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Van Drew Owes Fiocchi an Apology

By Irwin Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

So I’m back from summer vacation, Save Jerseyans, and I ain’t happy.

In fact, I’m angry.

I read about Senator Jeff Van Drew’s appointing 25 people to the 1st District Economic task force. About how Van Drew made himself chair. About how he made Assemblyman Fluff Andrzejczak vice-chair.

And how he snubbed Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi by not only excluding Fiocchi’s 30 plus years of private sector from the task force for purely political reasons, but with these wildly inaccurate statements regarding Fiocchi‘s shock at being excluded:


LD1 Jobs Report Card

How Have My Legislators Been Doing on the Jobs Front?

By Ed Sheppard | The Save Jersey Blog

LD1From some of my previous posts, Save Jerseyans, you might have picked up that I live in the 1st Legislative District. And in the 1st District, jobs was the number 2013 campaign issue, as it still is today. As a result, I have closely been following what my three legislators have been doing to bring jobs to the region.

Why am I doing this? Because I love where I live, and it pains me whenever I hear that people are planning on moving away because they feel the area does not offer them a future. I want my home’s future to be bright. Unemployment in “deep” South Jersey remains at the highest levels of anyone in New Jersey.


Still Waiting to See What Makes Jeff “Independent”

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

rubberstampAs you know, Save Jerseyans, Democrat Bill Hughes, Jr is looking to unseat Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo in District 2 so Hughes can rubber stamp Obama’s agenda and help make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House again (because it worked out so well the first time).

And State Senator Jeff Van Drew just endorsed the wanna-be Obama rubber stamp Bill Hughes, Jr. this week.

This should come as no shock to you, loyal Save Jersey readers, because Van Drew, while pretending to be an across the aisle moderate, is a proud Democrat who sticks with his party at the end of the day. And Van Drew just demonstrated in this instance how he is willing to ignore all the good LoBiondo has done for the district and his efforts to bring jobs to the area, endorsing Hughes… why? 

Because Hughes is a Democrat.

LoBiondo is going to beat Hughes. Bank on it. Which means in 2015, when Van Drew is on the campaign trail, trying to convince voters to re-elect his mouthpiece, Assemblyman Fluff Bob Andrzejczak, Mr. Middle of the Aisle Van Drew is going to have explain to people why he tried to send an Obama rubber stamp to Washington.


Van Drew Aids Booker, Looks to 2016

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) took a pass on a CD2 run against Congressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ2) this year, Save Jerseyans, leaving his party’s chances for a New Jersey Democrat House pick-up in the less-than-capable hands of Bill Hughes, Jr., scion of a political family led by his father, former Congressman Bill Hughes.

I say less-than-capable because Hughes has $342,199 on hand, hardly an inspiring amount of cash for a Democrat challenger in a PVI D+1 district where the multi-term incumbent boasts a better than one million dollar advantage. Hughes will likely post a less-than-inspiring finish in November barring a major Lobiondo slip-up or a dramatic reversal of the national climate trajectory (we just found out that President Obama is solidly upside down statewide at the moment, so he’s likely even less popular in the redder reaches of South Jersey).


Insert Punchline Here

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Snapped within the last couple of weeks by a Save Jerseyan…


Van Drew Not Running for Congress

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1)

He must have just been there for the pancakes, Save Jerseyans, because Jeff Van Drew made it official on Monday: he is not running for Congress in CD2 for 2014.

This means that the only official candidate for the Democratic nomination is Bill Hughes, Jr, son of the former Congressman that current Congressman Frank LoBiondo beat in 1994. Unofficially, Obamacare architect David Cole had said that if Van Drew was out, he may be in.

CD2 made headlines recently when the DCCC aired ads in the district attacking Frank LoBiondo for his stance against Obamacare and his efforts to repeal it. That particular move officially forces the Democrat running against LoBiondo to embrace Obamacare during the campaign. Which means we will most likely see a pro-Obamacare Hughes/Cole running against an anti-Obamacare LoBiondo.

Game on…

Do Booker Visits Mean Van Drew is Running?

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Cory Booker

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker (D-Twitter)

We’re not even four weeks into 2014, Save Jerseyans, but liberal junior Senator Cory Booker has already visited Cape May County two times. Once on the 11th to tour the Coast Guard base, and then again on the 25th to a diner in Rio Grande. 

Folks, Cory Booker has officially spent more time in Cape May County in 2014 then he did during his entire 2013 campaign. I’m not sure Bob Menendez or the late Frank Lautenberg could’ve found Rio Grande on a map.

Booker ignored Cape May County and lost big time in 2013; Obama lost it in 2012, too. So what’s he doing in unfriendly territory?

I think it might be a sign that Jeff Van Drew is planning to enter the race for Congress in District 2.


Will Jeff Van Drew Run for Congress?

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

Van DrewSave Jerseyans, the 2014 race in CD-2, a seat currently held by Republican Frank LoBiondo, is going to be a big deal. The Dems who want Nancy Pelosi back as speaker of the house, have targeted CD-2 to help with that goal. Bill Hughes Jr, son of the Democratic Congressman LoBiondo defeated in 1994, didn’t even wait for the 2013 cycle to end before jumping into 2014, declaring his intent to run against LoBiondo in late October.

And of course, the big question still remaining is if District 1 State Senator Jeff Van Drew going to run as well?

Van Drew was rumored to be a candidate in 2012, but his poor showing in Cape MayCounty in 2011 put an end to that. And this year, scuttlebutt is he met with the DCCC about running for this seat.

So will he or won’t he? It’s a good question, and there are persuasive arguments for both. Let’s take a look…


Riding High, JVD Refers to Himself in the 3rd Person

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Van DrewYes, he won a decisive state senate victory on November 5th, thanks to record Super PAC spending and a favorable redistricting map. He could be the front runner to challenge Frank LoBiondo next fall. He has every reason to feel a little smug. For now.

I still don’t think he’s quite earned the right to refer to himself in the third person. I’m not sure anyone is sufficiently cool to get away with that! But state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) tried it anyway in a new interview with Shore News:

“But I don’t think he wants to work with Sen. Van Drew,” Van Drew said.

He’s referring to Assemblyman-elect Sam Fiocchi (R-Cumberland), the only Republican legislative pick-up from Election 2013, who vanquished Van Drew’s running mate “Arrogant” Nelson Albano.

Who could blame Fiocchi even if it was true, Save Jerseyans? Van Drew was even willing to lie about the status of a legislative ethics investigation. It’s impossible to work with anyone that arrogant, or at least that’s been Matt Rooney’s experience. 

LoBo Boosting Van Drew Opponents

On Election Eve, Rep. LoBiondo Joins Christie in Offering Support to the LD1 GOP Ticket

By Irwin M. Fletcher | The Save Jersey Blog

lobiondoCongressman Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02), a popular political persona throughout South Jersey (see one of those reasons here, as LoBo takes Congress to task over Sandy aid), has joined Governor Chris Christie in his support of Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Kristine Gabor & Sam Fiocchi in District 1, as the GOP ticket endeavors to unseat Jeff Van Drew, Arrogant Nelson Albano & Bob Andrzejczak on Tuesday.

Here is the Congressman’s endorsement:

Dear Friends:

It’s important to vote this Tuesday, Nov 5th, for State Senate and Assembly in the 1st Legislative District.


2014 Underway in CD2

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

NJ 2The 2013 Election is days away, Save Jerseyans, but the fight for New Jersey’s last truly competitive congressional seat is already heating up.

New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District is currently represented by veteran Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ02) but is considered a D+1 district by the Cooker Partisan Voting District. Some Democrats are betting fallout from this month’s shutdown could render Republicans is marginal districts vulnerable next fall.

William Hughes, Jr., the son of former Rep. William Hughes (D-NJ02) who represented the district for all but two years between 1970 and 1995, formally announced his candidacy on Thursday. Meanwhile, Cape May GOP Chairman and Save Jersey contributor Michael Donohue took aim at state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-Cape May) who has been openly flirting with a run for the last couple cycles:


LD1 AC Press Debate (VIDEO)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

In case you missed it on Monday evening, Save Jerseyans, here’s the video of last night’s AC Press debate between incumbent state Senator Jeff Van Drew (D-1) and challenger Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt (R-1):

Want more LD1 coverage?

Click here to watch my interview with Susan.

Check back here tomorrow (Wed. 10/23), too, for my interview with the LD1 GOP Assembly candidates, Kristine Gabor and Sam Fiocchi.