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Google Honors Good Friday

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Have you seen today’s “Google Doodle” for Good Friday 2014, Save Jerseyans?

google logo landing page

Don’t adjust your monitors. That’s it. And it’s not exactly festive…

Google has special logos lined up for every obscure, liberal hero, fringe holiday and South American labor leader’s birthday but, to quote Uncle Junior of Sopranos fame, “jack s–t for Jesus.” In 2013, Google commemorated Easter, arguably the world’s most widely-commemorated religious holiday, by posting a doodle in honor of Marxist Cesar Chavez.

So much for “don’t be evil.”


Declare Your Allegiance

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

HBO’s smash hit ‘Game of Thrones’ series is back on the air, Save Jerseyans, and if you’re anything like me, you love every minute of it.

Of course, you and I don’t need to transport ourselves to the fantastical realm of Westeros for an ample supply of corrupt, greed, scheming, perversion, violence and intrigue. We live in New Jersey! Did the Starks close the Wall to punish political enemies? Did the Lannisters sell kidneys on the black market? The Game of Jersey is a game without equal.

Whose side are you on? Declare your allegiance with one of the six Facebook profile badges posted below…

House Christie:

House Christie

House Norcross:


Christie Files Nominations

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

State House TrentonFrom the Governor’s desk…

Nominate for appointment Kathi F. Fiamingo (Kenilworth, Union)


Nominate for appointment Rodman H. Kulp (East Brunswick, Middlesex)


Goldberg Wins Cumberland

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Brian Goldberg

Brian Goldberg

Brian Goldberg is one step closer to the Republican U.S. Senate nomination tonight, Save Jerseyans. He captured the Cumberland County’s GOP line on Thursday evening the day after he prevailed in deep red deep-red Ocean County

Goldberg also claimed the lines in Passaic and Essex earlier this month, taking an early but decisive lead in the county endorsement count entering into a busy final sprint of conventions as March closes out.

The GOP county convention circuit continues with Mercer (Friday), Monmouth and Middlesex (Saturday), Atlantic (Monday), Somerset (Tuesday), and Hunterdon (next Thursday).

Avery, Walsh Win BCRO

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

avery and walshBob Avery and Bernadette Walsh were victorious in tonight’s three-way freeholder battle at the Bergen GOP Convention, Save Jerseyans.

The freeholder vote total:

Avery 456

Walsh 336

Paul 277

For those of you wondering, Bergen elected to skip adopting a U.S. Senate candidate, electing instead of an open primary in June.

Christie Files Direct Appointments

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetGovernor Chris Christie is filling a large number of routine bureaucratic vacancies for the second day in a row, Save Jerseyans.

Who? And where?

A full list is below the fold…


Magazine Limit “Hearing” at 1PM

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Trenton 2A Rally

The Assembly Law & Public Safety Confiscation committee will convene at 1:00 p.m. on Thursday to pretend like it’s actually considering legislation to limit firearm magazine capacity to 10 rounds, Save Jerseyans, but you and I both know they’ve already decided.

It’s only a “hearing” in the loosest sense of the word; citizens present will be hearing plenty of BS!

We’ve given them the facts; sadly, this latest affront to your fundamental, constitutionally-guaranteed rights is 100% about base politics


De Blasio Does What He Wants

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Why is it that the politicians who want to impose the most rules and regulations on the rest of us also seem the least willing to follow the rules themselves? Arrogance? Ideology? Some combination of the two? I’ve always suspected so. I call it the “Animal Farm” principle.

Some pigs are just more equal than others, right?

Check out what a New York City TV reporter found one of our region’s biggest pigs (Mayor Bill De Blasio) doing only hours after proposing a “safe streets initiative” for the Big Apple:

Free advice, Bill: driving like an ass doesn’t pay for pols. Ask your ideological soul mate Jon Corzine… or Nelson Albano

Holt Quits Congress

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Rush HoltRush Holt (D-NJ12) stunned the New Jersey political world on Tuesday afternoon by announcing that he would NOT seek reelection in November, Save Jerseyans.

An excerpt from his letter to supporters:

“There is no hidden motive for my decision.  As friends who have worked with me know, I have never thought that the primary purpose of my work was re-election and I have never intended to make service in the House my entire career.  For a variety of reasons, personal and professional, all of them positive and optimistic, the end of this year seems to me to be the right time to step aside and ask the voters to select the next representative.”


Save Jersey Valentine’s Day Cards

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Happy Valentine’s Day, Save Jerseyans!

February 14th is a day for lovers… and lovely political satire. Politics is our passion here at the Garden State’s #1 source for conservative news, punditry and, on days like today, a wealth of topical humor.

Don’t be shy; show that special someone in your life precisely how much they mean to you with one of our Save Jersey limited edition Valentine memes:

_____ Cory Booker <3 _____

Booker Valentines Card

_____ Bob Menendez <3 _____


New Jersey’s 10 Safest Places

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

bernards township

Bernards Township, NJ

The Movoto real estate blog, which recently compiled a list of New Jersey’s “best cities,” Save Jerseyans, released their list of “safest places” in the Garden State on Thursday.

1. Chatham Township
2. Mahwah Township
2. Sparta Township
4. Bernards Township
5. Borough of Hasbrouck Heights
6. Berkeley Heights Township
7. Borough of Florham Park
8. Borough of Ringwood
9. Borough of Tenafly
10. Borough of Lincoln Park

Click here for all of the details.

Amazingly, Cory Booker’s Newark didn’t make the list. Hm. Stop the presses…

A-Rod’s transgressions don’t make The Yankees dirty

By Art Gallagher |

Andrew Lucas, center, then the Republican mayor of Manalapan, with then Freeholder John D’Amico and Amy Mallet, both Democrats, in September of 2010, seven months after Lucas purchased Burke Farm.

Andrew Lucas, center, then the Republican mayor of Manalapan, with then Freeholder John D’Amico and Amy Mallet, both Democrats, in September of 2010, seven months after Lucas purchased Burke Farm.

Former future Hall of Famer Alex Rodriguez dropped his lawsuits against MLB last week and accepted his 162 game suspensions for doping with performance enhancing drugs.

The suspension will cost A-Rod $25 million and very likely his induction to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

No one from the Red Sox Nation, not even a fan, has called for the Yankees to be banned from playoff contention in 2014 due to A-Rod’s transgressions. No sports writer has suggested Derek Jeter is dirty because A-Rod cheated or called for asterisks to be placed next to Mariano Rivera’s records.

Rightly so.

Too often in politics when a member of one team is accused or convicted or wrongdoing, the rivals attempt to paint the entire team as dirty.  Too often journalists hungry for content cooperate with the slander.

Thus is the case in Monmouth County were former Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas, a Republican, was indicted last week on charges of wire fraud, identity theft, bank fraud and providing false statements to the IRS and FBI.   A private equity manager, Lucas is accused of deploying a complex and fraudulent scheme to come up with the funds to purchase a farm in Manalapan which he then immediately tried to sell the development rights on to New Jersey’s Farmland Preservation Program.  The Farmland Preservation Program is funded by the state, county and municipal governments.

Read the rest of this entry »

Lance, House GOP Scrutinize Data Breaches

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-07), who serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade Subcommittee, is participating in a hearing on data breaches this morning in the consumer context. Private sector retail hacking incidents (Target, etc.) and the ongoing problems with the Obamacare website have brought these important issues to the nation’s attention. It’s a safety/security concern and a drain on the economy, too.

Follow along:

Live streaming video by Ustream

Text of Rep. Lance’s opening remarks are below the fold:


Ice Storm Shuts Down N.J. Government

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

weatherGovernor Chris Christie declared a State of Emergency on Tuesday night, Save Jerseyans, an act which allows the State Director of Emergency Management “to continue coordinating the preparation, response and recovery efforts for the storm with all county and municipal emergency operations and governmental agencies.”

All state offices are closed on Wednesday, February 5th staffed by non-essential employees.

All state courts are also closed on Wednesday.

“Tonight’s winter weather is expected to produce snow and ice, creating hazardous travel conditions and affecting areas throughout the state that are already recovering from yesterday’s storm,” said Governor Christie in an official release. “I’ve authorized state officials to continue all necessary actions to assist, and my Administration will continue monitoring conditions throughout the remainder of the storm. I encourage all New Jerseyans to drive carefully and remain off the roads if possible so that our first responders and public safety officials can safely respond to any emergency situations.”

This latest storms is projected to deliver ice, snow, and related power/infrastructure/transportation issues to much of New Jersey. A copy of Governor Christie’s Executive Order declaring a state of emergency is attached here.

Rudder Joins Government Relations Firm

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Scott Rudder

Scott Rudder

Management and Government Resources, Inc. (MGR), a self-described bi-partisan government relations, announced Tuesday that former Assemblyman Scott Rudder (R-8) will join the firm as a partner.

“Scott will be a tremendous addition to our firm,” said Barry Lefkowitz, MGR’s founding partner, in a press release. “His background and energy will benefit our clients as well as positively impact our overall growth strategies.”

“While it’s true that my time as a mayor and legislator have given me the knowledge of how government works, I believe my background and experience in the private sector will bring the most value to our clients,” added Rudder. “Having lived in the profit and loss world and experienced firsthand how government rules and regulations impact industry, I understand better than most the needs and concerns of the business community. As a result, I am in an excellent position to put together a strategy and a message and advocate on behalf of our clients that are impacted.”

Rudder left the Assembly in January after he declined to seek renomination last year; Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, also a Republican, replaced Rudder as the 8th Legislative District’s junior legislator.

Pete Seeger Remembered: An American Legend

By Dan Cirucci | Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger was perhaps America’s most beloved singer of folk songs and one of our most accomplished musicians.

He was a natural.

In fact, Seeger’s banjo was like an extension of himself. You simply could not picture him without it.

But, more than that, his voice was a distinctly American voice. His cadence and phrasing, his emphasis and timing made each song come alive.

That distinctive voice has been stilled with Seeger’s death at 94.