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Category: North Jersey

Is Sweeney Trying to Sabotage the Taj Mahal Negotiations?

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

Sweeney TV AdIf you have been following the Taj Mahal saga, Save Jerseyans, then you know that the only thing Senate President Steve Sweeney has contributed are insults aimed at Carl Ichan, the investment tycoon whose affiliates are due $292 million from the casino but who nevertheless proposed a Taj Mahal rescue package contingent upon concessions.

At the moment, Asm. Chris Brown (R-2) is a voice in the wilderness at a time when you’d expect South Jersey legislators to rally together, set partisanship aside and save thousands of constituent’s jobs from evaporating.

I trust my gut on this one, and my gut tells me that Steve Sweeney isn’t interested in saving the Taj Mahal. It tells me he wants to see it closed. And it tells me he is trying to foul up the process so that it does.

Why do I believe this? Why is my gut telling me this?

Well, let’s look at what we know about Sweeney.


New Poll: The Cho-sen One Fades Away

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

choA dominant debate performance? Late deciders breaking Republican in a GOP year? Having decided that the challenger is an empty suit? Or a renewed campaign war room seriousness after a polling scare?

Whatever the causation may be, Save Jersey, Monmouth’s Polling Institute now finds Rep. Scott Garret moving into a comfortable 11-point lead ahead of his Democrat challenger, Roy Cho, in NJ-05.

53% of likely voters now back Garrett while 42% support Cho, up from the modest 48% to 43% lead the incumbent registered in Monmouth’s survey released October 15th. 


Record Roots for GOP Freeholder Slate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Avery and Walsh

Avery and Walsh

Here’s the best part of Wednesday’s endorsement of Robert Avery and Bernadette Walsh from The Bergen Record (of all places!), Save Jerseyans:

“We recognize that changing control of the board to Republicans may not result in better government, but a new direction is needed. And a one-vote Republican majority will not stifle internal debate among freeholders.”

I’ll translate that for you: “we’re still liberals who hold our noses when passing Republicans on the street but wow, these Bergen Democrats really suck… badly… to the point where we can’t bring ourselves (or risk our reputations) to bail’em out.”

What else do you need to know heading into next Tuesday, Bergen voters?

NJ-05 Debate: Garrett Chews Cho and Spits Him Out

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

garrettAt least one poll suggests it’s this year’s closest New Jersey House race, Save Jerseyans, and IF that’s true, it’s only because Rep. Scott Garrett wasn’t aggressively responding to Sandy-themed attacks from his Democrat challenger, Roy Cho, taking seed in the 5th Congressional District’s blue-ish Bergen communities. 

But now Garrett is fighting back, both fists fully-engaged, and anyone who listened to Saturday’s WRNJ radio debate was left with little doubt as to which man demonstrated true mastery of the challenges facing our country (Garrett) and, on the other hand, which isn’t quite ready for prime time and is still scraping by on Wikipedia-level knowledge of major issues



North Arlington’s Pronti: “Who are they kidding?”

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

Dan Pronti

Dan Pronti

Continuing my series of interviews with local candidates around the state, I must admit up front to my bias; this candidate is one of my favorites running in the current cycle.

Last year, Dan Pronti won a special election triggered by the resignation of North Arlington Councilman Steve Tanelli following his election as freeholder. His win, realized with his running mates Joe Bianchi and Rich Hughes, created a 3-3 tie on the borough council of Bergen County’s southernmost town.

This year, Pronti is running for a full three-year term on a ticket headed by Councilman Bianchi who is challenging two-term incumbent Pete Massa for mayor, and joined on the council line by newcomer Kerry Cruz.

I sat down with Pronti at a recent Kathe Donovan fundraiser to discuss his campaign in Election 2014’s closing hours.


Christie in Morristown: Let’s Debate, Cory!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Photo credit: @NJGOP/@JeffBell2014

Photo credit: @NJGOP/@JeffBell2014

The Bridgegate-embattled New Jersey Republican establishment opted out of taking an active role in the 2014 U.S. Senate primary, Save Jerseyans, a move which allowed the politically-savvy Reagan campaign veteran Jeff Bell to manufacture an upset victory on the June ballot.

It’s been all uphill from there

But you’d never know it Monday morning at the Morristown Diner where Governor Christie, in full campaign mode ahead of another two-day out-of-state RGA swing, once again stood side-by-side with Bell and laid into his fair weather friend Cory Booker (D-Twitter) for consenting to only one debate.


Express-Times Endorses Lance

By Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

lance kovachThe Express-Times, a newspaper covering the Leigh Valley which encompasses Warren County, New Jersey, is endorsing Leonard Lance for re-election.

“Lance has a record of getting things done…,” wrote the editorial board. “His willingness to break with party leadership is evident, and he hasn’t betrayed the core issues that define his record — jousting with deficit-builders, promoting government reform, restricting government regulation while keeping an eye on environmental needs, and helping small business.”


Christie, Bell Set to Campaign at Morristown Diner

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

bell and christieJeff Bell recently told Mark Levin that Chris Christie would, in fact, stump with him down the final stretch of this year’s #njsen election.

Now we have the details, Save Jerseyans.

The duo will greet patrons (and likely field questions) at the Morristown Diner (73 Morris Street) at 7:45 AM on Monday, October 20th.

Polling in the race shows anything from a high single-digit to low double-digit lead for Cory Booker, a freshman Democrat who represents Twitter.


Cho Proves Lies Can Get You Close

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett

It looks as if Rep. Scott Garrett could, after all, end up having the longest election night of any New Jersey incumbent this year, Save Jerseyans, assuming new survey results from Patrick Murray’s Monmouth Polling Institute are accurate.

Monmouth found Garrett (48%) leading challenger Roy Cho (43%) by only 5-points with 6% undecided.  Garrett was re-elected by 12-points in the 2012 “Obama year.”

 “This race was not even a blip on most political prognosticators’ radar screens.  It should be now,” said Murray, who serves as director at the Polling Institute.


Wednesday: Pelosi Protest, Obama Visit and Christie Radio

By Staff | The Save Jersey Blog

nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi poses with the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro.

Wednesday will prove a politically-busy day in the Garden State, Save Jerseyans:

  • Governor Chris Christie is slated to visit NJ 101.5 for his monthly ‘Ask the Governor‘ radio program.

Donovan Says Tedesco Backs Out of TV Debate

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

kathe donovanAfter looking more than a bit flat at an October 3rd candidate forum in Teaneck, freeholder and county executive candidate Jim Tedesco is allegedly bailing on a Channel 9 debate with the incumbent, Republican Kathe Donovan. That’s what her camp is saying on Thursday morning, Save Jersey

Team Donovan is also saying, for what it’s worth, his “handlers” aren’t making a bad political move.

“It’s really not surprising,” said Mark Campbell, campaign manager for Donovan.


More at Stake Beyond Donovan/Saudino Drama

By Matthew Gilson | The Save Jersey Blog

saudino donovan bergenNever wanting for a dull day in Bergen County, Save Jerseyans, video surfaced over the weekend featuring Republican Sheriff Mike Saudino appearing to endorse Democrat Jim Tedesco and his running mates in the upcoming election.  

Now the sheriff is backtracking claiming he has made no endorsement in the race. 

It’s no secret that Saudino and Donovan have had a rocky relationship (at best) for some time now; Saudino was particularly angry after Donovan refused to sign the contract negotiated with the sheriff’s officers.  However, Saudino has also repeatedly said at BCRO meetings that his differences with the county executive are a matter of policy, not personal, and that they are both working to help the citizens of Bergen County.

It’s critical that that work occur over the next four weeks.


Nepotism: From Essex County to Trenton

By Scott St. Clair | The Save Jersey Blog

essex countyThe foul odor in Essex County isn’t from a road-kill skunk, but from political nepotism involving County Executive Joe DiVincenzo and the recent hiring of his son by the state Department of Education into a cushy, almost $93,000 per year job.

Nothing about this hire passes any smell test known to political science.

The younger DiVincenzo, we’re told by his father, is an education expert with multiple degrees and certificates who’s qualified to be a school principal and has dedicated his life to teaching, currently sells insurance for politically-connected agency. That’s just the kind of educational professionalism that qualifies him for the “non-competitive” job. 

If his last name was Smith or Jones, his resume would have gone to the bottom of the stack.


Donovan Debates Tedesco in Teaneck (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Republican incumbent Kathleen Donovan and Democratic Freeholder Jim Tedesco faced off during a 90-minuted debate on Thursday night at the Teaneck Public Library, Save Jerseyans, and it was obvious to everyone present that both candidates have no love lost for the other. No surprises there…

Video, from start to finish:

The rest of Thursday night’s confrontation is below the fold…