Pro-American Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (who, by the way, spent a lot of time in the U.S. and speaks crystal-clear English with a Philadelphia accent).

And apparently, Netanyahu managed to reach the Big Guy’s funny bone! No word on what the joke happened to be.

Bragging rights for the best caption:

HOLY WEEK 2012: Romney & Christie Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital; Obama Does Not!

Governor Chris Christie looks out over Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel on Monday, April 2, 2012. (PHOTO: Governor’s Office/Tim Larsen)

Welcome to Holy Week, Save Jerseyans. Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; meanwhile, our Jewish friends commemorate the feast of Passover and their deliverance from bondage.

Governor Chris Christie is celebrating by leading a large “Jersey to Jerusalem Trade Mission.” As the Christie Administration’s press releases accept matter-of-factly, Jerusalem is the traditional capital of Israeli people and their state. Sure, there are Islamic terrorists, European intellectuals and Palestinian politicians who insist otherwise, but American politicians have consistently supported our strongest regional ally’s claim to this sacred city.

Until now…