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Paulism and Jeffersonianism

Paulbots are turning on the Pauls in droves, Save Jerseyans. All because they’re getting behind Mitt Romney, the undisputed (and indisputable) winner of the 2012 GOP Primary.

Visit any right-leaning blog’s message boards and you’ll witness biblical levels of loud wailing and teeth gnashing.

As you might expect, your Blogger-in-Chief is taking this opportunity to yet again try to understand what makes the Homo Paulbotus tick. Let’s take a moment to focus on two distinct layers of irony underlying Rand Paul’s purported fall from grace in the eyes of his father’s rabid disciples…


CD-6 Update: Cullari Camp Launches Anti-Little Attack Ad on Central Jersey’s Cable Airwaves

Little-supporting Save Jerseyans want to know why we’re reporting this story at all. They think it’s a complete non-issue.

Cullari-backing Save Jerseyans want to know why we’re not taking a position on it. They see this as a credibility issue.

What do I think? What does it matter! I’m sorry if some of your feelings are hurt by my saying so, folks, but this year’s NJ-6 GOP primary is the only competitive GOP House contest in the entire state. Period, end of sentence. And these peripheral “character” issues are what the NJ-6 candidates have elected to debate and/or respond to in the closing moments of their race.

That’s to be expected (to a point); Anna Little boasts higher name recognition than Ernesto Cullari and, whether justified or not, she’s emerged as a polarizing figure in Central Jersey Republican politics over the past couple years. I don’t know any active Republicans in Middlesex and Monmouth counties without a strong opinion of her one way or the other. As a direct result, this contest was always going to be a referendum on Anna from the moment she dropped her kinda-sorta U.S. Senate bid.

Cullari seems to be betting on it rather than resisting the default dynamic. He could’ve opted for a bio spot with his precious resources; instead, Cullari went live yesterday with a contrast commerical on Central Jersey cable television.

Go ahead and watch it, then feel free to give me your honest (but civil, please!) analytical opinion in the comments section below:


Cullari Campaign Issues “First” NJ-6 Debate Challenge

It looks like we won’t see a debate in the NJ-6 GOP primary any time before next Tuesday’s election, Save Jerseyans. And then it won’t matter!

For now, it looks like the campaigns are content to debate who issued the first actual debate challenge.

An explanatory release from the Cullari campaign:

Asbury Park, NJ – On Friday, May 25th and again on Saturday, May 26th, Ernesto Cullari, Republican Candidate for Congress, personally invited former Freeholder and Mayor Anna C. Little to a debate scheduled for May 31st at 7pm. This marks the first time that either campaign has directly contacted the other to seek approval on terms and format. The debate, as proposed by Cullari, will be held at a prominent local university with a moderator, who is a well respected journalist. Members of the press are encouraged to attend.

The invitation to the Little Team clearly lays out the format of the event being proposed. This is in stark contrast to an event, which was to be hosted last week by Democratic Tea Party Leader and Little endorsee, Mark Falzon. Cullari agreed to attend Falzon’s Candidates Forum more than eight weeks prior to the event. Only through third party sources as the event neared, did the Cullari Campaign learn that the format had been changed to a debate without any communication or agreement from Cullari or his surrogates.

Every aspect of the debate proposed by Cullari is to ensure that each candidate has an equal opportunity to be heard by the voters and that no one candidate has an unfair advantage over the other. If any facet of the venue, format, or the stipulations surrounding the debate changes, the Cullari Campaign pledges to notify all involved parties to discuss the proposed changes immediately.

The Little Team has not responded to Cullari’s debate request.


VIDEO: New TV Spot Touts Lance as “Principled Conservative”

There’s no indication yet that NJ-7 is competitive in 2012, Save Jerseyans, but incumbent U.S. Representative Leonard Lance (R-NJ) isn’t taking any chances between now and Primary Day.

He’s live with a new 30 second TV commercial touting his purported conservative credentials:

Lance faces a June primary challenge from David Larsen (R-Tewksbury Township), a North Jersey businessman who has been particularly critical of Rep. Lance’s unfortunate vote in favor of Cap and Trade (which earned him plenty of harsh criticism from your Blogger-in-Chief).

Larsen previously challenged Lance in the 2010 GOP primary. Rep. Lance won by a solid margin, garnering 16,890 votes to Mr. Larsen’s 9,381 votes.


What is Newt’s Endorsement Worth Now?

Not much, Save Jerseyans.

Everyone is talking about Newt Gingrich’s decision to (finally) suspend his campaign for the GOP nomination, effective May 1st. Which is weird enough, by the way. Usually these decisions are made “effective immediately.” Sounds less like a campaign suspension” and more like a “cease fire” to me!

And perhaps that’s the problem here.

Newt has been running around the country for months — and as recently as this past week in Delaware — doing more than simply presenting himself as best candidate. He’s slammed Romney as a faux conservative and arguing that there’s no different between Romneycare and Obamacare. How a history professor can make a statement like that, when the biggest and clearest answer is “federalism,” absolutely blows my mind, Save Jerseyans!

Worse still, Gingrich has repeatedly said that Romney can’t win because he is a “liberal from Massachusetts.”

He’s entitled to his opinion. But who is going to believe him now when he takes to the podium and endorses Mitt for president next week?

Not me. And more importantly, the disaffected folks who voted for him won’t believe it, nor will independents and other uncommitted Americans who are still weighing their options. That makes Obama’s job easier and Romney’s task significantly more challenging.

THIS is exactly why I chastised Newt and Santorum for their absolutist, self-righteous and at times downright hypocritical rhetoric and behavior throughout this waning primary season, Save Jerseyans. They’ve rendered their respective opinions/endorsements utterly useless in more ways than one. They have no one to blame but themselves, but they’ve hurt the party and the country much more than either camp can fathom.


FULL TEXT: “Ready to Rumble” Romney’s Victory Speech After Carrying NY, PA, RI, CT & DE

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney moved closer to clinching the big prize tonight, Save Jerseyans, with victories in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Those of you who are still concerned about how hard he’ll go after President Obama in the general should be pleasantly surprised by tonight’s victory speech. It’s consistent with the Mittster’s new “talk big” approach ordained during the Wisconsin campaign.

Full text:

Thank you Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York! And tonight I can say thank you, America. After 43 primaries and caucuses, many long days and more than a few long nights, I can say with confidence – and gratitude – that you have given me a great honor and solemn responsibility. And, together, we will win on November 6th!

We launched this campaign not far from here on a beautiful June day. It has been an extraordinary journey…”


BREAKING: Rick Santorum to Suspend His Campaign for President

At a Gettysburg, PA press conference, Rick Santorum has officially suspended his campaign for the Republican nomination for President.

Over the last few weeks Santorum has seen a dip in the polls in many states, including his home state of Pennsylvania where he used to be a Congressman and Senator. Pennsylvania was considered a must win by many pundits across the media.

Santorum has the added pressure of a three year old daughter who is very ill with a rare genetic disease. During the campaign she has been in and our of the hospital at least twice. This family difficulty is being cited as a major factor in Santorum’s decision to suspend. Everyone here at Save Jersey extends our hope for an improvement in Bella Santorum’s condition to Rick and his family.

This move makes the inevitability of a Romney nomination even more inevitable. While Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich both remain in the race, there is zero potential for either of these men to gain enough delegates for the nomination at this point. It will be rather interesting to see where Santorum’s staunchest supporters go in the contests ahead. I believe more support will flow to Mitt Romney than most people think. This race has been growing tired, and many Republicans are coming around to accept Romney as the eventual nominee and simply want to see him begin to take on President Obama as we march forward to November.

VIDEO: Rubio Endorses Romney; Says Convention Floor Fight Would Be “Recipe to Deliver Four More Years to Obama”

UPDATE: 9:55 p.m.

Senator Rubio did indeed endorse Mitt Romney tonight; and like your Blogger-in-Chief, Save Jerseyans, he believes a convention nomination battle would be a disaster for our party and the country:

Original Post: 8:27 p.m.

It’s the latest and biggest sign that this year’s presidential primary is mentally and emotionally over… for everyone except Rick Santorum, of course.

Matt Drudge, who has a well-known relationship with the Mitt Romney camp, is reporting that U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) will endorse the former Massachusetts Governor tonight on Sean Hannity’ Fox News talk show.

Rubio’s decision follows closely on the heels of an endorsement presser announcement from former President George H.W. Bush. His son, former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL), already weighed in earlier this month around the same time as U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) gave as close to an endorsement as he’s willing to give by saying he’s excited by the prospect of a Romney nomination.

Establishment (the Bushes) and Tea Party (Rubio & DeMint) leaders are ready to be done with this thing, Save Jerseyans. The delegate count is what it is. They can count just as well as you and I!

Let’s wrap this thing up and focus on Obama for the next seven months.

Do the right thing, Senator Santorum.


Why Should Newt Drop Out? Part 2

Santorum supporters are piling on poor old Newt and demanding that he drop out of the GOP primary race.

Some are even accusing the former speaker of playing a “spoiler” role.

I’m not sure that’s fair, Save Jerseyans. Like I wrote yesterday, Santorum can’t win the nomination outright with or without Gingrich in the race. It’s simple mathematics; hard to get around! But today we’re looking at a different kind of numbers to buoy my point: polling numbers. Check out this new poll from Fox News. It’s chock full of interesting nuggets; this particular section, however, stood out for obvious reasons:









Without Rick Santorum in the race, Mitt Romney easily dispatches Newt Gingrich. Remove Gingrich instead, and Romney still wins the primary but by a significantly smaller margin (4%).

So it looks like the myth peddled by many Santorum supporters, that “all Gingrich supporters are diehard anti-Romney voters,” may be completely inaccurate, Save Jerseyans. Or at least overly broad. The Fox poll also found Mitt was the back-up “second” choice for approximately one quarter of primary voters. Michigan should’ve been proof enough of this dynamic since it was essentially a one-on-one match-up between Rick and Mitt.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you wish for, Santorum backers. You might just get it and hate it all the same.


Christie Back in the Fray: Stumping for Romney in Illinois

Since endorsing Governor Mitt Romney for President in October of 2011, Governor Christie has been one of his biggest supporters. Not only have Romney’s events in New York and New Jersey lead to some impressive fundraising stats, but the Christie has stuck his neck out on Mitt’s behalf in numerous key states and in the media on numerous occasions. But lets be honest.

It’s been a while.

Christie has not made a public appearance for Mitt Romney since the beginning of this year, but now that the media is attempting to implant the idea that Mitt is a weak candidate in the minds of the masses, something needs to be done. Illinois, a state that the GOP unfortunately will not be winning in November for obvious reasons, has become an important state for Romney, and if you were to ask the media it would be do-or-die. Although Romney is well ahead in the all important delegate count, and actually won more delegates the other night, the headlines all speak of his embarrassment at the hands of Rick Santorum.

I think with Christie’s help Romney will take Illinois, a state that he likely would have won himself, by a stronger margin. Christie is considered to exhibit a lot of what Romney simply cannot. He’s more personable, more interesting, and has the ability to speak with a sense of urgency that gets people moving, and that is exactly what Governor Romney needs now.

OPEN THREAD: Alabama, Mississippi, and Hawaii Election Returns

Another night, another election Save Jerseyans. And tonight appears that it is going to be a long one. The polls are currently just as close as everyone had expected that they would be.

Tonight we are looking at Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and also American Samoa. I’ll be updating this post throughout the night as results come in.

9:09 – As it currently stands, Mississippi has 9% reporting and Rick Santorum holds a slight lead over Mitt Romney, who is tied with Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul is currently a distant 4th place finisher.

In Alabama less than 2% are reporting. There Santorum leads Gingrich 34% to 29% while Romney and Paul round it out with 28% and 6%.

9:23 – Mississippi is now up to 20% in. Santorum 34%, Gingrich 31%, Romney 29%, Paul 5%. This is still anyone’s game.

9:35 – With 44% in Romney is again tied for second place with Gingrich in Mississippi. Alabama is incredibly slow with their returns.

9:49 – With 66% reporting Santorum has gained a point in Mississippi while Romney and Gingrich remain tied at 30%. Just as I said last night on the radio, it appears that each of the top three contenders will be walking out with roughly a third of the delegates available in the two southern states tonight. That basically makes Alabama and Mississippi a wash if it happens.

9:58 – Mississippi now has 79% reporting and the networks still will not call the race for Santorum. He currently leads Gingrich by 1 point (33 to 32) with Romney in third at 30%. The exit polling models must have some interesting results coming or else this would be called by now. News outlets have not hesitated to project 3rd place finishes before, so there is a possibility that this three way dance could shake up again.

In Alabama we are at 33% reporting and Santorum leads there with 34%. Fox News stated that they are almost ready to call this state even though far more results are officially in for Mississippi.

10:14 –   Alabama has been called for Rick Santorum

10:37 – Santorum is now speaking entirely too long. He and Gingrich have a tendency to drone on and on and on and on and on…

With 95% reporting in Mississippi Santorum leads the pack by 2 points. Gingrich and Romney are separated by less than 2000 votes.

10:43 – Mississippi has been called for Rick Santorum

10:49 – Not much will be going on now until the Hawaii returns begin to come in.

Save Jersey Radio: McGovern on CBS Radio’s Rick Grimaldi Show Tonight

So tonight I will be making my second appearance on the Rick Grimaldi Show on Philadelphia’s CBS radio station, 1210AM. I am currently slated to join the show during its 10:30 time slot (but that is always subject to change, of course). Some of you who read daily probably think I am going on the radio to talk about the Rutgers Rowan Merger, since it seems to be my main focus as of late.

We you’re wrong!

Tonight I will be talking Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and American Samoa. Thats right, tonight is all about Presidential politics and the GOP primary. While I have not been fully briefed on the program, I would imagine that we will be touching on Newt Gingrich’s “southern strategy” and how it has affected the race for the GOP nomination.

A little preview: the “southern strategy” will solidify Romney’s mathematical capture of the nomination. Want to know how? You’ll have to listen in!

If you don’t plan on driving around 10:30 tonight, head on over to WPHT radio’s website and hit the “listen live” button. And if you are in the car, switch your radio to 1210 AM.

Newt’s Plan for $2.50 Gas

I love when Newt sticks to hawking big conservative ideas, Save Jerseyans.

Community immigration panels? Eh, not so much.

Opening domestic (and extraterrestrial) energy resources to the private sector? Bravo! Encore!

What follows is a 30-minute web advertisement, titled “$2.50 Per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs — An Address by Newt Gingrich,” which the former speaker’s campaign is running in key media markets during the lead up to Super Tuesday. It’s Newt’s last attempt to inject much-needed energy into his flagging campaign.

Could it also inject much-needed energy into the American economy? Sure! Newt’s video is incredibly informative and he makes great points. He usually does. I do wonder how many primary voters will take the time to listen to a 30-minute video…

Give it a shot over your lunch break:

Save Jersey’s “Week in Review” (2/20/12 – 2/26/12)

For Monday, February 20th through Sunday, February 26th 2012


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