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LD1 Jobs Report Card

How Have My Legislators Been Doing on the Jobs Front?

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1From some of my previous posts, Save Jerseyans, you might have picked up that I live in the 1st Legislative District. And in the 1st District, jobs was the number 2013 campaign issue, as it still is today. As a result, I have closely been following what my three legislators have been doing to bring jobs to the region.

Why am I doing this? Because I love where I live, and it pains me whenever I hear that people are planning on moving away because they feel the area does not offer them a future. I want my home’s future to be bright. Unemployment in “deep” South Jersey remains at the highest levels of anyone in New Jersey.


Still Waiting to See What Makes Jeff “Independent”

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

rubberstampAs you know, Save Jerseyans, Democrat Bill Hughes, Jr is looking to unseat Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo in District 2 so Hughes can rubber stamp Obama’s agenda and help make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again (because it worked out so well the first time).

And State Senator Jeff Van Drew just endorsed the wanna-be Obama rubber stamp Bill Hughes, Jr. this week.

This should come as no shock to you, loyal Save Jersey readers, because Van Drew, while pretending to be an across the aisle moderate, is a proud Democrat who sticks with his party at the end of the day. And Van Drew just demonstrated in this instance how he is willing to ignore all the good LoBiondo has done for the district and his efforts to bring jobs to the area, endorsing Hughes… why? 

Because Hughes is a Democrat.

LoBiondo is going to beat Hughes. Bank on it. Which means in 2015, when Van Drew is on the campaign trail, trying to convince voters to re-elect his mouthpiece, Assemblyman Fluff Bob Andrzejczak, Mr. Middle of the Aisle Van Drew is going to have explain to people why he tried to send an Obama rubber stamp to Washington.


Reid Coming to South Jersey for Whom?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Harry ReidYou’d think the Senate Majority Leader would focus exclusively on Senate races, particularly in a cycle when his party is widely believed to be in serious danger of losing the upper chamber.

Caveat to this understandable presumption: George Norcross III “invites” you to help his brother.

Then all bets are off, Save Jerseyans.

That’s why Harry Reid will reportedly visit Cherry Hill on August 4th (h/t Matt Friedman) not to stump for Cory Booker, but to attend a fundraiser for Donald Norcross, the Democrat power broker’s brother and a sitting state senator seeking to claim Rob Andrews’s vacated House seat for himself by fending off a challenge from former Eagle Garry Cobb.

The Reid-Norcross connection goes deep; for example, Super PACs staffed by Reid staffers were instrumental in helping N.J. Democrats hold on to their state legislative majority in 2013.


Van Drew Aids Booker, Looks to 2016

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) took a pass on a CD2 run against Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ2) this year, Save Jerseyans, leaving his party’s chances for a New Jersey Democrat House pick-up in the less-than-capable hands of Bill Hughes, Jr., scion of a political family led by his father, former Congressman Bill Hughes.

I say less-than-capable because Hughes has $342,199 on hand, hardly an inspiring amount of cash for a Democrat challenger in a PVI D+1 district where the multi-term incumbent boasts a better than one million dollar advantage. Hughes will likely post a less-than-inspiring finish in November barring a major Lobiondo slip-up or a dramatic reversal of the national climate trajectory (we just found out that President Obama is solidly upside down statewide at the moment, so he’s likely even less popular in the redder reaches of South Jersey).


Lesniak Asks Obama to Turn a Blind Eye

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ray Lesniak

Ray Lesniak

“Aren’t they selling marijuana in Colorado and Washington?” he asked. “Isn’t that against federal law?”

Ray Lesniak’s got a point, Save Jerseyans, and you won’t hear those five words escape this blogger’s mouth very often.

He’s an ardent supporter of legalizing sports betting in New Jersey but, following Monday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision to NOT hear a Christie Administration challenge to a federal law permitting sports betting in four states (but not here), state Senator Lesniak told NJ 101.5 that he plans to forge ahead with legislation legalizing the practice in New Jersey.


The Arbitrary and Capricious Tax

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

yoloLet’s stop referring to it as a “Millionaire’s Tax,” Save Jerseyans.

That’s not honest. It isn’t what’s actually on the table in Trenton this morning. A better term would be the “Arbitrary and Capricious Tax.”

This is Senate President Steve Sweeney’s plan to save New Jersey’s budget, as articulated by his office to the media:

(1) 10.75% tax on “millionaires” generating $565 million
(2) 10.25% tax on the $500k – $1 million group generating $155 million

There’s plenty of way to come up with these funds by cutting rather than taxing, but as I reminded you earlier this week, folks, el Presidente doesn’t care whether it adds up. This is a political maneuver, not a product of good faith nor good math. Never forget that; otherwise, you’ll destroy your scalp as you scratch it from now until the end of days.


Trenton’s Broken Record

By Joe Sinagra | The Save Jersey Blog

Edison_and_phonograph_edit1“This plan is not only a matter of fairness and responsibility with pension payments, it is really about the full range of government services and opportunities, including such things as property tax relief, college affordability, public schools, law enforcement, transportation and many more priority needs,” NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney said on Wednesday as he rolled out his counter-proposal to Governor Chris Christie’s budget. “We have to maintain the state’s commitment to all New Jersey residents by meeting all of our commitments. This is a fair and responsible plan that will help meet those needs as it restores balance to the budget in a fiscally responsible way.”


Sweeney vs. Reality

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Here we go again, Save Jerseyans.

Sweeney and Prieto

Sweeney and Prieto

The boorishly unimaginative Trenton Democrat caucus wants to “balance” New Jersey’s FY 2015 budget – without compromising promised pension payments – by raising taxes on the people who pay the bills. Senate President Sweeney’s competing budget proposal includes a millionaire’s tax (again); whether it’ll work isn’t up for debate since EVERY bit of objective evidence verifies that high taxes catalyze out-of-state migration.

You can’t tax ghosts, Mr. President. You can destroy jobs AND your tax base by convincing ghosts to haunt another lower-tax state. It’s never worked before and there’s no reason to think this time is different. “We have seen the suffocating impact of high taxes on the middle class families who have suffered as jobs moved away,” Assembly Republican Budget Officer Declan O’Scanlon (R-Monmouth) very correctly declared on Wednesday afternoon. “The state’s economy cannot sustain additional pressures on employers who have other options. Many of them can and will decide to create jobs in other, more welcoming  states if these irresponsible, short-sighted proposals are actually enacted.”

And you know what? I think Steve Sweeney knows it’s true….


The Second Yalta Conference

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

It’s New Jersey politics crica 2014 in a nutshell, Save Jerseyans.

In honor of the Governor and the Senate President gathering for yet another higher education “stimulus” groundbreaking on Wednesday….

Photo Credit (top): Tim Larsen/Governor’s Office

Photo Credit (top): Tim Larsen/Governor’s Office

Obama diverts $1 billion in Sandy funds away from New Jersey

Kyrillos and Holzapfel cry foul

By Art Gallagher |

kyrillos talkingPresident Barack Obama announced that he is diverting nearly $1 billion in Hurricane Sandy recovery funds away from New Jersey and New York to fund a nationwide resiliency competition that will ostensibly help the winning communities build infrastructure to deal with the impacts of climate change.

Obama announced the competition last weekend at the University of California Irvine’s commencement, according to The Star Ledger:

“In some parts of the country, weather-related disasters like droughts and fires and storms and floods are going to get … harsher and they’re going to get costlier,” Obama said during the speech. “That’s why today I’m announcing a new one billion dollar competitive fund to help communities prepare for the impacts of climate change and build more resilient infrastructure across the country.”

State Senators Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth)and Jim Holzapfel (R-Ocean)l condemned the diversion of recovery funds away from their constituents.

Read the rest of this entry »

Rooney vs. Codey On ‘Gun Restraining Orders’


chasing nj rooneySecond Amendment Alert, Save Jerseyans:

Our Blogger-in-Chief Matt Rooney took a critical approach state Senator Dick Codey’s proposal for “gun restraining orders” on Monday night’s edition of Chasing NJ. Matt was interviewed back-to-back with Codey, the primary sponsor, and a career opponent of #2A rights in the Garden State.

Check it out below our fold….


Doherty, AFP Call Foul On Sixers Deal

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The Rutgers-Camden campus near the Delaware Riverfront

The Rutgers-Camden campus near the Delaware Riverfront

More of the same Robin Hood fiscal practices that landed New Jersey in its current predicament? Or a necessary evil given the Democrat legislature’s hostility to tax cuts? Perhaps a little of A and B?

Two voices from the political right are letting their opinions be heard on the subject, Save Jerseyans, and both are strongly opposed to the 110,000 square foot Philadelphia 76ers practice facility on the Camden waterfront.

Why? Because it’s being subsidized by $86 million in tax credits from the Economic Development Authority

“Governor Christie states that we have an $800 million budget shortfall” State Sen. Mike Doherty said in a characteristically-direct statement. “Then why is New Jersey providing an $82 million gift for a billionaire?”


LIVE: Christie’s COS Testifies

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The man who might be New Jersey’s next state attorney general gets his turn to discuss the Bridgegate scandal under the heat lamps this morning, Save Jerseyans.

Christie Administration Chief of Staff Kevin O’Dowd will testify before the Wiz’s SCI at 10:30 a.m. in the Statehouse Annex. In December, the Governor had announced O’Dowd as his choice to replace then-U.S. Senator Jeff Chiesa following Frank Lautenberg passing but, in the wake of Bridgegate, his ascension was placed on the back burner. He had figured prominently in the Bridgegate memoranda prepared by the Administration’s retained attorneys; for example, he reportedly “grilled” Bridget Kelly over her role in the Fort Lee lane closures after the story broke.

You can watch LIVE here or streaming below the fold…


$$$ for Abortions But Nothing Else?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

3 Month Old Baby in Womb

A human baby at 3 months living in the mother’s womb.

Here we go again, Save Jerseyans.

The Trenton ruling elite continue to flagrantly waste our money on all manner of ridiculousness, fail to meet important pension and transportation obligations without borrowing or raising tax/fees, can’t be bothered to return any of our tax dollars to us in the form of a modest tax cut, but somehow always summon the collective will and means to fund… abortion.

Yes, they’re sick puppies, and Senate Bill S784 is the Democrat caucus’s umpteenth attempt to restore $7.5 million in “family planning” funding vetoed annually by Governor Christie. No less distressing is Senate Bill S1203, legislation that would subsidize ObamaCare family planning for “non-pregnant” New Jerseyans living between the 138% and 200% federal poverty levels.


Darth Greenstein Goes Soft for TV

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

These goofy, platitudinous, sugary-sweet “let’s fix Washington” campaign ads are goofy in any context, Save Jerseyans, but after CD12 candidate and suspected Sith Lord Linda Greenstein (D-Korriban) declared that half of her primary electorate is comprised of sworn “enemies,” this new TV spot rings particularly hollow:

Speaking to the camera the image of the U.S. Capitol in the background, state Senator Greenstein promises to… “get Congress working for all of us” in January?

Exactly how, Linda? At lightsabers’ point?


Exclusive: New Greenstein Footage?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Everyone in CD12 is still abuzz over Olivia Nuzzi’s latest Daily Beast piece containing audio allegedly (and not denied, Olivia noted, by her campaign) uttered by state Senator and House primary candidate Linda Greenstein (D-14); the female speaker’s voice tells an assembled group of Mercer County Democrats that they’re her “enemies” for not backing her.

It’s hilarious and sad in equal measure.

Well, on Friday morning, Save Jersey exclusively obtained VIDEO of another possible Greenstein outburst; as always, we ask that you be the judge…

GOP Leaders Condemn Mag Limit Bill

Kean: “Criminals and Terrorists Do Not Follow Our Laws”

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tom Kean Jr.The New Jersey State Senate passed S993 on Monday by a largely party-line vote of 22-17, Save Jerseyans, approving its own version of wildly-unconstitutional legislation reducing magazine capacity in the Garden State from 15 to 10 rounds. [Note: the Assembly version is A2006.] Steve Sweeney’s chamber also passed A2777, a companion bill designed to dramatically limit residents’ ability to transport firearms, by a similar margin of 21-17.

One silver lining? The Senate GOP came out strong against it.

Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. told his Facebook following that he voted against S993 “…because criminals and terrorists do not follow our laws and will not reduce their magazines from 15 rounds to 10 rounds; This bill does nothing to improve public safety, distracts from the productive solutions of tackling mental health and illegal gun trafficking and subjects our responsible and caring friends and neighbors to jail time for no good reason.”