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Dem Tickets for LD1 and LD2

Rumor Mill Continues to Churn as ‘War for the Shore’ 2013 Match-Ups are (Almost) Set

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

South Jersey MapYou know I spent a lot of time looking at the GOP side of the ticket in LD1 and LD2, Save Jerseyans, because there was much more popular speculation as to who would be running on the GOP side. Things were settled on the Democrat side of things.

Then in LD1, the rumormill started turning that all three incumbents may not return this year. Intriguing, no?

So when the rumormill got started, I thought it prudent to take a look at the Democrat side of the ticket.

In LD2, we have no rumors. Northfield Mayor Vince Mazzeo and Longport Mayor Nick Russo announced weeks ago they were running for Assembly, challenging incumbent Republicans John Amodeo and Chris Brown. Tomorrow, incumbent Democrat Jim Whelan will be announcing his intention to seek re-election against challenger Frank Balles, Atlantic County Sheriff and a Republican. Tickets are set, the race is on. Follow along at Save Jersey (shameless plug)!

LD1 is where we have some intrigue.


The Ideal GOP LD1 Ticket

If I Could Select the Ideal Ticket from the Potential Candidates, I’d Go With…

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1For the past few weeks, folks, I have been quietly doing my research on all of the rumored GOP candidates for the 2013 LD1 GOP ticket so that I would be knowledgeable about anyone who ultimately decided to throw their hat in the ring. I like doing my homework.

But I kept my mouth shut because they were just rumors at that point, and since no one chose to step into the spotlight, I decided I wasn’t going to push someone into the spotlight.

Then someone spilled the beans, or perhaps spoke a little too loudly on the chamber trip train ride, and pushed’em all into the spotlight for me! It is now public knowledge that Troy Ferus and Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt are interested in the Senate position, while Sam Fiocchi, Mike Benson, Chris Clancy and Steve Gillian are mulling runs for the Assembly.

Which means now I can put my research to work!

Picking from the pool of those who are rumored to want to run, if I had the power to create the ideal LD1 Republican ticket from the available choices, then here’s what it would look like:


LD1 Dems Abandon Bipartisanship

Update: Van Drew’s First Move of 2013 Campaign is to Criticize Christie

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie Shore PresserLoyal Save Jersey readers know that the GOP has already gone on the offensive in LD1 because of how attainable the LD1 legislative seats are in 2013.

Yesterday, the Empire struck back.

South Jersey Democrats released a letter endorsing Plan B gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono. Among the signatories of the letter were LD1 Senator Jeff Van Drew and Assemblymen Nelson Albano & Matt Milam. The first two paragraphs were boilerplate, rah rah cheerleader BS, the kind of generic party unity statement that would generate no controversy if a politician signed on to it.

But the third paragraph…

The third paragraph was a fairly direct, fairly inaccurate and downright vicious partisan attack on Governor Chris Christie:


LD1 is Still the One

The Top Ten Reasons Why New Jersey’s Legislative District 1 Will Host the “Race to Watch” This 2013 Election Cycle

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

WildwoodOkay, Save Jerseyans: we all know the number one New Jersey race this year is going to be the Governor’s race. Goes without saying.

But the legislative races are important. Because the composition of the State House is going to have a big impact on the gubernatorial victor’s ability to govern.

And in this guy’s opinion, the legislative race to watch is going to once again be District 1, the southernmost and largest of all legislative districts, encompassing all of Cape May County, most of Cumberland County, and a very small part of Atlantic County. Senator Jeff Van Drew, Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matt Milam, all Democrats, won re-election in 2011. This race is one that Republican Tom Kean has ID’ed as having the potential to see the unseating of some Democratic incumbents.

I concur with Senator Kean for multiple reasons. Let’s take a look at why….