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Category: Immigration

Belgard Stumbles, Fumbles Through NJ-03 Forum

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

macarthur belgard debate

Tom MacArthur (left) lands another verbal haymaker on Aimee Belgard (right) during Thursday evening’s candidate forum in Moorestown.

Mea culpa: we don’t pretend to be unbiased here at Save Jersey. We’re conservative Republicans who want conservative Republicans to win because we know conservative Republican ideas are best for the country.

We are honest. And even though I strongly disagreed with the late John Adler (NJ-03) and former Rep. Rob Andrews (NJ-01) on most major issues, I never doubted that either South Jersey legislator had the chops for Congress.

Can I say the same of Aimee Belgard? Eh… not after what I witnessed firsthand at last night’s debate.

She was thoroughly unimpressive at Thursday night’s NJ Third District Congressional Candidate Forum at Moorestown’s William Allen Middle School hosted by the League of Women Voters. Seriously.

I didn’t just disagree with her, Save Jerseyans.

I sincerely wondered whether she belonged on the same stage as Tom MacArthur.


Christie viaja a México

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Us mexico borderGovernor Chris Christie leaves for Mexico on Wednesday, Save Jerseyans, undertaking a 3-day trip to described to the press as a “trade mission” but, if we’re being honest, is intended to double as yet another opportunity to showcase New Jersey’s Republican chief executive as an international name ahead of the GOP presidential primaries (the first debates, believe it or not, are likely on about one year away).

The ever-present specter of America’s immigration crisis will undoubtedly shadow the official proceedings…

Here’s a complete schedule:


The Governor and the Marine

By Synnove Bakke | The Save Jersey Blog

Andrew Tahmooressi

Andrew Tahmooressi

Governor Chris Christie is going to Mexico in September, Save Jerseyans. Some say it’s part of his bid to run for president in 2016. We’ll see.

Immigration remains the topic de jour; the Governor’s people say he’s going to discuss trade relations. That being said, I hope he keeps in mind there’s a decorated US Marine by the name of Andrew Tahmooressi languishing in a Mexican prison.

While he visits, I would love to see the Governor privately ask the Mexican president to find a way to pardon and release him. In fact, I hope he already has that planned.


Unaccompanied Central American Children Showing Up In Freehold

By Art Gallagher |

welcome chalk drawing childBetween 5 and 10 Central American children, ages 11-16, who have crossed our borders without adults have found their way to Freehold Borough, according to a statement by Rita Dentino, Director of Casa Freehold, an immigrants rights organization that helps newly arrived immigrants integrate into the community.

Dentino said that more children are arriving everyday, according to a report in the Sentinal.

State Senator Jennifer Beck issued a statement today saying she is working with federal and state officials to secure funding to deal with the situation and to evaluate New Jersey’s legal options and obligations.

Continue Reading…

Immigration Madness: Both Sides Stuck On Stupid

By Joe Schilp | Joe’s Blog

illegal immigrationThe lead sentence in a New York Times report on July 25, 2014,states:  “The vast majority of unaccompanied migrant children arriving in the United States from Central America this year have been released to relatives in states with large, established Central American populations.”

If you read just that sentence, the Times makes it seem as though almost all of these kids – who the Times refuses to call illegal, or even “undocumented” – are simply coming to be reunited with their family and that this is exactly what is happening, but this report is extremely deceiving.  For one, the Times is reporting on information released by Team Obama’s Office of Refugee Resettlement, which, if you continue to read the times article, admits that the “numbers do not include those children who are sent to long-term shelters.”


When the DREAM Becomes a Nightmare

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Border wall brownsvile illegal immigrationGovernor Chris Christie is as effective a speaker on the issues of taxes, entitlement reform and school choice as you’ll ever find, Save Jerseyans. Plain spoken but substantively on-point; the clarity with which he speaks makes apolitical Americans want to get up and follow him and good faith dissenters concede the logic of his argument.

The so-called “YouTube moments” concerning ^^ are what we remember and, at least until Sandy and Bridgegate, they’re what defined his brand. Just as often, however, Chris Christie talks like what he is by training: a lawyer. And I don’t mean that in a disparaging way (I am one!). All the same, it can get him into trouble.

Immigration comes to mind as a prominent example.


#IllegalImmigration protests took place this weekend all over the country

By Alyssa Lafage | News Ninja

America’s southern border is under attack in a way that we have never experienced before. At the direction of President Obama, the federal government has refused to enforce current immigration law and in turn has allowed thousands of illegal immigrants to enter the United States.

Americans are rightly and understandably fed up.

In an effort to take a stand against the mismanagement of our southern border and to bring awareness to the situation, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) and Overpasses for America joined together to organize “National Days Of Protest Against Immigration Reform Amnesty & The illegal immigration surge.”

On July 18-19 more than 321 protests took place nationwide at state capitals, on overpasses, outside the offices of amnesty supporting lawmakers, and at locations where the Obama is attempting to bus and house illegal aliens.

CLICK HERE for a full listing of all the protests that took place.


The Cost of New Jersey’s “Undocumented”

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

Border wall brownsvile illegal immigrationThe media is focusing on the human cost of events transpiring at our southern border, Save Jerseyans. There’s another cost which they rarely discussed.

New York has earmarked $4.9 million in giving legal assistance to foreign-born New York residents facing deportation, providing lawyers for low-income immigrants detained by federal authorities.

It’s joined a host of other U.S. cities including New Haven, Connecticut, Asbury Park, New Jersey, San Francisco, Richmond, Oakland and Los Angeles, California, and Washington, D.C., where a local identification card will serve all the documentation that’s needed to open a bank account, sign a lease, or even get a library card.

Public hospitals are already legally obligated to provide healthcare to anyone who requests it. If an ‘undocumented’ immigrant can’t pay for these services, then the taxpayers who support the hospital indirectly subsidize their care. It doesn’t end there. States are moving towards permitting illegal immigrants to obtain a legal drivers license that’s functionally the same as an American citizen’s drivers license. But is it really a “privilege” if you don’t have to pay for it?


Eric Cantor Beat Eric Cantor

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor

It’s tempting to blame Eric Cantor’s shocking political demise on Tea Party-driven anti-immigration reform angst, Save Jerseyans, but if we were truly witnessing a wave of some sort, then Lindsey Graham (who Rush Limbaugh nicknamed “Gramnasty”) would be headed for a big law firm after Tuesday night’s results, too, but he’s not. And Steve Lonegan would be holding a press conference outside of Aimee Belgard’s campaign headquarters tomorrow morning…. but he’s not. Same goes for David Larsen. And Matt Bevin for that matter.

So what’s the “x” factor?

There isn’t one. I know, I know, complicated answers are hard for TV analysts, radio hosts, demagogues, spin masters and fundraisers to manipulate for their own ends. But the truth is what it is and I don’t see the utility in glossing over it; it also wouldn’t be fair to David Brat who, having won a race where he had only $230,000 to Cantor’s $5.7 million, he must’ve done something right. Right? Still…


License to Steal

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

licenseEach New Jersey household is already paying roughly $800 extra per year for illegal immigration, and that estimate preceded the N.J. DREAM Act.

Now Trenton Democrats want to pad the bill a little more (and swell their base’s ranks) by handing out driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. They’ve introduced A2135 to do just that.


Dancer’s DREAM Act Follow Up

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Illegal Immigration SignIn light of the N.J. Dream Act’s enactment, Save Jerseyans, Assemblyman Ron Dancer (R-Ocean, Burlington, Middlesex and Monmouth), who voted against the controversial legislationwants to guarantee that all New Jersey students register with the Military Selective Service.

“Now that Gov. Christie has signed a law allowing undocumented students to attend our public colleges at the in-state tuition rate, it makes sense to remind them, and all applicants, of their legal responsibilities,” said Dancer in a press release. “If you are a male between 18 and 25 and living in the country, you must register with military selective service. That’s the law.”


Webber vs. the Dream Act

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The ceremonial signing may’ve been postponed today, Save Jerseyans, but New Jersey’s Dream Act (S2479) is already the law of the land. Regrettably.

It’s worth revisiting why this law sucks on the eve of a media frenzy over the upcoming bipartisan lovefest. In case you missed it, here’s Asm. Jay Webber’s floor speech during the Assembly portion of the debate:

Part 1:

Part 2:

N.J. DREAM Act Roll Call

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State House TrentonThis is self-explanatory, Save Jerseyans, but it’s not exactly pretty; you can also click here to read Governor Christie’s conditional veto.

Bottom line… we’ve got a LOT of work to do:

Senate – Yes {28}  No {7}  Not Voting {5} (Concurrence)

Addiego, Dawn Marie – Yes
Allen, Diane B. – Yes
Bateman, Christopher – Yes
Beach, James – Yes
Beck, Jennifer – Not Voting


Post-CV Dream Act Passes Both Chambers

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

ImmigrationAn update from under the Dome:

The DREAM Act now only needs Chris Christie’s signature to become law, Save Jerseyans.

Initially,  a late decision was made Thursday afternoon to table the measure before a final floor vote to block an attempt by Scott Rumana (R-Passaic) to amend the measure…

Governor Christie conditionally vetoed the measure. The Senate (27-7) and Assembly (50-26-1) subsequently approved Governor Christie’s changes.

One day my DREAM Act — alleviating New Jerseyans’ tax burden — will come to pass. Until then, everything Trenton does just seems to piss off Moody’s, make my life more expensive, and drive more of my friends to North Carolina. Everyone under the Dome needs to wake up from their fantasy; the rest of us are stuck in a nightmare of their creation…