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  • PILOT must go! My view of Jersey City from Monroe Township

    By Harold Kane | The Save Jersey Blog I live in Monroe Township, Middlesex County. We have a major problem with our state aid for the school system. We don’t get any. I shouldn’t say that. Monroe gets $2.8 million from Trenton to support a budget of $110 million. This equates to $437 per student. The balance is […]

  • Passaic GOP executive committee backs Murphy with 16-4 vote

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog UPDATE: A vote of the full committee is still required, Save Jerseyans, but Tuesday evening’s resounding 16-4 vote to remove any technical barrier to former Passaic GOP Chairman Peter Murphy of Totowa rejoining the county committee makes it clear enough who’s in charge of the party in this North Jersey […]

  • Once prosecuted by Christie, Passaic GOP power broker poised for comeback

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Former Passaic GOP chairman Peter Murphy of Totowa ultimately plead guilty to mail fraud back in 2003 after a lengthy prosecution and conviction (the original result of which the 3rd Circuit set aside and remanded for a new trial), Save Jerseyans, but if the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization’s executive board […]

  • Giant reptile caught outside of Trenton?

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Here’s hoping the rescue team that snatched this 5 foot-long reptile from the Passaic River on Wednesday can get it back to Trenton in time for its next committee meeting, Save Jerseyans…. But at least someone (or something) is relocating into our state? Right? Okay; enough lame jokes. Enjoy: _____

  • LIVE: Chris Christie’s campaign announcement

    By The Staff | The Save Jersey Blog We’re all over today’s historic Chris Christie presidential campaign announcement at the Livingston High School Gymnasium, Save Jerseyans. Among today’s expected themes, according to the campaign, are “Leading From The Heart” and tackling touch issues. Weren’t able to make the trek to Essex County? Or weren’t excited about trying […]

  • Essex’s education association plans protest to counter Christie launch

    By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog Not everyone is excited about Chris Christie’s big presidential campaign announcement, Save Jerseyans. Least of all? Thousands of Garden State teachers who are convinced that the Governor is the #1 threat to their retirement savings. Nothing we can say will change their minds. So Tuesday’s launch at Livingston […]

  • LD27 Assembly: Q Rim rising?

    By Charles Barr | The Save Jersey Blog It was an early April morning when I really felt inspired to get a more active base of politically interested college students together at Montclair State University. I knew of another student at the time who was aiming to do the same thing, Save Jerseyans, and now […]