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  • Seen on Facebook: “Van Drew has been AWOL”

    Cumberland County Freeholder & District 1 Assembly candidate Sam Fiocchi posted the following picture and comments on his Facebook profile about Senator Jeff Van Drew. It was reposted on the DeWeese, Fiocchi & Walters Facebook page. Have you seen this child? From a Cumberland County perspective, Van Drew has been AWOL. Jeff Van Drew Missed […]

  • Cape GOP Has “Myth Shattering” Video of Van Drew

    I have learned that the Cape GOP has gotten hold of video that will shatter the carefully constructed false image of Van Drew. “I will confirm for Save Jersey that we do have a very shocking piece of video footage of Jeff Van Drew.  It will absolutely shatter the Van Drew myth.  It is timely and […]

  • Candidates React to Van Drew Crew Forum No Show

    On Tuesday night, Jeff Van Drew, Nelson Albano and Matt Milam were the only three out of 16 Cumberland County candidates who did not appear at Millville First’s candidates forum. All three men agreed in advance to attend the forum. The event organizers were shocked when all three men were unannounced no-shows. All three men gave no explanation as […]

  • Tax Report Cards Are In! South Jersey Dems Fail, GOPers Ace It!

    Tax Reports Cards are in, Save Jerseyans. The independent New Jersey Tax Payers Alliance just issued its 2011 legislative score card for the Senate and Assembly. Here’s how the legislators in my neck of the woods did (ranked by score). Vince Polistina (R D2) – 100% John Amodeo (R D2) – 100% Matt Milam (D D1) […]

  • Where Do Whelan & Van Drew Stand on Obama’s Stimulus Package?

    Senators Jeff Van Drew and Jim Whelan have been silent on President Obama’s newest stimulus package, and it is time we hear where they stand on it. Now I know what you’re thinking: these two aren’t Washington insiders, they’re Trenton insiders, does it matter what they think? Yes, for two reasons. 1-Their master, Senate President […]

  • Analysis of DeWeese’s 7 Point Plan

    On Thursday, the DeWeese campaign released it’s 7 Point Plan to Move New Jersey Forward After a Decade of Democrat Mismanagement. After giving everyone some time to digest it, I promised an analysis. So, let’s do an overall view first, then look at it point by point. Overall, I’m a fan of this plan. It […]

  • Did Van Drew Lose DOT’s Number?

    Looking at his record, Senator Jeff Van Drew seems to be about as effective as dealing with roads and the Department of Transportation as Ryan Howard has been against left handed pitching or Obama at creating jobs. Van Drew isn’t just striking out, it’s like he’s not even trying. Let’s take a look at Van […]