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  • Is He Just Being Modest? Or Does Portman Knows Something We Don’t?

    At least until very recently, Chris Christie thought Rob Portman was the favorite to serve as Mitt Romney’s running mate; Portman, however, disagrees. On Wednesday night, the freshman Ohio senator told guests at a Denver, Colorado fundraiser that he doesn’t think it’s him (h/t I just got elected two years ago. I think that’s where […]

  • Just Another Reason Portman May Be Romney’s Top Pick

    There’s some good news out there today in America, Save Jerseyans: Barack Obama is as vulnerable as ever with under four months to go before Election Day. A new survey from The Hill found 53% of voters believing the President “has taken the wrong actions and has slowed the economy down.” Duh? Only 42% think he’s […]

  • SOURCE: @GovChristie Thinks @MittRomney is Picking Portman

    U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) didn’t get the veep nod yesterday in Cincinnati, Save Jerseyans. That doesn’t mean it still isn’t very likely to happen sometime soon. One prominent Republican politician is pretty sure that Portman will emerge as Mitt Romney’s pick. You might’ve heard of him? A reliable source close to Governor Chris Christie […]

  • Portman Come Monday Morning?

    “Nobody knows nuthin'” to paraphrase Peter Clemenza from Godfather: Part I, Save Jerseyans But all indicators suggest Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate announcement is close. Very close. We just don’t know how close (three days versus three weeks). Or who it will be. A little harmless speculation to keep your brain turning? Exhibit A: U.S. Senator […]