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  • Polistina Sweeps Endorsemen​ts from Small Biz, Pro-Growth Orgs

    State Assemblyman Vince Polistina (R-2) announced today that he won endorsements from NEW JOBS (Business PAC of NJ), the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and the Private Enterprise PAC (PENPAC) as the candidate for Senate best equipped to deal with the economic crisis facing the state and Atlantic County.   Polistina said his background […]

  • What Should “Pulling a Whelan” Mean?

    So far during this campaign, Jim Whelan has pulled/been revealed to have pulled three crazy stunts that are so brazen, so crazy, so stupid, so unique that if I did just one of them, it would immediately be known as “pulling a Fletcher.” And Jim Whelan has done THREE of those things. So Save Jerseyans: which unbelievable, “you have […]

  • Tax Report Cards Are In! South Jersey Dems Fail, GOPers Ace It!

    Tax Reports Cards are in, Save Jerseyans. The independent New Jersey Tax Payers Alliance just issued its 2011 legislative score card for the Senate and Assembly. Here’s how the legislators in my neck of the woods did (ranked by score). Vince Polistina (R D2) – 100% John Amodeo (R D2) – 100% Matt Milam (D D1) […]

  • Star Ledger’s Politifact Calls Attacks on Polistina “Outrageous”

    The Polistina Campaign issued this today. Jim Whelan’s pants are on fire! Egg Harbor Township, October 10, 2011 – Verifying what Vince Polistina and his campaign have been saying for months, the Star-Ledger’s Politifact “Truth-O-Meter” today called Democrat mailers smearing Polistina “outrageous” and said “targeting Polistina for something Whelan is doing” is “not only wrong […]

  • Where Do Whelan & Van Drew Stand on Obama’s Stimulus Package?

    Senators Jeff Van Drew and Jim Whelan have been silent on President Obama’s newest stimulus package, and it is time we hear where they stand on it. Now I know what you’re thinking: these two aren’t Washington insiders, they’re Trenton insiders, does it matter what they think? Yes, for two reasons. 1-Their master, Senate President […]

  • Jim Whelan Rear-Ends Tourists, Absecon Police Cover it Up?

    Save Jerseyans, yesterday on his radio show Harry Hurley, whom really knows Atlantic County politics, reported that on July 3, 2011, Senator Jim Whelan rear-ended a tourists couple car so hard that the driver was unable to work for six weeks after the accident, and that the Absecon police department covered it up for him. There was […]

  • FMBA Endorses Polistina in LD2, Cites His Opposition to the “Norcross Provision”

    Today it was announced that the Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA) has endorsed Republican Assemblyman Vince Polistina in the District 2 Senate, mainly because he opposed the “Norcross Provision”, which would have forced children to receive sub-standard care just so South Jersey Democratic boss George Norcross could line his pockets. Incumbent Jim Whelan actively fought for […]

  • Polistina Challenges Whelan to Stop Ducking Pension Padding Questions

    The Polistina campaign just issued this challenge to Jim Whelan, to finally answer questions about his pension padding, an issue Save Jersey has been covering. As someone who was present during Polistina’s hour long Q & A, I find it reprehensible that Whelan is flat out lying about Vince Polisitina’s government contracts WHILE SIMUTANEOUSLY acting […]



    This was released late Friday afternoon by Assemblyman Vince Polistina. Apparently, Jim Whelan has been trying to take credit for other people’s work. POLISTINA: WHERE WAS WHELAN? Assemblyman Vince Polistina, R-Atlantic, issued the statement below in response to Senator Whelan’s comments today on the economy and the jobs package approved Thursday by Senate committees:  “How […]

  • Langford Will Not Run in District 2, Doesn’t Change Much

    Democrat & Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford had filed to run as an independent for Senate in District 2, one of the hottest races this November, against Democrat & Senator Jim Whelan and Republican & Assemblyman Vince Polistina. It was announced today that he will not run. Some pundits had thought that Langford would play a Ross […]

  • Whelan Polistina District 2 Debate Analysis

    Thursday night, District 2 Senate candidates Jim Whelan and Vince Polistina held a debate.  I had a chance to watch it a few times this weekend, and if you don’t have an hour to spare, here are my thoughts. Coming into this debate, pundits agreed that Polistina’s campaign has been surging while Whelan’s has been […]