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  • Biden passes on 2016 run

    By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog Well we have our answer, Save Jerseyans. Vice President Joe Biden, at least initially citing the recent passing of his son, Beau Biden, held a Rose Garden press conference on Wednesday flanked by the President and his wife to announce his decision to pass on a 2016 presidential […]

  • Biden Bails On Booker

    By Art Gallagher | Vice President Joe Biden cancelled his trip to New Jersey to campaign for Cory Booker’s Senate campaign, according to reports on PolitickerNJ and Politico. Biden office said he cancelled the trip because of the government shutdown. CONTINUE READING…

  • Christie Ties Hilldawg in Iowa

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Barbara Buono may think attacking Chris Christie’s presidential aspirations in Iowa makes good sense here in New Jersey, but for whatever it’s worth, Buono’s low opinion of the Governor is no less prevalent there than it is here. From today’s new Quinnipiac Poll of the Hawkeye State: In an early look […]

  • In ’08, New ‘Gun Control’ Czar Biden Loved His Beretta Guns (VIDEO)

    Few folks have walked the planet who are less genuine/sincere/honest than Vice President Joe Biden, Save Jerseyans. The latest example: Biden had sponsored an assault weapons ban in the 1990’s and, following the Newtown massacre, has been tapped by President Obama to spearhead a formal reconsideration of federal gun control regulations. But how does Biden […]

  • Joe Biden Joins Kim Guadagno for Jersey Shore, Hoboken Storm Damage Tour

    If there’s anything controversial coming out of THIS particular storm damage tour, Save Jerseyans, it’s likely to come out of the federal officeholder’s mouth. Of what do I speak? This Sunday, Vice President Joe Biden (D-Parks and Recreation) and Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno (R-NJ) are inspecting Hurricane Sandy destruction in Hoboken and the Jersey Shore. […]

  • We’re Not Laughing, Mr. Vice President

    Deflated Obama backers concocted a variety of exotic excuses for last week’s epic Romney debate victory. They blamed the moderator, the format, the opponent, the sparring partner… and yes, the altitude. Thanks, Al. But ultimately, my dear Save Jerseyans, it was clear enough to the 70 million American who watched the President’s public implosion that […]

  • POLL: Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

    The Vice Presidential debate is over, Save Jerseyans. My initial reaction? I’m glad Joe Biden thinks a nuclear Iran, the worst economy since the Great Depression and my grandmother’s health care are absolutely hilarious… let’s see how his inability to control himself plays with undecided voters. For now, let’s hear from you. Vote and opine:   […]

  • Joe Biden’s #dnc2012 Speech (FULL TEXT)

    This has been the most chaotic and counterproductive Democrat National Convention since 1968, Save Jerseyans. Hands down! So why not wrap things up with a speech from Joe “Chains” Biden? The text: My fellow Democrats, and my favorite Democrat. Jilly, I want you to know that Beau, Hunt, Ashley, and I are so proud of […]

  • Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits! They Just Keep Coming (Video)

    While America might be a better place without Joe Biden in office, American Politics certainly would not be nearly as hilarious. Enjoy this nearly 5 minute mash up of Biden’s worst (best) moments through the years. Take it all in because if President Obama takes Sarah Palin’s advice, we might not have Joe to laugh […]