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Category: Cape May County

Van Drew Owes Fiocchi an Apology

By Irwin Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

So I’m back from summer vacation, Save Jerseyans, and I ain’t happy.

In fact, I’m angry.

I read about Senator Jeff Van Drew’s appointing 25 people to the 1st District Economic task force. About how Van Drew made himself chair. About how he made Assemblyman Fluff Andrzejczak vice-chair.

And how he snubbed Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi by not only excluding Fiocchi’s 30 plus years of private sector from the task force for purely political reasons, but with these wildly inaccurate statements regarding Fiocchi‘s shock at being excluded:


Shore GOP Pushes Back Against Dems Over North Jersey Casinos

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

casino protestThe Jersey Shore GOP is waging a 3-cycle war at the moment, Save Jerseyans, precipitated by the distressed Atlantic City casino industry.

Our friend Michael Donohue, chairman of the Cape May GOP, took direct aim at one of Election 2017 likely top political targets, state Senator Jim Whelan (D-2) who, back in the summer months, publicly shared his belief that North Jersey casinos were inevitable (Why an incumbent in a swing district populated by casino workers thought THAT was a good idea is beyond me, but whether it’s foolishness or hubris at play here, Whelan seems predisposed to go along with the state Democrat consensus


Christie Responds to Showboat Employees

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

governor christie speaks in ocean cityGovernor Christie brought his “No Pain, No Gain” tour to Ocean City on Thursday, Save Jerseyans. So I biked on up to the Music Pier to see him speak.

Now, if you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously familiar with our pension and benefits situation. So I am not going to focus on that.

Because if you read this blog, you’re also aware that I am a staunch supporter of forward-thinking strategies geared towards turning Atlantic City around and saving/creating as many jobs as possible.

The Governor was met with a handful of protesters. Some oppose his pension plan and there were a few granola types protesting the BL England Pipeline. There was also a group of Showboat employees (the casino slated to close on August 31st unless a buyer is found) demanding that Gov. Christie save their jobs by forcing Showboat to remain open.

Before delving into his pension-related remarks, the Governor took the time to address these employees. Below is video of what he said (sorry, my phone is not a TV studio). I’m not going to include any commentary; watch and arrive at your own conclusions…


Arango, Donohue Set to Lead Chairmen

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Jose Arango (left) and Mike Donohue (right)

Jose Arango (left) and Mike Donohue (right)

It’s already been reported that Hudson County GOP Chairman Jose Arango is the presumptive incoming “chair of chairs” for the NJ GOP, the individual who honorifically heads the association of the New Jersey Republican Party county chairs. Keith Davis of Atlantic is the outgoing incumbent.

Now we’ve learned that Cape May County GOP Chairman Mike Donohue has declared his intent to stand for vice chairman; I’m told no opposition is anticipated to him, either.

Arango works as Jersey City’s Director of Economic Development, setting up an interesting dynamic should Jersey City’s Democrat Mayor Steven Fulop run for governor. Donohue is an attorney and former legislative candidate in perennially competitive LD-1. They certainly hail from very different counties – the urbanized and deep blue northeastern corner and rural, red southern shore – but the challenge ahead is the same… and daunting. New Jersey’s 21 Republican county chairman must tackle their own local and regional races while simultaneously beginning to figure out what a post-Christie landscape looks like.

FYI- the chairmen are scheduled to formally vote next Wednesday, August 13th.


Van Drew Aids Booker, Looks to 2016

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) took a pass on a CD2 run against Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ2) this year, Save Jerseyans, leaving his party’s chances for a New Jersey Democrat House pick-up in the less-than-capable hands of Bill Hughes, Jr., scion of a political family led by his father, former Congressman Bill Hughes.

I say less-than-capable because Hughes has $342,199 on hand, hardly an inspiring amount of cash for a Democrat challenger in a PVI D+1 district where the multi-term incumbent boasts a better than one million dollar advantage. Hughes will likely post a less-than-inspiring finish in November barring a major Lobiondo slip-up or a dramatic reversal of the national climate trajectory (we just found out that President Obama is solidly upside down statewide at the moment, so he’s likely even less popular in the redder reaches of South Jersey).


6 Reasons to Build the BL England Pipeline

BEd Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

pine barrensNo, I’m not talking about the Keystone Pipeline (though I do think that should also be built already!), Save Jerseyans. I’m talking about the BL England Pipeline Project. You’ve read about Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi’s efforts to get this pipeline built on Save Jersey. You’ve probably heard the loud objections of the Sierra Club and other environmental groups about burying a pipeline along the shoulder of a road that runs through the Pinelands. You’ve probably read about the politics of the pipeline.

What you haven’t read or heard is why this Pipeline needs to be built.


Facebook Unlikes Cape GOP YRs

Facebook Stops Cape May County Young Republicans from Promoting Shooting Event

BEd Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

Author’s Note: I am a member of the Cape May County Young Republicans, helping to organize ATF Day, and have organized ATF Days for other organizations in the past.

Vintage Cape May County MapWhat the hell, Save Jerseyans?

In order to promote its 2nd Annual ATF Day (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms), Cape May County Young Republican President Tom Rotondi paid to “boost” a Facebook post the group made asking prospective attendees to save the date for the event.

According to Rotondi, Facebook predicted that between 5,000-9,000 “boosts” would occur, i.e. appear in 5,000-9,000 news feeds. The post reads “Save the Date CMC Young Republicans 2nd Annual ATF day is coming!” and includes a link to the email blast that CMCYRs sent out to its membership.

Supposed to is the operative phrase…


Two GOP’ers Vie for Ocean City

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ed Price

Ed Price via Facebook

One of America’s top family beach resorts is hosting a different kind of entertainment this year, Save Jerseyans, in the form of a contested nonpartisan May 13th mayoral race between two Republicans (note: there are also 5 at-large council candidates on the ballot).

The one-term incumbent is Mayor Jay Gillian. Ocean City vacationers will recognize his surname as the one associated with ‘Wonderland Pier’ and some of Cape May County’s Shore-based amusement parks from years past.

His challenger, Ed Price, is a 54-year-old CEO of and Atlantic County medical laboratory computer firm and a graduate of the University of Delaware and the IBM Programming School. Price serves in a number of civic capacities including as chairman of Ocean City Housing Authority, and he’s running in 2014 primarily on a beach replenishment and resort beautification platform.


Fiocchi Fights to Revive Pipeline

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Sam Fiocchi (left)

Sam Fiocchi (left)

Plenty of politicians talk about “creating” jobs, Save Jerseyans, but only a few actually try to unshackle the free market and let it put people back to work.

Freshman Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi (R-1) is trying to do just that, strongly urging the Pinelands Commission to reconsider its vote that killed the much-anticipated BL England (BLE) Pipeline Project.

“From a safety, economic and environmental standpoint, this project is a winning combination for all stakeholders,” said Fiocchi during a presser last week in the Cape May County community of Upper Township. “The state-of-the art pipeline will help a power supplier provide cleaner energy without damaging our natural resources as it will run under and adjacent to already paved roadways. It will also provide nearly 300 temporary construction jobs and, when completed, 100 permanent jobs.”

The plan made plenty of sense…


“Text” of Bob Andrzejczak’s Speech Against Magazine Restrictions

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Bob Andrzejczak

Bob Andrzejczak

Folks: last week’s roll call of the Assembly vote on restricting magazines to 10 rounds has caused some debate in my neck of the woods on Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak’s (D LD-1) commitment to the Second Amendment.

Andrzejczak voted “No”, not that his vote was a tiebreaker. Some people have argued that the Assemblyman is not a true advocate for the Second Amendment, that he does not stand up to the Democrats who are chipping away at gun rights, that he merely said what Jeff Van Drew told him to say to get backing from the NJ2AS membership last fall, and will only vote in favor of 2A issues if there are enough Dem votes to shoot down the bill. Others have countered that Andrzejczak is a strong 2A advocate, who does speak up on behalf of NJ gun owners, and just found himself in the same situation as many GOP 2A legislators: the numbers simple weren’t on his side.

Well, Save Jerseyans, there’s a very easy way to determine which side is right, the “Bob’s a poser” or the “Bob’s the real deal” factions. Below please find the transcript of every speech Bob Andrzejczak gave in opposing this legislation.


Insert Punchline Here

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Snapped within the last couple of weeks by a Save Jerseyan…


Sam Fiocchi Talks to Save Jersey

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

Sam FiocchiAssemblyman-elect Sam Fiocchi (R-1) was the NJ GOP’s silver-lining, Save Jerseyans, on an Election Night 2013 devoid of any other down-ballot legislative successes.

I recently visited South Jersey’s newest legislator to get an idea of what he plans to do next:

Sheppard: Sam, let me ask you, right off the bat, how did it feel to win?

Fiocchi: Well, it certainly was a bittersweet victory. It’s great to win, you know this was my second try. I was hoping, actually, I was pretty confident, I thought my running mate Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt on the Senate side and Kristine Gabor on the Assembly side, that they were going to win as well, but it just didn’t work out that way. But I was certainly elated, it feels great, and I’m looking forward to the job in Trenton.


Riding High, JVD Refers to Himself in the 3rd Person

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Van DrewYes, he won a decisive state senate victory on November 5th, thanks to record Super PAC spending and a favorable redistricting map. He could be the front runner to challenge Frank LoBiondo next fall. He has every reason to feel a little smug. For now.

I still don’t think he’s quite earned the right to refer to himself in the third person. I’m not sure anyone is sufficiently cool to get away with that! But state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) tried it anyway in a new interview with Shore News:

“But I don’t think he wants to work with Sen. Van Drew,” Van Drew said.

He’s referring to Assemblyman-elect Sam Fiocchi (R-Cumberland), the only Republican legislative pick-up from Election 2013, who vanquished Van Drew’s running mate “Arrogant” Nelson Albano.

Who could blame Fiocchi even if it was true, Save Jerseyans? Van Drew was even willing to lie about the status of a legislative ethics investigation. It’s impossible to work with anyone that arrogant, or at least that’s been Matt Rooney’s experience. 

LD1 GOP Cheers Albano’s Defeat

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1“Arrogant” Nelson Albano’s defeat has been a long time in coming, Save Jerseyans.

Cape May County GOP Chair Mike Donohue celebrated what might be the Assembly GOP’s only 2013 win this morning:

“We have been at this for a long time and we have finally broken through.